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Halloween Town is an annual event where you explore a halloween town for special items and rewards. The current system was implemented in 2010, and ran from the 23rd of October until (forecasted) the 5th of November.

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To move along the grid you have to use a turn, of which you get 250 per day. At certain locations you can get objectives, which you can complete for rewards, and you can discover random items/ chests.

Chests To crack chests, you have to guess their lock combination. Chests have either 1, 2 or 3 number combination locks. You have 5 guesses. Combinations are different for different people. If the number guess is correct, it will be green. If the number is not used in any columns, it is displayed as red. If the number is in the wrong column, but correct for another column it will be displayed as yellow. It is basically a mini-version of the code-breaking game (which you can practice/ play ).

Hallow2010 Chest3 7846974

Opening a chest gives you a random three candy or drink items, and one set collectible. How to unlock Chests: 1 Number: These are a guess. Good luck. 2 or 3 Numbers: Put in as many numbers as possible for the first turns, until you have gotten enough greens and/or yellows to figure out what numbers are in the combination are. It helps to write down what numbers, in which columns, get yellow or green. For instance, for a three combination lock always put in 1,2,3 then 4,5,6 and 7,8,9 (even if one of them come up green),or until you have gotten three different numbers display as either yellow or green. Then you can hopefully figure out which numbers go where, by process of elimination. Greens you’ve already got, yellows are in a different column. If you’re doing a two number chest, which has two of the same number, there is a chance the above system will get it wrong (in your first four turns you can only check numbers up to 8, if there’s still one missing, it’s either 9, or two of the same), but it’s a small chance. Chest Contents: Each Chest gives you 3 random Halloween candys and/or drinks, and a fixed Halloween Collectible. Example: You’ve opened a chest! You crack the chest open and empty the contents in to a bag. Bag of Chocolate Truffles has been added to your items list Bag of Chocolate Truffles has been added to your items list Bottle of Stinky Swamp Punch has been added to your items list Jack O Lantern Lamp has been added to your items list Chest Collectible Contents (by Coordinates): (1,19), (15,25) Spooky Paper Weight (1,11), (14,25), (16,1), (21,2), (21,25) Electronic Pumpkin (12,25), (14,22), (25,1) Jack O Lantern Lamp


Explore the map to find objectives. We also have all these coordinates on our map, further down. Objective have arrows next to them, leading you to them, although when you get with 3 squares of your goal, they will be replaced by a question mark.

Objectives released on Halloween:

Note: Locations are approximate, as the objectives trigger semi-randomly. But just keep moving back and forth over the co-ordinates given, and you will eventually find the objective. Also, try entering the tiles from different directions. If you find an objective in a slightly different place as we have listed, you don’t have to let us know- coordinates are approximate, as noted above.

(1,1) John. You enter the gates of halloween town and begin searching for your guide. He can’t be far away!
Objective: Find John (2,4)
Result: John: Oh good, you found me. Sorry, usually I hang near the entrance, there were some kids causing trouble and – as usual, I was called upon to sort it out. Anyway!! Welcome to Halloween Town. If you ever need anything from me, i’ll be at (1,1). That’s as far south west as you can go. To start you off, Mrs. Cobble could use your help! She’s just east of here at (6,4). Good luck!
Return to John at 1,1 later to check on (doesn’t list all of them!) objectives you have left to complete, if you’re not sure.

(3,1) Lara. An old lady approaches you crying as you head south. Lara: Please help me, someone dressed up in a skeleton costume stole my pink handbag. It has all my belongings in it, help me please!
Objective: Find the Handbag (9,5)
Result: You find a youngster counting out cash, and see a pink handbag on the floor. You thump him and he runs away, leaving all the cash and bag on the ground. Lara: “Thank you very much for finding my handbag, it has my life savings in it. Here please take some of it as a token of my appreciation” $5,000 has been added to your balance

(6,4) Mrs. Cobble. You come across a small old shack surrounded by trees. A light is on inside. A little old lady comes flying out of the door… Mrs. Cobble: Oh thank goodness! John sent you right? I’m in a spot of bother, my beautiful Persian ‘Piddles’ hasn’t come home for over 7 hours now, I’m a wreck! You have to help me, please! He can’t have gone far.
Objective: Find Mrs. Cobbles Cat (9,3)
Result: After following what sounds like a cat crying, you finally locate Piddles in a small tree. You climb up and grab him.
Objective: Return Piddles to Mrs. Cobble. (6,4)
Result: ?

(5,8) Susan the Mayor. You come across a cosy little cottage with smoke billowing out of the chimney. A woman stands outside. Susan the Mayor: Hey you! We have an emergency, I need your help. I’ve just been told the water system in our town has become contaminated with some kind of.. Virus! It looks like the town planners didn’t keep very good records so I need you to locate all three water pumps and turn them off. All I know is that one of the pumps is located in the cave to the North West, can you find them and shut them down?
Objective: Locate Pump 1 and shut it down! (1,12)
Result: Feeling around in the dark your hands feel something cold and icy… it feels like some type of wheel… This must be the pump Susan the Mayor told you about! Slowly you begin turning the wheel, you can hear the sound of running water slowly stop after a loud creak.
Objective: Locate Pump 2 and shut it down! (8,14)
Result: You find pump #2 and begin turning the wheel. After some effort, the sound of water finally stops.
Objective: Locate Pump 3 and shut it down! (13,8)
Result: You follow the sound of rushing water and eventually find pump #3 burried under some plant growth. After twisting the wheel, the water stops flowing.
Objective: Return to Susan with the good news. (5,8)
Result: Susan: It’s good you got here when you did! I don’t think the hospital can handle any more sick people. On behalf of the water board, I thank you for your service. $2,500 has been added to your balance

(2,23) Len the Lumberjack. Walking through the dark forest you stumble upon a tall stocky man with a flannel shirt. He appears to be searching for something… Len the lumberjack: Hi there, I am in a bit of a pickle … I came here to cut some wood to make repairs to the Mayors cottage but I lost my axe on the way here. Now I am going to have to make a new axe, Look at the time … I have been searching for hours, can you help me look for a suitable piece of wood to make a handle?
Objective: Find suitible wood in the Forest (2,25)
Result: As your looking for a suitable piece of wood, you smack your head on a solid low hanging branch. Rubbing your head you look at the offending piece of wood… it’s almost dead straight with a slight bow … perfect for an axe handle. Using all of your weight you pull on the branch… with a loud crack the branch breaks off. Len will be pleased !
Objective: Return the wooden handle to Len the lumberjack. (2,23)
Result: As you approach Len you can see that he has set up a small tent and started a fire… Len the lumberjack: Oh hello there, is that for me? By Jupiter!, that will make a great handle. Now … we need some iron ore to forge the head of the Axe, there is a cave to the south of here, you should be able to find some Iron ore there…Are you up to the task?
Objective: Find a lump of iron ore in the cave. (3,11)
Result: As your hands run over the cave walls you feel what appears to be scratch marks running north to south … thinking about it you imagine these scratches could be left over from a miners pick. You bend down and feel around the floor, you soon find a clump of what you hope is Iron ore.
Objective: ? (2,23)
Result: Arriving back at the lumberJack’s campsite you take a well earned rest near the fire. Len the lumberjack: Nice work young one, this is indeed Iron ore, you are a very good scrounger. I have one last task for you, I need a whetstone to sharpen the axe. To the south of the caves there is a rocky area, here you can find a stone called “Belgian coticule”. It is a yellow grey color and ideal for sharpening my new axe. Please find and return this stone to me. I will get to work on forging the axe head.
Objective: Find the whetstone in the rocky area. (2,9)
Result: As you scramble over the ever increasing boulders one stone catches your eye. The light reflecting of this stone appears more yellow then the other stones around it. This must be the Belgian coticule Len described. Wishing now you had worked out more with those dumbbells, you heave the stone onto your shoulder.
Objective: Return the whetstone to Len the lumberjack (2,23)
Result: With a thud you drop the stone onto the soft forest floor near the camp fire. It looks like the stone sunk about 1/3 into the ground from just the sheer weight. Len the lumberjack: Ahhh leave it there, the ground can hold it for me when I come to re-sharpen the axe head. Thank you Flenser, I am a simple lumberjack with not much money, so to thank you I used the excess iron ore you collected to make this small cauldron for you. I hope it will come in handy on your travels, Good luck! Cauldron has been added to your items list

(20,21) Sarah. Heading east you come across a little girl crying. Sarah: “Help me find my Mommy. I got lost and can not find my way back to the cemetery.
Objective: Find Sarahs Mother (24,21)
Result: As you attempt to push the gate open you notice a small note next to a keyhole. Cemetery admittance: “Due to the recent strange and unexplained disappearances of citizens around Halloween town, the decision has been taken to close the cemetery until further notice.” The Sheriff of Halloween Town.
Objective: ? (13,1)
Result: You walk into the small jail, the sheriff is leaning back in his chair smoking a cigar. You kindly explain to him that you need to get into the cemetery Sheriff of Halloween Town: I can’t vouch for your safety X, I have reports of missing people already and don’t need anymore work… but you look big enough to take care of yourself. Here is the key, you be careful now ya hear!
Objective: ? (24,21)
Result: Sliding the key into the hole, it takes some jiggling to get the gate unlocked…. Click ! As you unlock it you hear what sounds like a moan of pain… Are you sure you really want to enter here? Unlocks Cemetery
Objective: Find Sarahs Mother (23,24)
Result: You see a woman distraught by a grave. Lucy: Oh did you unlock the gate? Am I free? I was just visiting the cemetery paying my respects to my late husband. When I went to leave, the gate was locked! I thought for a minute there I would be joining my husband prematurely! Thank you for looking after Sarah I was so worried. Please take this as a token of my appreciation. $673 has been added to your balance

(21,24) William the Bald. Moving east you stumble upon a bald man wearing only long johns!! You try to hide but it’s too late, he saw you… William the Bald: You over there, come out where I can see you! I am William the Bald, once a mighty knight until they stripped me of my armour. Will you help me get it back? To the south of here you will find a bridge across the river … Follow the path west until you reach the castle. Here is a key for the gatehouse. Search the castle for my armour, please bring it back. You will be well rewarded…
Objective: Lower the Drawbridge (12,18)
Result: You unlock the door to the gate house, not knowing what to expect. Inside there is a huge wheel that looks like it takes 4 men to turn. To the side is a leaver… Pulling the lever seems a lot easier … tugging on it makes the wheel spin like mad! then an almighty CRACK! … You look outside to see the drawbridge is lowered… Not so hard. Unlocks Castle
Objective: Find the Silver Armour inside the castle. (11,22)
Result: Walking north you enter a room with sheets draped over different objects. A tall sheet in the corner looks just the the right size and shape to be armour. Pulling off the sheet reveals a shiny silver armour with a gold crest… must be valuable!
Objective: Return the Silver Armour to William the Bald. (21,24)
Result: You laugh to yourself as you spot William the Bald … he is trying to button up the rear flap on his long johns… you make a mental note to always approach him from the front in future. William the Bald: Ohh you actually found it! I don’t believe it! Oh I am sorry I sent you on that wild goose chase…Listen, ever si nce I bought that castle I have had nothing but bad luck. It’s cursed I tell you!! I don’t want it or anything from there, for your troubles why don’t you go ahead and keep the Silver Armour. Silver Armour has been added to your items list

(19,11) Tom. As you head south you admire the beautiful river to the west. You’re about to move on when you spot a small boy wading in the river. Tom: Hey mister! I was fishing here by the river and got a big bite. The fish dragged my rod into the river and the next thing you know it was floating down stream. Can you help me find it? It should be south of here.
Objective: Find Tom’s Fishing Rod (17,3)
Result: As you search for Tom’s fishing rod you see a branch dipping in the river moving unusually, on closer inspection you see a fishing line caught around the branch. Leaning out you grab hold of the line and start pulling…. a fish!, you continue pulling and sure enough, up pops Tom’s rod! He will sure have a fishy story to tell after this trip!
Objective: ? (19,11)
Result: I can’t wait to tell people about the fish that didn’t get away! I don’t have any money to give you but I can tell you there is a grave in the cemetery with the inscription “Here lies the body of Timothy Blake, Stepped on the gas, not on the brake.” Dig behind the headstone and there is a small chest there. Good luck!
Objective: Find the tomb stone of Timothy Blake (25,24)
Result: As you walk up and down the rows reading the inscriptions you finally arrive at the grave of Timothy Blake. Looking around to make sure no one else is looking you crouch behind the tomb stone and start digging. In no time at all you expose a dusty old chest. Chest (1)

(21,8) Meg. You hear a small girl crying… It would be heartless to keep going without seeing whats wrong with her… Meg: I was skipping on the way to my grandma’s with this pumpkin lantern that I made at school. All of a sudden I tripped and fell, The rest is history, as you can see the pumpkin is now in pieces all over the place. Can you help me make another one? I need a new pumpkin, a kitchen knife and a candle. Will you help me ?
Objective: Find a pumpkin. (19,13)
Result: Moving through the bushes you peel back the leaves and there right in front of you is a huge perfectly shaped pumpkin. This could be perfect for little Meg. With a swift tug you yank the pumpkin free.
Objective: Find a kitchen knife. (24,12)
Result: Walking past a large tree you notice a carving in the trunk that says “turn back”. At the base of the tree you see wood shavings and a kitchen knife
Objective: Find a candle. (23,23)
Result: As you walk through the graveyard, you spot a half burnt out candle sitting on a tomb. It’s just the right size to sit inside a pumpkin! Before you move on you can’t help but read the inscription on the tomb … “I told you that I was sick!”
Objective: Return items to Meg (21,8)
Result: Following the crying sound you soon find Meg again. You hand all 3 items to her and watch a smile slowly appear on her face. Meg: Oh thank you so much, my grandma will be so happy! I don’t have anything to give to you as a reward but I can tell you a secret… To the south from here there is a dead tree, in the hollow trunk there is a chest but I don’t have the code. Good luck in finding it and thanks again.
Objective: Find the dead tree. (21,2)
Result: It looks like the searching paid off, there in front of you is the hollow tree that Meg told you about. You peer inside the hollow trunk and sure enough, there is the chest! Chest (2)

(14,23) Samantha. As you walk through the castle you step on a set of stones that sound hollow… after a few minutes searching you find a trap door! Following the stairs downwards your path is suddenly blocked by a large door made of Iron bars. As you jiggle at the padlock on the door, a young lady runs up to the door… Samantha: Thank goodness someone came, I have been stuck down here for 2 days! I was on the way to visit my aunt Mrs. Cobble and wondered onto the castle grounds. All I remember is a silhouette of a large man coming towards me and then waking up in this dungeon. I have no idea where the key is, please can you get help?
Objective: Get help for Samantha contact Mrs Cobble (6,4)
Result: After follow the banging sound you soon arrive at Mrs Cobbles cottage, Making repairs on the roof you see Len the lumberjack hard at work swinging his hammer like there is no tomorrow. You shout up to him and explain that Samantha is trapped in the castle dungeon. Len the lumberjack: Listen Flenser, time is of the essence. Mrs Cobble is not here at the moment and it may be just as well, she would be extremely worried about her niece. Let’s not panic just yet, I have an idea. Do you remember where you found that Iron Ore? we need another piece, go back there and get me another lump. Hurry back!
Objective: Get more iron ore for Len the lumberjack (3,11)
Result: Ahhh… as your hands run over those familiar scratches in the wall you know where you are. Bending down you search around on the floor until you find another clump of Iron ore. Time to get this back to Len!
Objective: Return the iron ore to Len the lumberjack (6,4)
Result: Hurrying back to Len you can’t help but wonder what he has in mind to free Samantha… Giving the Iron ore over to Len, without a word he high tails it into the house… after hearing what sounds like a 1000 strikes of a hammer he reappears… Len the lumberjack: Here, take this! it’s a little crude but I don’t have time to make you a whiz bang lock pick…. well what are you waiting for? you know what to do!!
Objective: Use the lockpick to free Samantha (14,23)
Result: Hurrying down the stairs you can hear Samantha calling for you. It feels like it takes forever to open the padlock but you finally hear that …”click”. Samantha squeals with delight and gives you a big hug! Maybe you should really escort Samantha back to Mrs Cobble or at least offer… Samantha: Yes please!! That would be great, I am a little worried about this strange man, who could have done this to me?
Objective: Escort Samantha to her Aunt (6,4)
Result: Arriving back to Mrs Cobble’s you see her working in the garden, Samantha goes running up to her and Len wink’s at you, you assume that he never told Mrs Cobble what had happened. Len the lumberjack: Best not to worry her Flenser, but we really need to find out more about this mystery man and why he is locking up Halloween town citizens! There is a wise old man who lives in the far South East, maybe he can help you?
Objective: Contact the Wise old Man (23,1)
Result: The fog is thick here which heightens your other senses, you hear footsteps behind you and spin around. “Who’s there!” you shout. You squint a little but can’t see anyone, then suddenly a voice cuts through the fog… Wise old Man: I am he you seek, wise man am I. Between the forest and the castle you shall find, the man you seek that’s so unkind. It’s said this man cries himself to bed, be careful thou or he may just take your head!
Objective: Find the Mystery Man (7,21)
Result: In a small clearing you see a large man with his back to you … taking no chances, you reach for a nearby rock and sneak up behind him… Crack! You whack him on the back of the head with it… The Mystery man falls to the ground sobbing. Standing above him with the rock still in your hand, you scream at him “Why did you lock Samantha in the dungeon?” Mystery Man: Is that her name? I didn’t know *sniff* I was lonely and wanted someone to talk too. I have secretly lived in the castle for years. I used to have a friend that lived in the castle but I guess I played one too many tricks on him and he left. *sniff* Since then I have had no one to talk too. Sorry if I caused any trouble honestly I am not a bad person … just lonely.
Objective: Speak to William the Bald (21,24)
Result: Remembering the horrible vision you had last time, you decide to approach William from the front this time. As you sit on the log and explain the history of the mysterious man you can see William is felling slightly sorry for him. William the Bald: This is great news, it means my castle isn’t haunted after all. I should move back in at once, these long johns really need a good wash! Feel free to come by the castle whenever you like , you have been a good friend.
Objective: None (Return to the Castle) (14,21)
Result: As you head east you arrive in a large room with many animal heads staring down at you from the walls. At the end of the room sitting near a fire is William the Bald, he is smoking a pipe and motions for you to go over to him. William the Bald: X, thank you again for helping me return to my castle. Don’t think I have not remembered to reward you. To the south East of here is a secret passage across the river. When you find it go 2 steps to the West and 1 steps to the South. Climb half way up the old oak tree, here you will find an old squirrel hole and your reward.
Objective: Find the secret passage and the Oak Tree (16,1)*
Result: Just as William the Bald described, there in front of you is a large oak tree. The trunk is so big that you imagine someone cutting a door out and living inside. You make your way up the tree arriving to the nut hole, With a little hesitation you put your hand in the hole and pull out a small chest. You drop the chest hoping it will break open, but when you climb down you find its still intact. Chest (2) *Note: Before heading for the oak tree, make sure this is displaying as your objective, with an arrow. There is a bug/issue, where although you talk to William, the tree doesn’t appear. Go back to William, and he should hopefully give you the objective again, causing the oak tree/ chest to appear.

Objectives released on Halloween:

(5,8) Murder!. As you arrive at Susan’s cottage your get a friendly surprise. Susan is standing before you dressed up like a witch, she even has warts on her nose! Susan the Mayor: Hey X, we are just on our way to the Halloween party at the castle. I hope you will meet us there.
Objective: Go to the Halloween party in the castle. (13,22)
Result: As you enter the grand ballroom you can see everyone from Halloween Town in costume dancing to the classical music. It’s hard to tell who is who because everyone has made such a great effort on their costume. Len, at least you think, comes over and offers you some Stinky Swamp Punch, no better time than the present to taste it! As you put your lips to the glass and brace yourself for that first taste… your world goes black! Lights out!!: Lights go out, the music stops, some of the girls squeal jovially… then… out of the darkness comes a scream like you have never heard before … it’s a blood curdling howl and then near dead silence… heavy footsteps rush past you someone knocks you to the ground… You get up and stumble around trying to get your bearings…
Objective: Lights out !! (12,22)
Result: Grabbing onto a large wooden table, you decide to stand still while there is a huge commotion going on all around you. Murder!: “Someone turn the lights on!” …. “What happened?”…. “Is everyone ok?” …. “Keep your hands to yourself!” … After what seems like an eternity the lights are restored. There is another howling scream, this time from a woman. A small crowd forms in a circle to the North of you.
Objective: Murder ! (12,23)
Result: As you move to the north end of the grand ballroom you can see a man’s feet, making your way through the small crowd you arrive at the front and can’t believe your eyes! Laying before you is William the Bald, he has deep slashes to his chest and neck … his head is almost decapitated! You have seen more than your fair share of blood for the moment and decide to volunteer to fetch the sheriff. Lets face it you can do with the fresh air after that !! Susan the Mayor: Someone get the sheriff!
Objective: Someone get the sheriff. (13,1)
Result: As you arrive at the jail, you realise that you’re completely out of breath and try to tell the sheriff what’s just happened in the castle. At first he doesn’t believe you… then you watch as the reality of the situation sinks in… his face goes a pale white. Sheriff: Gaw dang darn it!, 34 years I have been a sheriff in these here parts X, never so much as seen a dead body let alone had a murder! Let me get Betsy … Still mumbling and cursing under his breath, he reaches into his bottom draw and pulls out a Smith and Wesson 6 shooter. The gun is in a velvet box and still as shiny as the day it was made… you have a feeling this gun has never been fired… Well X, what are you waiting for let’s get moving!
Objective: Return to the castle with the sheriff. (12,20)
Result: As you rush back to the castle with the sheriff you can’t help but hear him muttering still, you’re concentrating so much to try and hear what he is muttering that as you walk over the drawbridge you slip and nearly fall. Composing yourself you soon arrive to the large doors of the castle. Sheriff: Listen X, maybe you should wait out here and stop anyone from leaving. I am going to go in and assess the situation.
Objective: What’s that on the drawbridge? (12,18)
Result: You walk back out towards the drawbridge and nearly slip over again! Something is not right, you reach down and feel the soles of your shoes… it’s wet… when you inspect your hand you soon realise … it’s blood! … the killer has already left the castle… and with it he has left a trail of blood. Blood on the drawbridge floor: Trying to decide what to do … the killer could be getting away… but the sheriff asked you to stay … Torn, you finally decide to follow the trail of blood before it runs cold.
Objective: Follow the blood drops. Killer heads East… (16,17)
Result: The blood drops are large and easy to follow, they soak into the path and stain the surface. You go over the situation in your mind, why William the Bald? He has always been very friendly with you, what’s the motive for the ghastly act?
Objective: Follow the blood drops. Off the Path… (19,15)
Result: You pick up the trail again without too much of an issue, not on the path but along the river. Is it possible the killer is a local? Do they know this terrain? Come to think of it, you’re heading towards The Wise old man… Naaaaa…
Objective: Follow the blood drops. Along the river… (20,10)
Result: The blood drops are now very hard to follow, they are small but you occasionally spot a smear here and there on the leaves. Didn’t the wise old man say “be careful thou or he may just take your head!”? Was that just a pure coincidence? … a shiver runs up your spine as you see the fog closing in from the south. The trail is almost impossible to follow now but the last indication was the killer was heading south west, back towards the river.
Objective: The trail goes cold, but… (19,6)
Result: Still searching, you haven’t seen any traces of blood for some time. You finally reach the river. The water is running very fast and makes a relatively loud noise as it runs over some rocks in the middle. Catching your breath you take a seat on a large boulder. As you sit and start taking of your shoes to dip your feet in the water you notice a drop of blood on the boulder. Climbing on the boulder you peer over the other side and there, wedged between some smaller rocks, is a blood spattered sickle! Quickly looking around you don’t see anyone. This must be the murder weapon! Time to inform the sheriff about your findings! Blood Spattered Sickle has been added to your items list
Objective: Report your finding to the sheriff. (13,23)
Result: Arriving back in the castle gives you the creeps, wondering if the lights will go out, expecting to hear another blood curdling scream! You find the sheriff in the study. He is slumped over the desk, his arm extended and holding a half filled glass of whiskey. He slowly raises his head and it looks like he has been crying. You tell him about the blood spattered sickle but this only makes him shake more and cry louder. Sheriff: Oh X, I am a fraud. Those sharp shooter pictures on the jail wall are fake. I have never fired a gun in my life. In fact, I failed the acceptance test. Being a sheriff in this town I thought would be an easy task. Who would have imagined there would be a murder to solve in this pokey town? Please X … I need your help, meet me at the Jail.
Objective: Meet the sheriff at the jail. (13,1)
Result: As you walk into the jail the sheriff looks a little more composed and sober! He comes around from the desk holding something in his hand. Next thing you feel is a painful Jab in your chest! He takes his hands away and goes back around to his side of the desk. As you look down at your chest, you see a shiny yellow star… Sheriff: X, I hereby deputise you in the name of Halloween Town, I wasn’t able to find any clues in the castle but then again you found the murder weapon so I suggest that you go back to the crime scene and take a look around… that’s all for now, keep me posted
Objective: Investigate the crime scene. (12,23)
Result: Thinking to yourself that this castle will just freak you out every time you set foot here … you arrive in the grand ball room. They have already removed the body and all that’s left are blood stains on the bluestone floor. Susan the mayor is there on her hands and knees trying to clean it the remnants. After a look around and finding nothing, you ask Susan if she has seen anything bizarre while cleaning the crime scene. Susan the Mayor: Hi X, this is terrible isn’t it! If word gets out that we have a murderer in our town it will be the end of us! What’s that? No nothing really strange, just mud and blood…. wait … mud… that’s a little strange now that I think about it. Why would there be mud here? The only muddy places I know of are the Caves or maybe the cemetery.
Objective: Follow the lead at the cemetery. (25,23)
Result: Chuckling at that last tombstone you read “connection reset by peer”, you have just about done a turn of the entire cemetery. Nothing. At the edge of a long row, there is a double plot, it looks unattended and there is no headstone, just a single red rose growing out of the soil between the two plots. You lean over to smell the rose when a glint catches your eye. A small metal corner protrudes from the earth, as you give it a wiggle it soon comes loose. It’s a wind proof lighter. Cleaning it up a little with your sleeve you see the initials C.G. engraved. Well it appears as though the cemetery is also a dead end. Maybe it’s time to speak to Susan, maybe she can help you to find out more about this drifter or who this lighter might belong too. Wind Proof Lighter has been added to your items list
Objective: Follow the lead at the cave. (4,12)
Result: What’s this … It looks like a metal cupboard, the doors creek as you pull them open. It’s really hard to see inside so you lean back allowing just enough light inside of the cupboard to see what’s there. You can see typical mining tools, shovels, picks etc… There is mud on the tools but this is to be expected. Apart from that nothing that looks of any interest.
Objective: Follow the lead at the cave. (3,15)
Result: You continue to stumble around in the dark. You really should remember to bring a torch the next time you come here! Just then your feet catch on something and you trip over. Feeling around in the dark your hands grab hold of what feels like cloth. You can’t really make out what it is so you decide to take it to the cave entrance for some light.
Objective: Use the light ! (6,16)
Result: Coming to the entrance of the cave the cloth is finally revealed to you, it’s a pair of long johns!!! Do these belong to William the Bald? What would he be doing in the cave? This case is getting stranger by the minute.
Objective: Speak to Susan the Mayor (5,8)
Result: Arriving at Susan’s cottage you realise that you have been flicking the lighter open and shut all the way here, you better stop or she will think you have a nervous disposition. You explain about the drifter you met and ask her about the initials on the lighter. Susan the Mayor: “Hmm, Auhsoj, that’s a name you wouldn’t forget. I have never heard of him before. Now C.G. you say? This rings a bell… Let me check something.” Susan goes into the back room and comes out with a large dusty book. “This was a census conducted 20 years ago.” She runs her finger down the page until she stops at … “Charlie Grimes!” she exclaims. “Now I remember, they lived in the castle before William the Bald. They disappeared and the castle was vacant for 10 odd years because people said it was haunted…”
Objective: Get the digging equipment from the cave. (4,12)
Result: You feel a little bad yelling “talk to you later” as you flew out of Susan’s cottage without explaining to her. Curiosity has just got the better of you. You’re pretty sure that you know who lies in that grave now. You grab the shovel, it’s time to see for sure who’s in the double plot!
Objective: Time to see what’s down there! (25,23)
Result: You arrive at the plot and get straight to work. It doesn’t take you much digging as it looks like the body is buried just under the surface. This is not your standard burial. There is no coffin, just the skeletal remains of what looks like an adult still dressed, by the clothes you presume it’s a woman. You go to work on the plot beside her and soon uncover some other skeletal remains. On closer inspection of the second body you notice deep lacerations around the neck bone. To get a closer look you slowly lift the chin and the head rolls off! This helps you to indentify who this skeleton belongs too. There, on the label of the shirt… the initials C.G… Halloween Town has a serial killer! Time to tell the sheriff!
Objective: Report back to the Sheriff. (13,1)
Result: Reporting back to the sheriff, you take stock of what is known… You now have 3 victims, all of which have lived in the castle. You have a murder weapon, the blood spattered sickle. You have no motive and no culprit. You have investigated the crime scene and are running out of options… time to brainstorm with the sheriff. Sheriff: You have come this far X, you’re doing great. I don’t think I could have put all of this together. The only suggestion I have is to speak to the wise old man, maybe he can tell you more. Let me know how it goes!
Objective: Speak to the Wise old man. (25,3)
Result: Finding the wise old man is always a tricky task! Eventually after calling for him in the thick fog he does his elusive appearance… this time you think you can make out a short man with a very long beard. You explain the goings on and ask him if he can tell you any more about Mr Grimes’s disappearance. Wise old Man: Young man was I, when Mr. Grimes went bye bye. No one from here, knows why he disappeared. Wife Julia and son Joshua, They vanished at the same time. Search the castle high and low, if you wish to solve this crime.
Objective: Search the Castle High and Low (11,22)
Result: Searching the castle you wonder what the wise old man meant by searching high and low. This room looks familiar, it’s where you found the silver armour for William. White sheets still adorn various sized objects. On your way out you notice a sheet covering something above the fireplace. You give it a tug and it reveals a portrait. It’s a portrait of the Grimes family. The first thing you notice is there is a piece cut out, Mr Grimes was holding something but it’s been cut out. Something else disturbs you about the picture… the son… he looks familiar… it’s the drifter!!! Wait … Auhsoj is Joshua spelled backwards!
Objective: Find Joshua! Ask Susan the Mayor. (5,8)
Result: You rush up to the cottage and Susan comes out of her house to meet you, she begins to ask you why you ran out of her house so fast but you cut her off, have you seen the drifter? It’s imperative I find him! Susan the Mayor: Oh erm … He was here but he headed off to the East…
Objective: Find Joshua! Ask Mrs Cobble. (6,4)
Result: As you arrive and tap on the door, Samantha opens it and you ask her if she has seen a drifter. Samantha: Yes, Auhsoj, was here trying to sell his goods, last time I saw him he was heading North East.
Objective: Find Joshua! Ask Len the lumberjack. (11,10)
Result: ! you cry almost out of breath, I am looking for a drifter, goes by the name of Auhsoj have you seen him? Len the lumberjack: Yes X, I saw him not so long ago, he was heading South west, good luck in finding him.
Objective: Find Joshua! (9,8)
Result: After searching for an eternity, you finally catch up with Auhsoj…. You call out to him. He turns his head with a surprised expression on his face. “I know your real name, you’re the so
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