Tell your doctor about all medications you have Revatio Viagra tablets for oral use, oral suspension, and injection for intravenous use prescribing information . ” His research team decided .

You get sent to hospital as a result of being attacked, losing a fight or you might get sent there if your faction fails their Organised Crime. Failing crimes also sometimes results in being sent to hospital, remember, if this result is red, you do lose crime exp. In Hospital There are limited things you can do in hospital, here’s the main navigation menu: In the main screen of the hospital, you can see the time you have left in hospital, a list of all the patients and at the very bottom of the screen there is a chat box which only patients can post in/ view. Click this image to see a larger picture of it You are not allowed to spam the shoutbox, or advertise other sites. Unless it’s TCB. You’ll still get a warning, but we’ll love you 😉 Medical Items

There are three Medical items and one Drug that can shorten your time in hospital:
Item Minutes Removed from Hosp Time
Morphine 100mins
First Aid Kit 50mins
Small First Aid Kit 20mins
Opium Completely Remove you from Hospital + Add some life

NB: The regular items only lessen your hospital time, they do not increase your health.

Reviving a Player To be able to revive a player, you must have the top medical job and rank, Brain Surgeon and 75 Energy . Also, you can’t be in hospital yourself. Note: As long as you’ve acquired the Brain Surgeon rank then you’re always able to revive players, even if you change your job area (eg if you joined the army, you could still revive people). Also: You can set your preferences to not be revived by certain people, for instance if you are in a war with someone, andthey are reviving you to chain you faster.

How To Revive Step One: Make sure you have a spare 75 Energy

Step Two: Visit the Hospital

Step Three: Find who you want to revive, remember their name. then click the [Revive] link that’s to the right of their name (this step is quite useless) Click this image to see a larger picture of it

Step Four: No matter who you picked, you will still need to select their name again in this screen. So, do that, and press the Revive button.


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Gravatar Id56e83c717e104b33adffc6b92bb99ed0ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5634824
Can anyone confirm the Opium part of the above? I’ve checked and it seems to be true but I don’t know of anyone who experienced this first hand.
Aurigus , January 31, 2007
Gravatar Id3b1e41338106010d2d70e86ab0e604a3ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 1020665
I have. It is true. I have used a couple times when I was out of morphine.
Devin , March 30, 2007
Gravatar Id258374aba73d408124062031c07ba651ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3532069
can I revive myself?
Joe , July 17, 2007
Gravatar Ida6a69271acb1f8eb8850ce834190a9e5ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3324399
can i know.. if hospitalize people can get lot of exp? TCB: You get no exp for hospitalizing. Read the attacking tutorial in the menu for details
shahriz , August 01, 2007
Gravatar Id4cafb1acdb1fdfee9cf924c178ec7ba6ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2330398
when i revive someone,do i get exp?
eukarya03 , October 01, 2007
Gravatar Iddded3a205f25451efcc50fc0116052cfampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 7843827
Read much Eukarya? “TCB: You get no exp for hospitalizing. Read the attacking tutorial in the menu for details”
Zack , December 25, 2007
Gravatar Id6f2789a85c894406e782171999da4cacampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9246947
read much Society? eukarya03 asked if u get exp for reviving, not for hospitalizing.
geegee , December 30, 2007
Gravatar Id0fb61efd4937a671f1a0029f144e3750ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9065488
Was asked a couple times if reviving gave experience but it was never answered. >.> Kind of curious about it myself. TCB: We don’t believe so.
Hatebreed , January 13, 2008
Gravatar Id530e32242948c097882fef879dd7ef11ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9038771
You should also mention that you do not gain any happines while in a hospital.
Robertas , February 01, 2008
Gravatar Id78cd6b5c9cae758106eb4a3549362184ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5607152
Anyone know how much people are payin for revives currently? I’m a Consultant but j/w
J , May 15, 2008
Gravatar Idd149351155015c698760206f58125fe0ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3712556
are there any bad things that happen to u if u use morphine? TCB: No.
Boyofmytery , June 11, 2008
Gravatar Idd84b307f108cc639c692e461459d373eampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3417229
how much do people usualy charge to get a revive?
calvin , June 28, 2008
Gravatar Idb7d2ff10b2aac09ba3efd3b3abfecdacampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2773642
I’ve seen around 30k-50k for revives, but those could be special ‘rates’ for friends?
Quinn123 , June 29, 2008
Gravatar Idab41c5624efc50d4d234028e7002c4b3ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2818851
i have used my small first aid kit but there is no 20mins removed
Silent_Assasin , July 02, 2008
Gravatar Idc904e38a21dfe40bde00da616feb3de4ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2051885
30k-50k for revives thats gd…. i’ve almost got 10k intel
ttatmost , July 29, 2008
Gravatar Idd179243586f58248a51d59dfa3e5c049ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3307476
is first aid kit temporary? or i can use it multiple times? TCB: It’s a one-use item
cvp , October 14, 2008
Gravatar Id1529c093ae17b905e7fd6656903c2ab1ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 1143822
The Opium didn’t add life for me. I believe it only adds a temp happy.
Bradford Wilson , December 11, 2008
Gravatar Id116f0068de8480ab29129fe5f8a8d8d0ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 4197371
hi im wondering if when someone attacks me,will i loose any crime exp or will it just remain the same. plz reply sum1. TCB: You don’t lose Crime exp or Level exp when someone attacks you.
dash421 , January 21, 2009
Gravatar Id8247598edcdd970d19a1152e14946131ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5311705
you ernead some exp or money or batle stat or job stat wem you revive someone TCB: No
gabriel , February 23, 2009
Gravatar Id71fd5c5e88af460c9fee86c5bd34866campdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 7866039
This may be a really stupid question but……. I bought this one morphine from some guy for only $5. Two days later I got hospitalized and i tried using the morphine but not even a minute of decreased hops stime. Glitch or Fake?
Shinano , May 27, 2009
Gravatar Ide069a64a9bad56d4381962b035668c69ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 6713426
what is an easy way to get into the hospital? now that christmas town is gone, there is no easy access (which is unfortunate… the chat in the hospital was like a trading floor for morphine and other meds.)
kievviek , December 27, 2009
Gravatar Idfabc32730536f3fdaa8323152dd569f5ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 8499657
well u can go and attack any higher level player and u will get hospitalised for that !!
Tarek , January 16, 2010
Gravatar Idc0dea75c35f5d3c31e09e04fbefb2c4campdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5283624
does using Vicodin decrease the energy used for reviving people?
omar alvarez , March 21, 2010
Gravatar Idaad6fd96ef6ef4f88bfbd43f8417a289ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5448424
Please add this information: some people may set on their Preferences that they don’t want to be revived for you. TCB: Added.
Enriquez , July 13, 2010
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