You get sent to hospital as a result of being attacked, losing a fight or you might get sent there if your faction fails their Organised Crime. Failing crimes also sometimes results in being sent to hospital, remember, if this result is red, you do lose crime exp.

In Hospital
There are limited things you can do in hospital, here’s the main navigation menu:

In the main screen of the hospital, you can see the time you have left in hospital, a list of all the patients and at the very bottom of the screen there is a chat box which only patients can post in/ view.

Click this image to see a larger picture of it
You are not allowed to spam the shoutbox, or advertise other sites. Unless it’s TCB. You’ll still get a warning, but we’ll love you ????

Medical Items

There are three Medical items and one Drug that can shorten your time in hospital:
Item Minutes Removed from Hosp Time
Morphine 100mins
First Aid Kit 50mins
Small First Aid Kit 20mins
Opium Completely Remove you from Hospital + Add some life

NB: The regular items only lessen your hospital time, they do not increase your health.

Reviving a Player
To be able to revive a player, you must have the top medical job and rank, Brain Surgeon and 75 Energy . Also, you can’t be in hospital yourself.
Note: As long as you’ve acquired the Brain Surgeon rank then you’re always able to revive players, even if you change your job area (eg if you joined the army, you could still revive people).
Also: You can set your preferences to not be revived by certain people, for instance if you are in a war with someone, andthey are reviving you to chain you faster.

How To Revive
Step One: Make sure you have a spare 75 Energy

Step Two: Visit the Hospital

Step Three: Find who you want to revive, remember their name. then click the [Revive] link that’s to the right of their name (this step is quite useless)

Click this image to see a larger picture of it

Step Four: No matter who you picked, you will still need to select their name again in this screen. So, do that, and press the Revive button.


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