How To Level Up On Torn City in 40 Hours

How To Level Up On Torn City in 40 Hours

How To Level Up On Torn City in 40 Hours

So you’re wondering how to level up on Torn, the new horde quest guide. The problem is that questing can be very boring and repetitive. That’s what makes it the first place many players go when they want to level up quickly. Well I have good news for you. There is a much better way of doing this.


First things first. Stop asking “Why do the quests give so much XP? “. This is an understandable question but the answer is simple. When you do the quests for instance on a boss fight you will be rewarded for your efforts based on the current amount of kills you have made.

So how to level up on torn and get the most XP out of them? The answer lies in questing. A lot of people think that grinding is a great way of completing quests. This is a popular misconception because it doesn’t get the job done. You see questing is different than grinding.

If you are doing quests like “Go to Candia Caverns” and you just keep killing mobs until you run out of energy then you are doing exactly what grinding does. Which is the complete opposite of questing. You should go into the area, do something, get out, then do something else. The objective should be to do as much as you can without spending an hour doing quests that don’t yield any benefits.

If you go into the questing area and don’t fight anything, what you are doing is called “quest skipping”. What you can do is do as much of the quests as you can without fighting any mobs. The idea of how to level up on torn is to do more quests than anyone else. Killing mobs while questing is not a good idea because it wastes time. So what you want to do is go somewhere, do something, and then get out.

A tip for questing is to get all the enchants before starting a quest. You can get them from vendor recipes or from vendors within the questing area. With enchants, you have extra damage from your pets and you get the bonus from the quests. You can also get some enchants that will make you get a certain percentage more hit and provide additional damage. So after you get your first few quests, start grinding some stuff until you get some enchants.

Another tip on how to level up on torn is to keep on moving. When you come upon a quest, there might be some people around that you have to kill. Don’t get stuck on one spot. Keep moving and try to find other people that you can kill so that you can continue the quest. The XP rewards from quests aren’t very big so you’ll be better off if you move constantly and try to get some more enchants along the way.

Lastly, don’t give up too easily. There are a lot of areas in the city that are a lot harder to level in than other parts of the city. If you keep going and don’t give up, you should be able to make it to level 40 fairly easily. Just keep an eye out for quests that give you a bunch of loot but only 1 mob. This is often a waste of time but don’t give up until you’ve killed the mob.

You also need to watch out for any quests that have a high spawn rate. These will be the easiest to complete but they also tend to have a high drop rate. It’s really best to wait on these until lower level quests start dropping more often. For example, when doing questline quests for instance on the eastern side of the city, you shouldn’t do them until the quests say you need to go to southern part of the city to do the quest. This will ensure that you get more rare items from your quests.

Once you’re at a certain point in the game, do a lot of quests. Don’t waste your time on low level ones as they won’t give you much experience. It’s best to do all quests on the lower level to start with. I know it may sound like you’re cheating but that’s not the case. The game developers anticipated that a lot of players would go low level and they have made a way for you to make most of them come back to you by doing good quests.

Another way of how to level up on torn city is grinding. Grinding is a very good way of keeping your leveling up speed up while avoiding a lot of low level quests and not getting bored. Just be careful with it though because one wrong move can make you lose a lot of money. For example, if you try to grind the mobs at the southern part of the city, they will take too long to die and you will miss the chance of a really rare item. Just follow the quest path and don’t forget to use macros while grinding so you won’t miss anything.

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