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Hunting in Torn gives you the opportunity to sacrifice statistics and crime experience in exchange for monetary gain and hunting skill. Although there are better ways to spend your energy, hunting can be very rewarding and is a good, low time option to keep your skin in the game instead of quitting Torn altogether.

Thanks to society[512975] and Sehlah [944836] for this great tutorial!

Last updated 1/2017

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Requirements: Recommended Extras:
– Level 15+ – Laptop
– $65,000 – Donator Status
– Job in 3-5 Star Zoo or Farm
– GEN2120 Education Course
– Boosted Bank Interest

Requirement Explanations:

Level 15+: Hunting takes place in South Africa & you have to be level 15 or higher to travel there. Once you hit lvl 15, you’ll find a link to the Travel Agent on your city page.

$65,000: A round-trip flight costs $40,000. Hunting costs 10 energy and $500. Since you won’t even be earning $500 per hunt for a little while, you need to bring some extra cash to get you going, hence the $65,000 ($40k for flight, $25k to cover initial hunting fees). This is the bare minimum to get a good start on your hunting career.

Recommended Extras:

Laptop: You can’t check your mail without one, and it’s hard to sit in SA with no connections to the outside world. It also lets you see current drug prices at the auction and item market, so you might catch a deal in SA and bring back some drugs to sell for profit. That’s useful at the start to help get your bankroll going.

Donator Status: Hunting is all about the energy you spend doing it, so why wouldn’t you want a 150 energy bar & +5 every 10 minutes? 50% more energy means 1/3 less time to max your hunting skill.

Job in a 3-5 Star Zoo or Farm: The 3-star job special is +15% hunting skill. Higher skill = significantly higher income. A lot of farms/zoos charge employment fees to work for them, but there are a few free ones out there. It doesn’t matter what position they give you, and the special is automatic after your first 3 days.

GEN2120 Education Course: 20 energy, 2 weeks, $758 to take it. It’s another +15% hunting skill bonus.

Level 10 Bank Interest: Since you’re probably going to be banking your money when you hunt, why not get that extra little bit of interest going on it? It adds up to a lot over time. That’s why I do 2-week trips, to add profits from my income to the bank.

Thanks to society[512975] for this great tutorial!
Feel free to mail society if you need more help.

Requirements: Level 15+

Hunting gives you the opportunity to
sacrifice statistics and crime experience in exchange for monetary gain and hunting
skill. If you’re new to Torncity you may be asking yourself why you
have to be a higher level to participate in hunting: the answer is that
traveling has level restrictions. Upon reaching level 15 you may travel
to South Africa, whereby you may now hunt by scrolling to the bottom of
the page and clicking “Hunting”. The highest achievable hunting skill
is 99.0011/100 (currently not 100 due to mathematical exponential gain)
which takes months and thousands of energy to reach. To hunt
in South Africa you must have $500 to start (and 10 energy), but for
people who are hunting for the first time (those who have a skill level
of 0-10) it is recommended that you save up some money before going to
South Africa because early stages realize little to no monetary gain
often putting you into debt, forcing you to travel back to TC. Recommended purses for

newer hunters should be around $25,000 along with an additional $40,000 for the ticket price to travel to South Africa.


This is the Hunting screen in South Africa.
Your starting hunting skill is 00.00 / 100

You have 3 options for hunting, Beginners hunting session, Standard hunting session, and finally, Advanced hunting session. These three levels relate to the hunting skill you acquire while hunting.
As you hunt your hunting skill gain will gradually decrease exponentially- it’s not as bad as it sounds. For instance: With hunting skill 14 we gained 0.066 per hunt, this decreased to to 0.065 per hunt in 4 hunts. Later on, at 18 hunting skill we gained 0.053 per hunt, which decreased to 0.052 in 7 hunts.

Beginners hunting session:
This is where everyone starts. You’ll know when to move up by experimentation. Try a couple of standard sessions once in a while & once you earn as much on them as you do in the beginner sessions you’ll know it’s time to switch. For me that was around 20-21 hunting skill. It varies from player to player, but generally somewhere in the low-mid 20’s you’ll want to switch over to the standard hunting sessions. In beginner sessions you’re only allowed to hunt for the 4 easiest animals as listed below.

Buffalo, Zebra, Baboon, Warthog

Standard hunting session:
Nothing special here, except the ability to hunt a few new animals, which naturally are worth more money. Generally accepted practice is to stay on standard sessions until somewhere in the 70-85 range. Again, use earnings as your guide. When you start making as much or more on advanced sessions it’s time to move up. In the standard session you’re allowed to hunt all the beginner session animals plus the following.

Giraffe, Cheetah, Hippo, Leopard, Lion

Advanced hunting session:
This is your last stop. Once you move up to the advanced sessions you’ll be finishing out your hunting career here. In the advanced session you’re allowed to hunt all the beginner & standard session animals plus the following.

Rhino, Elephant, Hyena, Gorilla

Skill gained

The skill gained during hunting is a reverse exponential with cliffs at 79, 89, and 94 hunting skill. This means that you are about halfway to 100 skill at 97 hunting skill.



– Expenses: $40,000 for travel, $500 and 10 Energy per Hunt
– Hunting does in fact gain you a little leveling experience.
– Try and join a rank 3+ farm or zoo
– Hunt with donator status.
– The higher the skill, the higher the monetary gain.
– You can gain three Honors for hunting (see the Awards page)
– What hunting level should I move up to and at what skill?
This is not necessarily correct, or the same for everyone, but there is a general range that everyone can agree upon. These are as follows:

Beginner hunt 0 – 25/33 Standard 20/33 – 75/90 Advanced 70 – 90+


You can view ‘s excel tables used to calculate hunting gains, as well as the updated Hunting Skill Progress table, .
You can also fill in the sheet yourself, to track or predict your own hunting gains.

This should help give you an idea of the time and rewards involved with hunting.


After hunting gains were greatly decreased in a March 2007 update, and they were again increased in a November 2009 update.

Before the 2007 update hunting skill was maxed at 89.01.
This is what Soccer13[56869] got before the update:
Times Hunted: 30, Energy used: 300
Money gained (-$500 per hunt): $1,576,000

Hunting currently maxes out at 99 100 skill.

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