The October releases should be here soon!
Confirmed: Blueprint items being implemented with housing, Happy counting towards crime success, and Faction drug storage.
Three new items, the special items Thong, Pack of Trogins, and the melee weapon Pair of High Heels have been released (not buyable yet).

Also, Uni exams have just finished, so updates should be starting to gain pace again. Please contact us or post on the site if you have any requests.

The new items: 

Looking up information on Pack of Trogins
345 7507427
The Pack of Trogins is a/an Special Item
Magnum rubbers for the gangster who really knows how to use his gun.
Cost Sell Value
Cannot buy $0
Looking up information on Pair of High Heels
346 3881883
The Pair of High Heels is a/an Melee Weapon
High heels, essential weaponry in the control of the male species. Ho or Foe still can be used to smack an average Joe.
Cost Sell Value
Cannot buy $0
Looking up information on Thong
347 3215142
The Thong is a/an Special Item
Thongs…Not a wise choice if you have to much junk in your trunk.
Cost Sell Value
Cannot buy $0
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