If you start programming a virus, you can sell your computer and the virus will keep ‘programming’. Computer Viruses are an easy way of getting free money and networth every so often.
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written by 5tryk3r, April 20, 2007
What is the dirty bomb and the Cesium-137 used for. Anybody have any ideas
written by aerozol, April 21, 2007
thanks for bringing it to our attention 5tryk3r!
written by DrAg0n, May 21, 2007
do you just have to click city to find something there ive seen where it says certain items found in city but ive never found anything and im a pretty active player
written by klaudia, June 13, 2007
There is a rank trigger for NetWorth between the 100m and 250m NW. Its not an award for this, just triggers the rank. Both me and my hubbey got it same day and we got the 100m NW about same time too… we just sold some flamers etc 🙂 TCB: check the ranks/triggers page for triggers, i think it’s already there…
written by feelingorangey, September 15, 2007
Does a more expensive gun necessarily mean that it will cause more damage? I went to the weapon multiplier and it says that a Steyr AUG does more damage then a Enfield SA-80 (with my strength) THANKS TCB: Not in all cases. The weapon multiplier page is correct, it isn’t worth getting the Enfield.
written by matty456, February 24, 2008
cesium is used to increase the time it takes for your energy to refill 20 times faster so, you have full energy in 20 minutes :D, dirty bomb is used in war. but you need to combind cesium and hatzman hat to make dirty bomb
written by Nomad, March 02, 2008
as a reply to tcb comment, the reason that the enfileds weapon multiplier is not as good is that is susspected it has some what of a speed mulitplier due to the fact that it says it has a good scope in description, so it may help you hit your opponent Also i was wondering, how long does cesiums effect of making your energy refill 20 times faster last for is it only 20 minutes? TCB: Cesium-137 currently does not have a [use] button next to it. Also, personally I don’t believe that different weapons multiply anything other than strength.
written by matty456, March 03, 2008
nohmand its a week
written by gUS, March 08, 2008
how to use Cesium-137
written by porkchop83, April 15, 2008
I can’t get into the “Findable in the City” link above! Keeps telling me “You are not authorized to view this resource.” TCB: Sorry, fixed (should be)
written by Qbit, April 19, 2008
Does anyone know what the plushie items are for? in the info it sais they have various sell values, but i can’t find anywhere to sell them. I noticed that in the items market people are selling them for quite a fair bit of money, but my question is, why would people buy them? what do they do? do people actually by them on the items market or are people just putting them up for really high prices and noone buys them. Thanks for your time Qbit TCB: They do nothing. People like to collect them.
written by cuhle, May 05, 2008
how do you find out your net worth? TCB: You don’t.
written by JACK SCHITT, May 07, 2008
SO THERES NO [USE] BUTTON FOR CESIUM?… TCB: There’s no [use] button for Cesium.
written by Cook4, June 20, 2008
ok i have this japanese/english dictionary…how much is it worth?
written by Shikamaru_Nara, July 07, 2008
Does cesium-137 really regenerate your energy 20 times fast? If so, is there any side effects? TCB: No, it doesn’t.
written by bobjoefinklehimerfrom*CANADA*, July 09, 2008
how do you make a dirty bomb? and when you make it what does it do? i know its used in faction wars but what excactly does it do?
written by soul-catcher , July 10, 2008
what can you do with blueprints? TCB: Nothing.
written by Beatzman, August 23, 2008
You need the neumune tablet to make it.
written by Reggie, September 03, 2008
lol no you don’t. The Nemune tablet is used to reduce radiation posioning. To make a Dirty Bomb… Things you need. A Faction leader that has taken the physics course. A Faction with 10k Respect A Faction with a Lab upgrade. (200m I think) 100 Cesiums – Roughly worth 3 Billion Dollars. A Hazmat suit – 10m Roughly.
written by alvin_517, September 22, 2008
If a have a fine chisel and a raw ivory, is it possible that i could make an ivory walking crane after enrolling my self in ivory crafting? TCB: No, you have to do it through the mission
written by wightdevil, September 26, 2008
Drugs are located in various places overseas, yet do the prcies vary from place to place? If you fly to Africa are they the cheapest opposed to Canada due to the long and expensive flight? Or are they all the same unified price? TCB: They vary from place to place, however they also change daily, so it may be cheaper in one place one day, and more expensive another.
written by Cyanide, October 08, 2008
With enough cesium a faction can make a dirty bomb and use it on a waring faction. Causing mass damage to the faction and random player.
written by josher998, November 04, 2008
does any1 no wat stats the parachute gives u when u clikc jump on it and does any1 no how much it is? 😉
written by james2, December 05, 2008
the parachute gives you 1% of your current dexterity. It cost 40-50mil now. It can only be used once, and after that it is gone. You can buy many and use them though. Hence, it is advisable to use the parachute when you have high stats (dext) or sell it for cash or just keep it.
written by Chilly Willy, December 06, 2008
Is there a special to decrease the amount of time to make the stealth virus? TCB: Yes, see Companies/ Company Specials
written by sil3nt, January 05, 2009
what about small explosive device? what is it used for TCB: You can put it into packages to give the person who opens it a nice surprise.
written by AvrilS_Lavigne, January 07, 2009
what does one have to do to get a gas can if he doesn’t wanna buy it from item market? TCB: You can buy it with 100 Points from the Points Building.
written by Katsumi_Nara, January 20, 2009
What does the Thong do?
written by Renegade_Angel, January 28, 2009
I’m not sure if I’m lucky or something but it seems that leveling up gives you some luck when your walking through the city… so far ive found an item on two out of the 8 times ive leveled up… usually in the 30 minutes after ive leveled up… so far ive found – You found the item Leather Vest while walking around the city! You found the item MP5-Navy while walking around the city! You found the item M-9 while walking around the city! P.S. I wonder when you find something in the city its says “while you were WALKING through the city-” and when that last dirty bomb went off it said that while you were listening to the radio in your CAR…………
written by grandtheftauto, February 01, 2009
wich is betta? samurai sword or kodachi sword
written by potpot, February 16, 2009
kodaci r better dan samurai
written by -Slayer-, March 13, 2009
i have lots of flower, what kind of use i can give them? TCB: Flowers have no use.
written by lilgoomba, March 15, 2009
what the gas can 4 TCB: It allows you to commit the Arson crimes.
written by Anon, June 02, 2009
Does anyone know what the erotic DVD does?
written by James_P, June 17, 2009
The erotic DVD are just for collection.. and for (ahem) imaginary viewing purposes..
written by DonniePrince, July 07, 2009
Or perhaps they boost your happy by 1000?
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