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If you buy Donator Packs off the market, and then sell the 50 points you get from using them, DP’s should only cost you around 300k.
Items (without images)
Items by Type Items Sold by Country Items by Event
All All Halloween
Armour Argentina – Santa Rosa Christmas
Awards Canada – Toronto  
Candy China – Beijing Other Lists
Cars Hawaii – Hilo Comprehensive Info
Clothes Japan – Tokyo Staff Items
Collectables Mexico – El Cascado Findable in the City
Drugs United Kingdom – London Item list with Images
Electronic South Africa – Cape Town  
Jewellery Switzerland – Geneva  
Medical Torn City  
Melee Cannot Buy Publicly  

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written by 5tryk3r, April 20, 2007
What is the dirty bomb and the Cesium-137 used for. Anybody have any ideas
written by aerozol, April 21, 2007
thanks for bringing it to our attention 5tryk3r!
written by DrAg0n, May 21, 2007
do you just have to click city to find something there ive seen where it says certain items found in city but ive never found anything and im a pretty active player
written by klaudia, June 13, 2007
There is a rank trigger for NetWorth between the 100m and 250m NW. Its not an award for this, just triggers the rank. Both me and my hubbey got it same day and we got the 100m NW about same time too… we just sold some flamers etc 🙂 TCB: check the ranks/triggers page for triggers, i think it’s already there…
written by feelingorangey, September 15, 2007
Does a more expensive gun necessarily mean that it will cause more damage? I went to the weapon multiplier and it says that a Steyr AUG does more damage then a Enfield SA-80 (with my strength) THANKS TCB: Not in all cases. The weapon multiplier page is correct, it isn’t worth getting the Enfield.
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