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Note: You can switch between jobs at anytime and if you choose to go back to a previous one you will still keep your rank and the job points you had (but the points do not switch between jobs)

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written by flukes, May 22, 2007
I am now in the medical as GP. If I change jobs will I be able to keep my jobs specials, particularly stealing medical supplies? TCB: No, you lose all job specials related to that job. Job points also don’t pass between jobs. The exception to the rule is that once you’ve gotten the highest rank in medical, you will be able to revive people no matter what job you currently have
written by DualExplosion [470185], June 18, 2007
can someone please write a list of the specials given by companies? i’d like to know which one gives you back E when you use points. TCB: Our Company info can be reached by using the ‘Companies’ link in the sidebar. It contains all company specials- apart from the two last companies which no-one has bought yet.
written by england123, September 09, 2007
do you think that there will be any more jobs being created?? with more cash (not to much more becuase ive played some RPG games and the cash in some jobs is quite rediculous) or maybe more ocmpany specials…..but more jobs would be nice…bit more cash btu as i say not much mnroe……. wouls tht bee able to be thought about please???
written by TCB, September 22, 2007
We’ve fixed the code in the job calculator: Thanks to AL for his help. If you spot any further problems with it, please tell us!
written by Timoteo, September 24, 2007
The best rank you can acquire here is the Price Labeller rank! You will gain 3 manual, 2 endurance and 5 intelligence each day. You will also earn $175 and gain 900 job points each day. Specials: 0.001 Speed for 1 grocer point To reach the next level you will need: 31 endurance This is wrong, you get 5 endurance, 3 manual, and 2 Intel
written by Cara W., October 19, 2007
On the Job Calculater for Medical it says as Senior Houseman that You will gain 9 manual, 20 endurance and 11 intelligence each day. When really you gain 11 endurance and 20 intelligence :).
written by Cara W., November 07, 2007
The best rank you can acquire here is the GP rank! You will gain 10 manual, 24 endurance and 13 intelligence each day. You gain 13 endurance and 24 intelligence.
written by adamFoo, December 02, 2007
The first post says you lose your specials when you switch jobs. Does that mean you can never do those specials again, even if you switch back to the original job? TCB: No.
written by Auntorious, December 08, 2007
I am a General in Military Job, if i changed to medical then switch back to Military will i still have the job as a general? TCB: Yes
written by jacktt2, December 09, 2007
lets say your max in every job would you get all the highest specials? TCB: You can only use job specials for the jobs that your in. The only exception to this is Medical, Brain Surgeon, in which case you can revive people even if you’re not working in medical.
written by Auntorious, December 19, 2007
After i became a Master Sergent and hire a Spy. What if i changed to another job such as a casino job. Will I still be able to use the spy? And can I still change back to Master Sergent rank? TCB: You can change jobs at any point, and will still have those job specials available. Hiring a spy is a once off thing. You don’t actually have a ‘Spy’ at your service: It just gives you some of the selected opponents stats, until you decide to pay for another spy.
written by TroyLee, January 04, 2008
You can only use the specials a job provides whenever you are hired in that job specifically, and have enough job points to do the special. Say you’re a Master Sergent in the Army job. You can’t use a special in a different job even if when you left the other job with enough points to do so. As of right now…The last special in Medical (Revive) can be done even when you don’t work at Medical.
written by Viandante, January 18, 2008
When it says that you need, for example, 1500 grocer points to get promoted, means that if I spend my points on speed I have to wait until I have 1500 points again? TCB: Yes
written by pebbles, February 09, 2008
hey im working as a surgeon and i should be getting 5K every day well today and that last few days i have only goten 4K i was wondering if i am the only person out there with this problem
written by Konvict, March 04, 2008
pebbles i think you own the loan shark money and he’s collecting 1% off you everyday so you only get 4k instead of 5k
written by sourdiesel, March 27, 2008
will you lose unused job points if you quit a job? TCB: No
written by xXxJamiexXx, April 01, 2008
If u can, get into the education job 1st because it gives you a better increase in stats and overall they get better quicker, so when your in the mood for a new job and cant wait go to the education job. I found that if i was to get a promotion in medical, i’d have to wait 1 month, but… if i was in the education job i’d get better manual, endurance but the same intel. the only good thing about it is you can read a book- 100 Intelligence, -10000 education points. Only 3 days wait and i think thats a lot quicker than 1 month. =D
written by screwtape, April 18, 2008
On your job calculator, the gains for the job in education have intelligence and endurance backwards. At the secondary teacher level the gains or 20 manual, 25 intelligence, 20 endurance not 20 intelligence and 25 endurance.
written by joker88, April 21, 2008
what ive done is get as far as i can in medical then gone to education got to the highest there then gone back got promoted alot then wait for enough job points to get promoted again and go back to education and get my intelligence up and then gone back to medical. its way quicker doing it this way then just staying in medical and waiting a long long long time. has anyone else done anything like this, if so what?
written by mrbest72, July 12, 2008
i wanted to apply for this company so i did but then a better option came up and said he would let me join automatically how do i delete the application for the other company
written by ahyeng, July 23, 2008
hey can anyone help me find a farm/zoo job im indeed
written by ahyeng, July 23, 2008
u need to go to preference.. check ur application.. then delete the last company u apply
written by Stickyy-465084, July 27, 2008
i quit the army and worked on my own company and 2 days ago i went back to the army and still had all me specials…and my rank..
written by CSS-SUXXX, July 28, 2008
on all of your jobs pages it says that you recieve pay and stats at 00:00 TC time when you actually get them at 05:00 TC times just thought id let you know
written by shahedAziz, August 12, 2008
if I leave my job, shall I lose all my remaining job points? Thnx
written by Joweeeee, August 18, 2008
hey shahedAziz you will lose your job points if you are in a company but if you work for the city in one of these six jobs (Army, Medical, Grocer, Education, Casino, Law) then you points will stay with you even if you quit the job but you will not be able to use the points unless you go back to the same job and the points don’t travel. i.e. You have 5,000 points in the Army and you quit and get a Medical job, the 5,000 points from the Army will not transfer to Medical points.
written by {_()_______]~~’, August 21, 2008
I know for companies you don’t contribute or gain stats for days you don’t log in. If you are just in a regular job (e.g. medical) and I don’t log in one day, do you still get paid and get the work stats? TCB: Yes, you will still gain all benefits.
written by [HM], August 22, 2008
Juz some additional info: when u chg job, not all job specials gone.. 4 eg: once u left medic, u still able 2 revive others..
written by modz, August 24, 2008
im lvl 10 and my battle stats are Speed: 262.5729 Strength: 630.5402 Defence: 64.4308 Dexterity: 411.5013 Total: 1,369.0452 i have difficulty killing neato got any tips?
written by Green Bastard, September 01, 2008
Yeah, train more you idiot.
written by goturu, October 01, 2008
i just signed up to be a medical person but is there anyway to steal morphine instead of buying it or using points????? TCB: No????
written by Perdy, October 09, 2008
Battle stats Speed: 2,860.2096 Strength: 2,899.9966 Defence: 2,552.0615 Dexterity: 3,221.5995 Total: 11,533.8672 The stats on Jefferson seem accurate to me…I just got him with the above stats…It was a close fight which left me with only 164 life :/ …I also started the fight when he was down in Life to around 4,300 His 5000 strength seems to be the hardest to overcome…I would work towards higher stats then i had…He almost killed me in two hits :/
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