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Rank Triggers When you go up a rank you get a Merit. Currently there are 26 ranks. Go Here for a detailed description of networth. Known Triggers When you pass these milestones, you will go up a rank. This list is incomplete, and not 100% confirmed.
 Level  Crimes  Networth
2   100   2000 ?
6   5,000   50,000
11   10,000   500,000
26   20,000   3,000,000
31   30,000   10,000,000
50       20,000,000
100       50,000,000

Ranks These are the currently reached ranks.

Rank #1 Absolute beginner
Rank #2 Beginner
Rank #3 Inexperienced
Rank #4 Rookie
Rank #5 Novice
Rank #6 Below Average
Rank #7 Average
Rank #8 Reasonable
Rank #9 Above Average
Rank #10 Competent
Rank #11 Highly competent
Rank #12 Veteran
Rank #13 Distinguished
Rank #14 Highly distinguished
Rank #15 Professional
Rank #16 Star
Rank #17 Master
Rank #18 Outstanding
Rank #19 Celebrity
Rank #20 Supreme
Rank #21 Idol

Comments (50)
written by Tony Montana, March 11, 2007
I got rank 8 for ages now, when will i get rank 9? Whats the Trigger? Aerozol: As soon as any of the above criteria is met, you will go up a rank. The triggers don’t give you any specific rank for each trigger, they just add up, and the more you meet the higher your rank gets.
written by SeaBot, March 17, 2007
Just go to the tools & calc’s link https://tcbasic.com/tools.html And select the top link from that page. Then go to crimes link on ya TC. Scrol down & click on ya crime record. Now Enter the figures into the link page. U will then know how far off all the triggers U R 🙂
written by Zer0, March 30, 2007
does that then mean, that if i sell my bodyguard to the shop for 750k ill get the 500k networth award? =/ Aerozol: If you haven’t got it yet, yup Check if its worth it though, you always lose a bit of money by selling to the shops
written by northstar, April 05, 2007
its a huge jump from 50 mill up to one bill,are u sure thats right….seems weird
written by Calliope, April 17, 2007
I went up to rank 11, but it doesn’t appear that I hit any of the known triggers… and I didn’t get any other awards at the time of the rank award…
written by connor, April 25, 2007
i believe there is another networth trigger as knights is a level 32 with 18k crimes and is rank 18
written by al, May 05, 2007
I’m pretty sure TC has taken 2,000 networh and 50,000 network out of the game because I have yet to recieve either of those merits and have bought and sold guns to the store worth over 50,000.
written by Colossal_, May 27, 2007
Today get rank #15 Professional Award without reach any of this triggers :S only reach 8k total crimes done. .
written by aerozol, May 30, 2007
@ Colossal, maybe you reached a networth trigger? But there are a few triggers that we don’t have on the site… yet.
written by W_Shadow, June 03, 2007
are you sure that Sneak Thief award is not a rank trigger? Cause i ranked up immediately after doing 1000 theft crimes. I recieved the 2 merits at the same time.
written by Colossal_, June 17, 2007
rank trigger isnt 200m NW is 220m NW 😉
written by CapnAmerica, July 23, 2007
I got the Executive Award 10mil networth 3 days ago (7-20) and I have not gotten a rank upgrade. I am not sure this award is a rank trigger. Does anyone else know?
written by eureka, July 29, 2007
i just got rank 4, do u know the trigger for rank 5?
written by Shikamaru, August 02, 2007
Does rank actually help you in the game? or is it just a symbol of acheivement? TCB: You get merits for ranking up
written by xboxplayer, August 06, 2007
there’s a trigger at level 5.
written by lilcaptmorgan11, August 08, 2007
can anyone verify the 2k,50k and 500k networth award? cuzz I should have close to 800k networth and got nothing.. any ideas
written by dawgs63, August 09, 2007
I don’t see it listed, but I think you may get a rank increase with certain working stats. As soon as I hit 1000 intelligence, I went up in rank and got a merit. I’ll let you know if I get one on the 1000 for the other two working stats.
written by pr3mium, August 26, 2007
also i didn;t get the 3mil nw rank trigger when i bought got the house,a nd i’ve had it for 3 or 4 days. TCb: Buying houses doesn’t add to networth
written by pr3mium, August 29, 2007
i have has over 1 mil and i still didn;t get the 2,000 networth, 50,000 networth or 500,000 networth achievments. are they all gone? someone said they think 2,000 and 50,000 are out, but i think 500,000 is out also. i never got it.
written by jdogg0226, August 30, 2007
u dont get an award for the 2,000 50,000 and 500,000 networth it just makes ur rank go up
written by super, September 01, 2007
I’m level 19 now.My crime is not over 5000 yet.But I’m rank 9 Above Average now.It’s mean My net worth reach to 10,000,000.But I havn’t got The Millionaire award and The Executive award yet.Why?
written by pr3mium, September 03, 2007
no, i figured out it’s all by money earned by crimes and items sold at the item shop. that’s it, not all money you have.
written by bowlindude8, September 09, 2007
i’ve done absolutely nothin today and got a rank up. no crimes, sellin or levelling up, any idea why? TCB: Sometimes ranks take a while to happen, because of lag in TC.
written by BOOO, September 11, 2007
Whats the cheapest way to get from 50-200m networth?? TCB: Buying and selling RPG’s to the system is believed to be the easiest/ fastest way: If you have the cash.
written by 11hammy, September 15, 2007
i only match 11 rank triggers and yet im rank 12 :S lol TCB: You start at rank 1.
written by Mike_Myers, September 27, 2007
Hello iv got merits for each time i go up a rank but not for my lvl as i never got 1 for becoming lvl 2 and im worth just over 7mil and yet iv no merit for being over that either so y have i not got merits for all these things? TCB: You got an award for the rank you gained at level 2: So you’ve got the award. And CLICK the ‘networth’ link to see what counts towards your networth.
written by mqwert, September 30, 2007
Someone from TCB replied that the easiest/fastest way to networth up is to sell RPG’s to the system. RPG’s are like 200 mill, and the sell value is zero. People usually buy/sell flamethrowers.
written by Kroleex, October 16, 2007
Hi staff. I just wanted to say to you guys, that some of the above criteria is 100% correct: Networth 10,000,000 Level 26 Just for helping ya 🙂
written by noormhd, October 20, 2007
i dont think the networth 5,000 works i sold a total of 11k to the jewelry shop but didnt get an award…. or does it come a bit later?
written by _UnKoWn_, October 24, 2007
hey i wwas wondering for some reason i havnt gottn the awaard for 2,000 nw or 50,000nw nd i know i ahve sold enough stuff to stores to get at least 2k let alone the 50k how come it isnt in my award box?
written by lilletrille, October 30, 2007
I’ve done 1220 crimes, and I’m still waiting for my award for 1000 crimes. Anyone know if this award is gone?
written by takeshi, November 04, 2007
you get this award e.g. for 1000 theft crimes not for 1000 crimes of all types
written by non of ur bees wax, November 06, 2007
im on level 5 and rank 5 and im 191 days old. when will i go up a level TCB: Rank has nothing to do with level. It depends on the exp you get from stuff like training, crimes and attacking people.
written by The_DarkSlayer, November 10, 2007
I’ve sold many items exceeding $2000 and I should have got 2000 networth but my rank remains the same!
written by H0110w, November 16, 2007
Your 1st line says, “When you go up a rank you get a Merit. Currently there are 26 ranks.” I believe you meant 21 ranks TCB: Chedburn stated in an update a while back that there were 26 ranks. Obviously not all of them have been reached yet.
written by livevil, November 21, 2007
There are more trigger like a trigger for battle stats.
written by velns, December 22, 2007
you must be right ! last 2 awards, i don’t know why i got rank :/ 22/12/07 You have been awarded the Veteran award! 09/12/07You have been awarded the Level Twenty Five award!
written by ittybitty, January 07, 2008
for TCB, are you positive the networth 2,000 trigger is still in effect? i’m at level 8 and sold everything i’ve earned in crimes through the stores AND even gone to auctions and bought things to resell at the stores, so i definitely know i’ve hit the 2,000 benchmark.
written by kev_in, January 20, 2008
ive been a rank#4 for ages…. cn i knw wats d trigger 2 go up 2 rank#5..? thnx in advance… TCB: That’s what this page is for… the Triggers are listed above! Every time you reach one you will rank up.
written by kev_in, January 20, 2008
*TCB: Rank has nothing to do with level. It depends on the exp you get from stuff like training, crimes and attacking people. * so if rank depends on the exp you get from stuff like training, crimes and attacking people. then wat about lvl…?? TCB: No, he asked about leveling. Leveling depends on the exp from that stuff. Ranks don’t depend on exp at all, just the above triggers.
written by Yyz, January 24, 2008
I reached 5000 crimes and passed level 31 over a month ago and no rank increase. passed level level 32 2 weeks ago and still no rank trigger.
written by Pancake, January 31, 2008
i got rank 11 today and i am certain i dont have enough networth for 50mil so i checked on torncitycomplete and they say u rank up for 2k crimes
written by hapalapa, January 31, 2008
Does it mean that it makes more sense to do low level crimes.. coz i can do more of them with the same Nerve TCB: You also get awards for doing certain crimes. You get no awards for Search for Cash for instance, although you may advance ranks. Low level crimes also give you less crime exp, and money.
written by kanwh, January 31, 2008
I think there’s a rank trigger at 3,500 crimes
written by eternal_soldier, February 06, 2008
just turned level 31 and i ranked triggered right away..16 star..moving on up! im priding myself in trying to rank higher, its much more important than levels!
written by Panda Man, February 11, 2008
i got a rank 9 today got rank 8 for 100 days…
written by sex nigga, February 13, 2008
you guys are bitches. Such asshole. How the fuck do you get network point bitches TCB: we such Asshole D: how fuck network?? OMg teh Lolz D:
written by Renegade619, February 14, 2008
i just get my networth to 50.000$ and i didnt get up a level, just to rank#5… TCB: Why would you level?
written by shadaesus, February 15, 2008
i just went to level 11 about 4 hours ago and still have not gone up a rank or recieved a merit although if i do get the merit/award/rank i will report back
written by shadaesus, February 15, 2008
yep i got the merit for the next rank 😀
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