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  • When you go up a rank you get a Merit.
  • Currently there are 26 ranks total.
  • You start at rank 1 (not 0).
  • For a detailed description of Networth, and how to get it, see the Networth page.



When you pass these milestones, you will go up a rank.
2 100 2000
6 5,000 50,000
11 10,000 500,000
26 20,000 3,000,000
31 30,000 10,000,000
50 50,000 20,000,000
71 50,000,000
100 200,000,000


These are the ranks currently achieved by players.
Rank Title
Rank #1 Absolute beginner
Rank #2 Beginner
Rank #3 Inexperienced
Rank #4 Rookie
Rank #5 Novice
Rank #6 Below Average
Rank #7 Average
Rank #8 Reasonable
Rank #9 Above Average
Rank #10 Competent
Rank #11 Highly competent
Rank #12 Veteran
Rank #13 Distinguished
Rank #14 Highly distinguished
Rank #15 Professional
Rank #16 Star
Rank #17 Master
Rank #18 Outstanding
Rank #19 Celebrity
Rank #20 Supreme
Rank #21 Idol
Rank #22 Champion
Rank #23 Hero
Rank #24 Legend
Rank #25 Elite
Rank #26 Invincible


A user title is a collection of hidden/visible stats that once compared will show you what your best at.
Title Name
Antagonist A player having lots of defends won.
Bondsman Total amount of players a user has bailed out of jail.
Buster Total amount of users a player has busted out of jail.
Citizen A user who is active but not new, without any play.
Coward A player who has done a lot of runaways.
Damage Dealer A player who has a large amount of total damage made.
Deserter A player who has been inactive for 30+ days.
Druggy Total amount of drugs a player has taken.
Egotist A player who has placed a lot of bounites.
Felon A player who has been jailed a lot of times.
Healer Total amount of revives a player has given out.
Hitman Total amount of bounties a player has collected.
Importer A player who has bought a lot of items from abroad.
Intimidator Total amount of enemy runaways from a user.
Jobsworth Total amount of times a player has been trained by a director.
Killer A player who has done a lot of attacks.
Loser Total amount of losses a player has acquired in attacks.
Marksman A player who has a lot of critical hits.
Merchant A player who has bought a lot of items from market.
Newcomer A player who is under 7 days old (or 7-30 days old without any play).
One Hit Killer A player with a lot of one hit kills.
Outcast A player who has received a lot of bounites.
Punchbag A player who has lost a lot whilst defending attacks.
Samaritan A player who has sent lots of items.
Sage A player with a high number of logins.
Scavenger A player who has searched the dump a lot of times.
Silent Killer Total amount of times a player stealths an attack.
Soldier A player who has earned a lot of respect.
Socialite A player who has sent a lot of mails.
Tank A player who has stalemated alot.
Theif A player who is active in mugging.
Tourist Total amounts of times travelled abroad.
Trader Total amounts of trades a user has completed.
Tycoon A player having lots of bazaar customers.

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I got rank 8 for ages now, when will i get rank 9? Whats the Trigger?

Aerozol: As soon as any of the above criteria is met, you will go up a rank. The triggers don’t give you any specific rank for each trigger, they just add up, and the more you meet the higher your rank gets.

Tony , March 11, 2007
Just go to the tools & calc’s link https://tcbasic.com/tools.html And select the top link from that page. Then go to crimes link on ya TC. Scrol down & click on ya crime record. Now Enter the figures into the link page. U will then know how far off all the triggers U R 🙂
SeaBot , March 17, 2007
does that then mean, that if i sell my bodyguard to the shop for 750k ill get the 500k networth award? =/

Aerozol: If you haven’t got it yet, yup
Check if its worth it though, you always lose a bit of money by selling to the shops

o , March 30, 2007
its a huge jump from 50 mill up to one bill,are u sure thats right….seems weird
JAN , April 05, 2007
I went up to rank 11, but it doesn’t appear that I hit any of the known triggers… and I didn’t get any other awards at the time of the rank award…
Emily , April 17, 2007
i believe there is another networth trigger as knights is a level 32 with 18k crimes and is rank 18
connor , April 25, 2007
I’m pretty sure TC has taken 2,000 networh and 50,000 network out of the game because I have yet to recieve either of those merits and have bought and sold guns to the store worth over 50,000.
al , May 05, 2007
Today get rank #15 Professional Award without reach any of this triggers :S only reach 8k total crimes done. .
Rodrigo , May 27, 2007
@ Colossal, maybe you reached a networth trigger? But there are a few triggers that we don’t have on the site… yet.
Anonymouse , May 30, 2007
are you sure that Sneak Thief award is not a rank trigger? Cause i ranked up immediately after doing 1000 theft crimes. I recieved the 2 merits at the same time.
W_Shadow , June 03, 2007
rank trigger isnt 200m NW is 220m NW 😉
Rodrigo , June 17, 2007
I got the Executive Award 10mil networth 3 days ago (7-20) and I have not gotten a rank upgrade. I am not sure this award is a rank trigger. Does anyone else know?
Eric , July 23, 2007
i just got rank 4, do u know the trigger for rank 5?
eureka , July 29, 2007
Does rank actually help you in the game? or is it just a symbol of acheivement?

TCB: You get merits for ranking up

BRR , August 02, 2007
there’s a trigger at level 5.
xboxplayer , August 06, 2007
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