Advanced IRC

Advanced IRC

If you don’t like using the Chat system that Torn City has built in it, then another option is to use the standalone mIRC client. This is for more advanced users. mIRC Chat Client – First up, you need to download and install mIRC. Be sure you only get it from the

– Once you’ve done that, open up mIRC and click on the ‘Servers’ in the left menu

– Now click on “add”

– Fill in exactly what we have displayed here, and click “add”

– Now that’s done, click on “Connect to Server”

– Now you need to register your nickname, Do that by typing in: /Register password emailaddress Obviously changing password and emailaddress to whatever’s applicable. We suggest you don’t use the same password as your TC account.

– Now you can join the lobby/everything else!!


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Gravatar Id6133f3cf543ba1bdd4df297e7c49889fampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 6485540
why not type this when in mirc /server -m
Autch__ , April 17, 2007
Gravatar Id7dc919079f91be1fa139583ce6dd3ecdampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9297285
/server works, the -m switch just fires up a new window
The-Heretic , November 29, 2007
Gravatar Idd3527a59c808c06c4d5ed9aec67a9476ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 7093730
i want frm account back , someone help me , its been hacked TCB: We can’t help you, you need to talk t TC staff.
aiden , November 05, 2009
Gravatar Id919b5e5a59c7733eb9b06d00c33ddcc7ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 6076190
hi my account in fedrl jail marked for deltion and the admin had locked me to reply my case but i got more to say so can u unock trhe replies thanx sweetiepiez/Hinnah TC: No, we can’t sorry. We don’t have anything to do with TC staff.
Sweetiepiez , January 30, 2010
Gravatar Id72398d7139e26d153d7370e836f5272aampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 6391730
my account is in fed and they seed i cant have it back until i go on the irc chat then help and ask for sectary to verify my ownership of the account how do i do that?
monty1991 , March 24, 2010
Gravatar Idb5ab0c030667ad9b5ddf4e7469e397b7ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3143150
i connect to the server normally, but every channel i join is empty, what’s the problem?
Leito , May 09, 2010

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