Item Finding – RESPO

• You can no longer just randomly ‘find’ an item by clicking links, you can only find items by using the new visual city map.

• It is suggested that you are 100% zoomed into the map to find items, the icons are so small.

• The find rates are the same as before.

• We believe everyone has been given a find boost, to initially find an item to get used to what it is like, so get looking!

• There is a correlation between certain items and where they are located on the city. (Lawyer Business cards by the jail)



Collecting the find:

  • Flame

    I lyke eggs

  • stnk

    From what I’ve tested this, seemed that those items appearing on the map won’t disappear over time (at least in 1,5h). So is it possible just to visit the map quickly like earlier and then one day take a lot of time to scavenge the whole map from top to bottom and gather a lot of items. (you can understand that as a question, idea or a challenge)

    • Sylvh

      If im not mistake, ched said (in the forum) the item will be there forever, so u can search the city weekly or monthly, no need to search hourly.

  • TheTime

    Can the Items be inside the “useful” areas (ie. hospital, jail…)?

    • scruffy120

      Yes ive seen this a few times

  • Lone_legion

    I found a good way to highlight the items is to select all of the map area. Basically highlighting the map in blue will show where the items are and make them easier to see.

  • TISH

    When i searched for the first time, i found 26 items. BUT then afterwards it became more difficult to find items..

  • Mattchew1

    How often are items replenished after you find them?

  • S

    Just searched the map for the first time (since it came out) and found about 10 items, so I assume as below, items stay forever.