Stealth Virus

Stealth Virus

Program the Stealth virus by selecting [Turn on] next to your Personal Computer, and then selecting the Stealth Virus from the list of viruses available for you to code.
In order to be able to code the Stealth Virus, you need to have completed the Expert Programming Course.
You can sell this virus for networth, or use it for it’s corresponding crime.

The Stealth Virus takes 100 Days to code

To see the other viruses that you can code, and some more information, go here.

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hot much to they sell for at “cyber force”?
underground4550 , October 20, 2008
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Virus Price Selling at Cyber Force :
Simple Virus : $500
Polymorphic virus : $4,500
Tunnelling virus : $10,000
Armored virus : $75,000
Stealth virus : $200,000

Stay well…

Alexgang , December 11, 2008
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Are the viruses “re-usable”? I wouldn’t care to program the Stealth Virus more than once, obviously 🙂

TCB: You can ‘use’ them as often as you want, as long as there’s one in your inventory.

DodgyDave , February 23, 2009

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