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From time to time everyone gets sent to jail, especially new players. So it is good to know the pros and cons of being locked up, and the factors of busting people out of jail.

Being Arrested In all cases of being arrested, you will lose a certain percentage of your crime experience.

Please note, in jail you can’t: – Go to the City – See your Homepage

In Jail There really isn’t much to do or see in jail. Here’s the main features: – At the top of the main Jail page you can see how long you’re in for. – The jail gym – There is a chat box at the bottom of the main jail page. Only inmates can post/see it.

Training in Jail One of the best things about jail is the Defence training in the gym. When training defence in the Jail Gym you usually get half as much of an increase for each point you train as the others(strength, etc) But in the gym jail, you get a normal amount! So if you’re ever in jail, use the time wisely and boost your defence, it’s well worth it. Another thing to note about the jail gym is that you can’t train Dexterity. This is because dexterity is the main factor for breaking out of your cell. All other (speed and strength) stats train normally.

Breaking out of Jail As per usual for crimes, there are three different outcomes:

– Succeeding: You get out of jail, and you gain +0.1% of your dexterity. – Failing: You don’t have enough time to dig your hole out of your cell, therefore can’t get out. You lose no exp. – Failing and getting caught: The guard catches you and your time in jail increases. We’re unsure if you lose crime exp when you get caught busting out.

Busting The pro’s of busting is that if you succeed you’ll earn a hell of a lot more exp than you do through normal crimes, especially for low levels. This means if you successfully bust enough, your nerve will get higher a lot quicker than other players who do not bust as much/at all.

The cons of busting is it can be very difficult to determine who to bust and whether you’ll pass or fail, bu if you do fail, you don’t lose crime exp. Even with the information provided, it may seem easy, but it really isn’t.

Here are a few factors involved in getting a successful bust:

it is much easier to bust people who’ve failed a bust than people who’ve failed a crime.

– The easiest bust to make is by busting someone who is exactly your level. The closer your level is to the jailed person the easier to bust them. – Jail time can be a factor when you are young in TC, but very quickly becomes a moot point. Don’t worry much about it. – Dexterity should be at least 60 – 75 per minute of the person you are trying to bust for best results.  About  4000 – 5000 Dex per hour. – Higher jail time means more crime exp for you. – Pace yourself. Busting two people in a row is ok, but anything more is pushing it. Try waiting about 10 – 15 minutes between busts.

Bail Bail is usually expensive and isn’t worth the price, compared to busting. NB: You cannot bail yourself out.

The formula for the bail price is: 25*time*level

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written by Erick, March 10, 2007
what does this mean: Dexterity should be at least 10 – 15 per minute of the person you are trying to bust for best results Aerozol: You times their jail time by 60 or 75, and that’s the amount of dexterity you should have to be able to bust them out with a reasonable chance eg: They’re in for 10 minutes, 10 x 75, you should have 750 dexterity to be able to bust them reliably
written by Jen, March 26, 2007
“- The easiest bust to make is by busting someone who is exactly your level. The closer your level is to the jailed person the easier to bust them.” I don’t think this is true. I find that the lower level players are easier to bust than those close to your level.
written by TheThirdMark, August 15, 2007
At the top you say that you cant see your homepage. That is only part correct. If you go to ”jail” and click your own name (or use the search option) you can still vieuw your own homepage.
written by halcyon, September 14, 2007
Is the crime exp gained from busts depends on the level of the player and the time left on him or simply the time left on him or is it something completely random ?
written by ezarc, October 06, 2007
TheThirdMark – That isnt your homepage, that is your profile. halcyon – I’m not 100% sure about busting myself but this is what I have been told by some pros, you have a 70% chance of busting someone with 1/10th of your dexterity in minutes, this means that if you have 1000 dexterity you should be able to bust someone with 100 mins, 10000=1000 mins ect. The higher the minutes you bust the more crime exp you gain also it is easier to bust someone close to your level but as you get older and more dexterity you can go to 5 levels either side then later on 10 levels either side. I havent heard any mention from anyone as to the higher level you bust the more exp you get, it could be possible but for some reason TC like to keep the whole workings of the game a mystery so we may have to just keep on guessing.
written by Hardrada, November 04, 2007
A few clarifications: Under Training in Jail, it says “training defence in the Jail Gym you usually get half as much of an increase” and “in the gym jail, you get a normal amount”. I believe the first should say Gym, not Jail Gym. Also, I’ve found it to be closer to 80%. Finally, the gym jail is like Woody’s, so the normal amount is similar to Woody’s, which is about 10% less than using the Average Joe’s gym (for 10 energy used), but still better to train def. Under Breaking Out of Jail, there’s a fourth result, “Guard is too close” or “Guard is watching you.” No nerve is used, so wait a minute or 2 (for the guard to leave) and you can try again.
written by random dude, November 20, 2007
one thing… in the crime information table.. it says there that you DO loose crime exp when you fail to bust someone out of jail… but in the jail tutorial (here) it says that you DONT loose crime exp when failing….. soo whats the deal??? do we loose it or not??? thx in advance ill be checking back tomorrow =] TCB: Currently word on the street is that it doesn’t lose you crime exp, but this has changed countless times… In any case, it shouldn’t be enough to worry about.
written by FireBird, December 08, 2007
Now i think the strength/spd training in jail gym isn’t halved anymore. Last time i trained was 0.8. normally i get around 0.8 too. I’m not sure though
written by nameless, December 28, 2007
when i was busting someone just 1 level difference, i always got busted. it’s much more easier busting lower levels.
written by dying_soul, January 06, 2008
For busting i was told that you should only bust someone if they have done a crime that you could do yourself. For example if you can pickpocket someone successfuly then you can bust someone who is in jail for trying to pickpocket. But if you can’t pickpocket yourself you will end up thrown in jail yourself if you try to bust someone in for pickpocketing.
written by nonq, January 31, 2008
does anyone know if buying someone out gives you crime exp? random dude.. its lose..
written by n00b1c1d3, February 03, 2008
umm, actually i think that you do lose crime xp if you fail and get caught because at one pt i was busting anyone within 2 lvls of me if their time was under 1.5 hours, i got caught eventually because i tried busting a 2hr guy , needless to say, i now get busted on ppl with 15 minutes even if they are my lvl, yea….
written by n00b1c1d3, February 03, 2008
ok, i just got jailed busting a guy with under a minute on the clock who was 1 lvl above me…nice…
written by Dramatic, February 05, 2008
I have a question i could have sworn to bust yourself out used to be 10 nerve…and now its 13 nerve> did that go up with my level or is this something new? If anything i think it’s something you should cover in this tutorial…..
written by Robertas, February 06, 2008
Dramatic, I guess it depends on what level you are (or your nerve bar). The last time I was in jail it said that it would cost me 16 nerve to try busting out. I do not know if it’s true, but I’ve noticed that it is harder to bust people who are older than you.
written by Marthgun, March 14, 2008
“it is much easier to bust people who’ve failed a bust than people who’ve failed a crime.” Exactly opposite for me. Everytime I bust a low level or same level out, whos failed a bust I get canned. Never been thrown in jail, EVER, for busting out same level and low level crimes.
written by Society, March 16, 2008
@Dramatic, it costs half a full nerve bar to bust yourself out, so every time you lose nerve bar or gain, it adjusts accordingly.
written by jailbuster, March 29, 2008
What does soap on a rope do? I see all kind of messages with some funny soap on a rope comments.. dont understand but can that item increase your fighting out of jail? TCB: Soap on a Rope has no effect on your character.
written by crimelad, March 31, 2008
Finally figured out through a lot of trial and error : bust out people who are the same level as you and who were busted for trying to bust out others: success is almost (but not quite) 100%.
written by joethebutcher, April 05, 2008
Saw the question with no answer…still curious, does bailing ($) someone out also give you experience?
written by -Vengeance, April 24, 2008
I do a lot of busts and i have found that i can bust people much more often if they are in jail for crimes that i ALWAYS succeed,is this just luck or a fact?
written by _Wraith_, May 02, 2008
Once I was in Jail there is a mark ‘-X-‘ placed before my name…. What’s that?
written by DonniePrince, May 09, 2008
Wraith: That is just your faction’s tag. Look at some of the other players in jail and see their tag, then go see their name on their profile page. Spot the difference? 🙂 Joethebutcher: I’m not sure but I would think that you would gain something for spending money on getting someone out of jail. If that’s crime exp., I don’t know.
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