Being Arrested

In all cases of being arrested, you will lose a certain percentage of your crime experience.

You lose access to certain areas of the site, including ‘City’ and ‘Home’. Below is an image showing what your navigation bar displays whilst in jail.


In Jail
There really isn’t much to do or see in jail. Here’s the main features:
– At the top of the main Jail page you can see how long you’re in for.
– The jail gym
– There is a chat box at the bottom of the main jail page. Many people use this for advertising for their companies, selling goods etc. Only inmates can post/see it.

Training in Jail

One of the best things about jail is the Defence training in the jail gym. When training defence in the Gym you usually get half as much of an increase for each point you train as the others (strength, etc) But in the jail gym, you get a normal amount! So if you’re ever in jail, use the time wisely and boost your defence, it’s well worth it.

– This is no longer true. You gain less of every stat while using the jail gym.

Another thing to note about the jail gym is that you can’t train Dexterity. This is because dexterity is the main factor for breaking out of your cell.

Breaking out of Jail
As per usual for crimes, there are three different outcomes:

– Succeeding: You get out of jail, and you gain +0.1% +0.05% of your dexterity.
– Failing: You don’t have enough time to dig your hole out of your cell, therefore can’t get out. You lose no exp.
– Failing and getting caught: The guard catches you and your time in jail increases. We’re unsure if you lose crime exp when you get caught busting out.

The pro’s of busting is that if you succeed you’ll earn a hell of a lot more exp than you do through normal crimes, especially for low levels. This means if you successfully bust enough, your nerve will get higher a lot quicker than other players who do not bust as much/at all.

The cons of busting is that it can be very difficult to determine who to bust and whether you’ll pass or fail, but if you do fail, you don’t lose crime exp. Even with the information provided, it may seem easy, but it really isn’t.

There is no empirical proof that busting has anything to do with crime experience.  It seems the only thing busting is good for is merits, and getting your friends out of jail.

It has been proven that busting DOES give crime experience. Link [1413750] has evidence on her profile signature!


Here are a few factors involved in getting a successful bust:

It is much easier to bust people who’ve failed a bust than people who’ve failed a crime.

The easiest bust to make is by busting someone who is exactly your level. The closer your level is to the jailed person the easier to bust them.

The lower the level, the more chance you will have in busting them from jail.

-Many educations courses can be completed to improve the success rate of busting. Click here.

– Jail time can be a factor when you are young in TC, but very quickly becomes a moot point. Don’t worry much about it.

– Dexterity should be at least 60 – 75 per minute of the person you are trying to bust for best results.  About  4000 – 5000 Dex per hour.

– Pace yourself. Busting two or three people in a row is ok, but anything more is pushing it. Try waiting until the next :15 minute tick between busts.


The formula for the bail price is: 25*time*level