Job Special: Spy

Job Special: Spy

This is a Job Special for the Army, Master Sergeant rank.
It allows you to spy on a specific player, for 10,000 army points and $5,000.

The Spy finds you the battle and work stats of the player/ id that you ask them to spy on.
The amount of stats and what stats they find, are completely random, and will vary each time. Getting all of a players stats may take a while, as the same stats may be given repeatedly.
Players are not informed that they have been spied on.

The Spy screen:

You can hire a spy from the army to gain valuable statistics from your enemy. It will cost you $5000 and 10,000 army points.

Type in the ID of the target:

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Example Spy results (for [1]):

Name: Chedburn [1] Staff 18 Days Left
Days old: 824
Level: 35

The spy managed to get the following results
Speed: 99999994
Strength: N/A
Defence: 1000099999999.5
Dexterity: N/A
Total: N/A

Manual labour: N/A
Inteligence: N/A
Endurance: N/A
Total: 55727

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