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  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 2 2 2
Gains* 3 1 2
Income* $125
Points* Level * 100
Special 0.001 strength for 1 army point.
Promotion 1,250 Army Points Needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 50 15 20
Gains* 5 2 3
Income* $150
Points* Level * 150
Special 0.001 defence for 1 army point
Promotion 1,500 Army Points Needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 120 35 50
Gains* 8 3 5
Income* $180
Points* Level * 200
Special N/A
Promotion 1,800 Army Points Needed

Master Sergeant
  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 325 60 115
Gains* 12 4 7
Income* $220
Points* Level * 250
Special Hire a spy for 10,000 army points and $5000
Promotion 2,200 Army Points Needed

Warrant Officer
  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 700 160 300
Gains* 17 7 10
Income* $225
Points* Level * 300
Special 0.001 Speed for 1 army point
Promotion 2,250 Army Points Needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 1300 360 595
Stat Gain* 20 9 11
Income* $325
Points* Level * 350
Special N/A
Promotion 3,250 Army Points Needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 2,550 490 900
Gains* 24 10 13
Income* $550
Points* Level * 400
Special Steal a weapon for 25,000 army points
Promotion 5,500 Army Points Needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 4,150 600 1,100
Gains* 28 12 15
Income* $755
Points* Level * 450
Special 0.001 Dexterity for 1 army point
Promotion 7,550 Army Points Needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 7,500 1,350 2,530
Gains* 33 18 15
Income* $1,000
Points* Level * 500
Special N/A
Promotion 10,000 Army Points Needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 10,000 2,000 4,000
Gains* 40 25 20
Income* $2,500
Points* Level * 550
Special N/A
Promotion N/A

*You gain these things on a daily basis (at 00:00hrs TC time)

Comments (13)
written by 3v1l_sensesfail, April 11, 2007
what specifically happens when you hire a spy? Aerozol: Just added a note explaining it. click the link to get to it it 🙂
written by marck111, April 14, 2007
inst in general a special named steal a bomb?
written by Roflawlolmao, July 07, 2007
in your job calculator for the army part, it says warrant officer gives, 225 endurance daily. i wish that was true!
written by ace, September 19, 2007
when you steal a weapon what weapons do you steal? really good ones or just crap like hammers and shotgus? and do you get net worth when you steal i tems from the army and sell them? and how about selling items that you got for selling thing you stole in crimes? TCB: If you click on ‘Steal a weapon’ you will be taken to a page where the weapons you can steal are listed. Check this page for networth info:
written by someoneelse3241, November 10, 2007
is it possible to become a spy?
written by wolf-seeker, December 30, 2007
Y cant we steal better weapons like a minigun or an antitank or better armor it would make that game alot better if u ask me so ya
written by Systems-Overload, February 26, 2008
because if you could steal better weapons (ask staff in torncity) then it would decrease the value of the good weapons and cause inflation… idiots these days xD
written by Tafii~., August 13, 2008
I have a question.. When you can “Hire a Spy”.. Could you switch jobs and keep that Special, like you do in the Medical..? -TheJoker
written by yo, October 04, 2008
So basically with army you get crap pay but good specials?
written by mike, October 28, 2008
Army: Best job you can get is General. (Position 10/10) [40 manual,25 intelligence,20 endurance] [$2500 pay] [15400 job points daily] [points for promotion = n/a] Job Special: 0.001 Strength for 1 Job Point. Job Special: 0.001 Defence for 1 Job Point. Job Special: Hire a spy for 10,000 Job Points and $5000. Job Special: 0.001 Speed for 1 Job Point. Job Special: Steal a Weapon for 25000 Job Points. Job Special: 0.001 Dexterity for 1 Job Point. Job Special: Steal bomb ( A weapon for 50,000 Job Points). You are in the top Army job, and cannot be promoted further job calculator says i can steal a bomb, what can i use this for?
written by yankin, January 05, 2009
i spy on somewhat ID, but it show me that Speed: N/A Strength: N/A Defence: 1,960 Dexterity: N/A Total: N/A why i can’t see other status.. cos i need to get al status for my faction… why it is happen to him>?? TCB: You get a random amount of stats every time you spy. You need to keep spying until you have what you wanted.
written by ArmyGuy, February 02, 2009
I need to know what the Steal a Bomb special does. What kind of bomb, its capabilities, etc. please update me with your findings. TCB: There’s no Steal a Bomb special.
written by tcgeek, March 23, 2009
Can you still spy after you leave the army? TCB: No.
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