Medical Job

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Medical Job


Medical Student
  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 0 300 0
Gains* 4 12 7
Income* $400
Points* Level * 250
Special +1 Hit point for 1,000 medical points
Promotion 4,000 Medical points needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 100 600 150
Gains* 7 17 10
Income* $600
Points* Level * 300
Special 1 Small first aid kit for 2,000 medical points
Promotion 6,000 Medical points needed

Senior Houseman
  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 175 1000 275
Gains* 9 20 11
Income* $950
Points* Level * 350
Special 1 First aid kit for 4,000 medical points
Promotion 9,500 Medical points needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 300 1,500 500
Gains* 10 24 13
Income* $1,500
Points* Level * 400
Special 1 morphine for 7,500 medical points
Promotion 15,000 Medical points needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 600 2,500 1,000
Gains* 12 28 15
Income* $3,000
Points* Level * 450
Special N/A
Promotion 30,000 Medical points needed

  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 1,300 5,000 2,000
Gains* 18 33 15
Income* $5,000
Points* Level * 500
Special N/A
Promotion 50,000 Medical points needed

Brain Surgeon
  Manual Intelligence Endurance
Need 3,000 10,000 4,000
Stat Gain* 20 40 25
Income* $7,000
Points* Level * 550
Special Revive Someone for 75 energy
– After you have achieved the rank of Brain Surgeon you can use this special even if you don’t work in Medical 
Promotion N/A
*You gain these things on a daily basis (at 00:00hrs TC time)
Comments (45)
written by christina, February 23, 2007
I think you should add on to the end of the jobs so we can make more just saying. like Brain Surgeon add 1st Deg. Brain surgeon or something like that…just tossing out ideas. Aerozol: We don’t have any ability to change Torn city, TCBasic is an independent fan site ^ ^
written by error, February 25, 2007
error in brain surgeon. i think u mean $7,000 not $,7000 Aerozol: Thanks, changed
written by badboy89283, April 01, 2007
dont the points and cash get credited at 18:10 tc time
written by Ceasar, April 26, 2007
not any more now u get credited at midnight
written by uptown, June 08, 2007
how to revive someone? Im now a brain surgeon. tq TCB: There’s a detailed description of how to revive people in the Hospital Tutorial, found in the menu
written by bull26, June 17, 2007
can you still get morphine and first aid kits when u r a brain surgeon or other that don’t have specials. TCB: You can use all of the job specials that you’ve had before with each new rank
written by BB3, July 15, 2007
The job calculator provides the wrong information on how much intelligence and endurance you can get on medical student job.
written by MClock, July 21, 2007
i love TC basic, i use it all the time, thanks for all the hard work guys, its is greatly aprieaciated
written by xboxplayer, August 01, 2007
just a question, is reviving always successful? and if it’s not, do you still lose 75 energy if it’s not successful? TCB: reviving is always successful.
written by CuteViciousBitch, August 14, 2007
How much do people usually charge to revive someone? TCB: Check the Forums > Trading Post > Medical Help sticky for what people are currently offering/ charging.
written by lookatjoedance, August 23, 2007
What exactly is a ” 1 Hit point” and when should I use it? also do you have any recommendations for me about which job I should apply for next after becoming a brain surgeon? TCB: Brain Surgeon is generally considered the ‘best’ job you can have, as morphines can be sold for quite a lot of money. ‘1 hit point’ is one life point, which is how much life you have in battles. Most people try to get to the top of all jobs, for something to do… Or join companies.
written by DWL, August 28, 2007
im curently working for a company and i have enough stats to become a brain surgeon would i still have to wait till i have 50,000 medical point to get promted and if so how long will it take before i can get promoted as im lvl 12 ?? TCB: Yes, you’d still have to wait for the medical points. If you haven’t ranked up at all in medical, you’ll have to wait for enough points to get promoted through every rank… use your computers calculator to figure out how long it will take.
written by rwparris2, September 19, 2007
What is the point of morphine? It isn’t listed under drugs, and I can’t find it for sell in the marketplace. TCB: Check Items > Medical for those items. Morphine removes 100 minutes off your hospital time.
written by alchemy, November 11, 2007
Does 1 Hit point add to your life permanently or is it just there to help you when you have low health due to an attack? TCB: Hit points are permanent.
written by 1994bradley, November 18, 2007
im a consultant and im level 8 with Manual labour: 1,431 Intelligence: 3,831 Endurance: 1,927 is that good for my level? also i think in torn city there shouldnt be a levelx? for job points i think it should be a set amount e.g at the moment if your level 1 at rank consultant you will get 450 job points each day but if your level 16 you will get 7200 each day this is a bit unfair
written by LegendGaming, November 29, 2007
Do you get something from reviving someone? TCB: No, unless you’re selling revives to other players.
written by pieeater, January 02, 2008
do u gain any stats like when you bust for reviving? TCB: No
written by Samrulez, January 25, 2008
can you add the link to steal med supplies in here to make it easier for us to steal? and in tc how do i steal med supplies when im not in the med job? TCB: Added the links to the top.
written by Samrulez, January 29, 2008
why i cant steal small first aid kits? when i use the link to steal , it says ‘go away’ but i can steal first aid kits
written by af2000, February 08, 2008
job gives wrong info on medical job calculator for houseman job 2
written by shadaesus, February 18, 2008
what im doing is getting 10,000 intel in the education job [through the special] so far ive got 2 thousand intel points through the special, then once i have 10,000 intel start the medical also by the time i get to 10,000 intel i will be about lvl 13 [im level 11 right now]
written by hooky, February 18, 2008
i dont understand the level *400 or other numbers for points… TCB: Level X 400 (times)
written by marc_12, February 24, 2008
If ur a Brain Surgeon can you revive ur self ? Thx. TCB: Nope
written by Peppy, April 01, 2008
Where is the link to try and steal items? I see the trading in points but not the other way around TCB: Are you a high enough rank?
written by rasoras , April 30, 2008
In medical when we become a brain surgeon do we need job points to revive. cause it is given that even if we dont work in medical we can still revive so do we need job points. TCB: Reviving only requires energy (75), not job points, as shown on this page.
written by Society, May 06, 2008
There is no link to steal items Peppy, you do trade job points.
written by Smash08, May 26, 2008
on the job calculator it says that: You will gain 4 manual, 12 endurance and 7 intelligence each day where as here it says You will gain 4 manual, 7 endurance and 12 intelligence each day
written by Jffjrhg, May 31, 2008
Hey i was wondering i heard somewhere that when you go into medical you gain like 11.5 health per day is that true?? TCB: You have to read this page and then do the math to figure out how much you can get at your level.
written by Timmm, June 08, 2008
Do the 1 Hit point for 1,000 medical points stay when you leave the medical job? TCB: Yes.
written by Beej, June 18, 2008
Do you get the Special 1 Hit point for 1,000 medical points for every job in the medical or just when you are a medical Student? TCB: You get the special for that rank, and all ranks above it.
written by arlen, June 23, 2008
You ever get tired of people asking dumb questions, especially when it has already been answered? TCB: <3
written by anonymousperson, June 24, 2008
you can no longer use a job spaecial in jail i dont know about hospital but not in jail try it
written by MakubeX, July 01, 2008
what does the medical especial ” 1 Hit point for 1,000 medical points” Does exactly ?? is this permanent?? TCB: Yes, it permanently gives you 1 life.
written by jackass, July 13, 2008
does the * (next to things like job points) mean multiply? TCB: Yes
written by Bmx1142, August 12, 2008
this game is good… but a little under rated
written by My Secret, August 26, 2008
I just recently made Brain Surgeon and the Revive Someone for 75 energy special did not kick in! Any ideas what happened? TCB: If you go to the Hospital page, the option should be available next to peoples names.
written by Goldfish, September 30, 2008
in income it says income*. what does * mean? TCB: * means that there’s a note at the bottom of the page.
written by Zombies, October 15, 2008
U guys r the best but u should also email the TC player insted of him going all the way back here to look
written by Newbie, October 30, 2008
They are already doing voluntary work for the TC society, Zombies. Not like they are paid or anything. TCB all the way! 😛
written by nembu, November 06, 2008
which ones do you think would be best value for money for stealing and selling small first aid , first aid or morphine?
written by Henry VIII, January 05, 2009
I’m in the medical field now and have reached the surgeon level, and have 63,000 medical points. If I leave to take another job and return later, will I lose my position and points or enter back as I was? TCB: Your position and points will stay the same- This does not apply to Company jobs.
written by jaikumar, January 30, 2009
the best way to get at the top of medical job is education job try getting at the top of education job as soon as possible and get the intelligence boost by job special to reach 10k intelligence it also gives good manual and endurance so u need not worry about your manual and endurance
written by Tony Mendez, March 30, 2009
I use tcbasic site all of the time. Helps so much on choosing classes and what jobs to go foe. Thank you all for the hrd work you guys are doing to keep this site up to date and running!!!
written by rcis10000, April 23, 2009
In medical student, it is written – Points – Level*250 What does this mean? TCB: Level x (times) 250 = Work Points gained per day
written by paula, April 26, 2009
If i begin my medical career as a senior houseman, do I get the previous specials? or I just get the ones of the positions i work at? TCB: You get all specials at your rank, and ranks lower than yours.
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