The Laptop can be bought for 25 points, or from another player.

It can be used in Torn City, and while travelling or overseas.
When you’re in Torn City it doesn’t have the option to display auction/ market prices for items at your ‘destination’.

While in Torn City:
Laptop Functions:


The laptop was updated Sep 22, 2008. Below you can see the old Laptop options.
Here’s what you can access through the laptop when travelling on a plane to or from torn city:

Your Laptop

After waiting a few seconds for your laptop to boot and start up, you start to browse through a few things you can do, like browse the highest 5 prices for weapons you can buy when you land in the city

> Check out your inbox

> Check out the highest Auction prices
> Check out the Item Market prices

You can’t use the laptop when in another city.

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