Moreover , you may should not use nitroglycerin rectal in case you have: severe anemia too little red blood cells, or perhaps a brain injury, hemorrhage, or tumor . But given it had minimum unwanted effect with respect to my blood pressure levels, it will be a winner for all of us Concomitant administration of strong CYPA inducers, for example rifampin, is expected to cause greater decreases in plasma stages of sildenafil .

New players kept asking us about marriage, so here’s all of the info you should need.

Benefits of Marriage There are a few benefits of marrying someone. Here are the main ones:

  • You get to share your house, if your partner has a bigger better house than yours you’ll automatically live in that (Remember, higher happy, or a better house, benefits all aspects of TC) and you still get to keep yours, even though you can’t see it on your home page, and you can still sell/buy other houses.
  • When you’ve stayed married for a certain amount of time you’ll receive awards for your dedication and awards= merits. To check out what awards you can get for , go to the award info page.
  • Often you can marry people who have good alliances which can come in handy when you’re getting warred/picked on.
  • If you’re smart enough you can get your spouse to send you gifts!( Remember ladies, the girl to guy ratio in TC can be exploited, if you’re so inclined… )

How to Propose To propose, the first thing you need is a ring. To get a ring you can either steal one, by doing the shoplifting crime and robbing the jewellery shop, or if you’re not good enough or dont want to risk it, you can always buy one from the auction house or from the item market. If you want to check what rings there are and their prices, check our items > jewellery list.

Once you’ve got a ring, go into your items inventory and click on [propose], next to the ring you want to propose with and enter the ID of the person you want to propose to where it asks you to.

How to Accept / Keep track of Propositions To check these, go to Preferences > Player Management. Under this function you get to manage any proposals you have made/received (i.e. accept/reject/cancel them). For more information on this function check out our Preferences tutorial.

How to Divorce To divorce, go City>Southside>Divorce Agency , and the procedure from here is quite straight forward. You have to be married for 7 days to be able to get a divorce.

Other Things you should Note:

  • You lose the ring once you propose, but get it back if they reject you or if you divorce.
  • Be warned, if you’ve been sleeping around ( or gold digging), everyone can find out just by looking at your profile; It displays how many times you’ve been married.
  • You can only be married to one person at a time.
  • You can marry the same sex.
  • You don’t both need to agree to have a divorce.
  • You can marry yourself, just put in your own ID when you propose. You can get awards when married to yourself. You don’t an/any extra awards by doing this. (was changed)
  • You also still get awards if your spouse has been deleted resulting in ‘Marital Status: Married to blank for x day(s)’.

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Gravatar Id08ec344a3b1691671b6ed6b6389fc857ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 8305513
You can buy rings at Jewllery shop, no need to steal or buy in auction or Item market.
L_Knight , March 18, 2007
Gravatar Ide55598c9bfe048a1c178bfbea5a64337ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9695597
which 2 awards i wont get from marrying myself?
Sam , June 08, 2007
Gravatar Ide55598c9bfe048a1c178bfbea5a64337ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9695597
if i marry a second time, do i get the same awards? or each award can only be gotten once? TCB: Each commitment award can only be gained once. Marrying yourself gets you the same awards as marrying someone else… no difference
Sam , June 08, 2007
Gravatar Ide55598c9bfe048a1c178bfbea5a64337ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9695597
You can marry yourself, just put in your own ID when you propose. You can get awards when married to yourself. You don’t get two awards through this method. the two awards means double the same award? thanks for the tutorial, i love this TCBasic
Sam , June 09, 2007
Gravatar Idb6a4f169e4a031f5b220d176deaa79baampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2903702
what happens if we devorce? who gets the house? can we make a agreement? TCb: Whoever bought/ paid for the house keeps it.
leeaphorn [481645] , July 05, 2007
Gravatar Id3d2ead8726262b44eeca9a71c42e1ecfampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 8138587
Do I get divorced if I sell the ring i’ve got married with? TCB: No, you can sell the ring
erik , August 08, 2007
Gravatar Id1fca7670bbb36a635ed5c3feb23d6b11ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3388988
How do I ask someone to be my roommate? What are the benefits of having a roommate vs being married? THANKS Love the site! TCB: There’s no such thing as having a ‘roommate’, you have to marry to be able to share a house. Glad you like the site ^ ^
feelingorangey , September 06, 2007
Gravatar Id6bc0bd5031e38f73f69e56f5ae4c0c73ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2866851
I think that you cannot marry yourself anymore.Can anyone confirm this? TCB: We’ve edited the information on this page, because a few people have had this issue.
sid , September 11, 2007
Gravatar Idb1dad240782047c5a304ea37ec2727d0ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 7758286
So if i was to divorce a lower level and I bought the house, I would get the house back? TCB: You would keep the house that you bought. Level has no influence.
D-220 , October 13, 2007
Gravatar Id9ea1cc49451305a76154fb9b18459883ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3817249
I’m lucky in that I’m married to someone who owns a mansion whilst I only have a shack but I’m wondering. Let’s say I also buy a house of a lower level than a mansion, say a trailer. My partner pays the cost of the mansion and I’m sitting pretty having to pay exactly 0 in tax. BUT, if I own a trailer, even though I’m not living in it would I still have to pay the $10 tax on it? To put it in a slightly simpler way, I don’t plan on getting divorced soon but if I buy a house better than a mansion, would my partner still be paying the tax on the mansion?
AnnonOMous , October 24, 2007
Gravatar Id4e18c86f5c2764e3d18d4f799b9abc95ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2844848
do you ask someone to marry or do you just marry them?
jiaman97 , October 28, 2007
Gravatar Id166c5491d0a2662b2a56c234001eb99fampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3764945
Hi… With all these new house upgrades, does your spouse share your upkeep costs?
Johnny , November 05, 2007
Gravatar Idf92ba31f569d2e5348fe1579e8a398b6ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2574437
@AnnonOMous no you will only pay tax if you are living in the house. @jiaman97 you have to propose usuing a ring wich can be bought from the jewlery store in the city or stolen usuing the shoplifting crime. @junkmail no the owner of the house is the one who pays the upkeep/staff costs.
kris , November 15, 2007
Gravatar Id0196a93235bf2808c3e455f4ff9346c9ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2032610
we just give a ring and marry? or to whom does i have to propose
iamtheonlyone , November 16, 2007
Gravatar Id67b38dfbbec7e8375b70cfd8a5b6fdf8ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5063877
Hi. When upgrading a house, does your spouse benefit from the increased happy? For example, if i hire a maid that increases my happy by 50. Does it also increase my spouses happy by 50? Thanks TCB: Yes
mufc66 , April 06, 2008
Gravatar Idc42cefe7302a5f436bc91d1a6ada7ae9ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9903937
i have a marriage pending and the person quit TC and didnt answer the request so i tried to end the marriage app but nothing happened TCB: Try mailing staff or filing a bug report.
heehey , June 01, 2008
Gravatar Idf66349a70d1b56e214f43a38b1495bc5ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 4745082
I love tcbasic.
Fahim , June 23, 2008
Gravatar Id3e92426cb806dab06d2e2c4e226d0b9dampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3345815
no one wants to marry me.. is it becoz i’m too ugly? too smelly? too noob or simply they spotted that i proposed with onion ring rather than diamond ring?
slimdog , July 21, 2008
Gravatar Idfa438159ae25d404b1348dff4a613eccampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5773695
Slimdog its because you don’t have a private island with all upgrades for them to train in 😉
anonymous;) , July 22, 2008
Gravatar Idd9cad5bfb14e997686fe8e5f72dfb8c3ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9647688
does it matter if your wife becomes an inactive player??? Are there any benefits to being married to an active player other than possible gifts, protection, and splitting upkeep??? TCB: Not that we know of- As long as she’s high enough level not to be deleted in a inactive purge . If she isn’t, maybe it’s better to get a new wife sooner rather than later, so you don’t lose precious merits.
{_()_______]~~’ , August 21, 2008
Gravatar Idd9cad5bfb14e997686fe8e5f72dfb8c3ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9647688
Thank You! That helps a lot. Now I have a new question as you may have guessed… She is a level 4, is that high enough to avoid a purge? TCB: In the last purge I could find, all players under level 10, non-donaters, who hadn’t logged in for a year, were deleted. So probably not sorry.
{_()_______]~~’ , August 21, 2008
Gravatar Id70723becb725c61510d318d000b97a71ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 1318676
when do you get the merits?
justin , August 22, 2008
Gravatar Id4cb111a91c22f53e527891ee3f50d052ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 8054320
can u have sex in the game
arod , September 12, 2008
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