The following information is all the things you can spend your hard earned merits on. But be warned, you cannot get back your spent merits.
NB: You get one merit per award you get. To find out how you can get an award, see our Awards page. You can also exchange 500 points for a merit* in city > points building, but that’s not recommended in the current TC economy.

We recommend that you hold onto merits until you know what you want to spend them on. You can benefit very well from putting one or two merits into some incrementals early on however.

Ratings: These ratings will vary depending on your needs and wants, and personal opinion. They are only to be used as guidelines from experienced players. Feel free to check the descriptions and reach your own conclusions.

You can’t sell Merits.

Incremental Upgrades  Non-incremental Upgrades

 Buyable Items

Incremental Upgrades

You can only buy each one of these ten times, but the price goes up each time. It will cost 55 merits to upgrade just one incremental upgrade to its maximum.
* If you pay 1 merit to upgrade an incremental upgrade, the next time you want to upgrade it you will need to pay 2 merits and 3 after that, then 4, etc etc until you reach 10.

Increase your max nerve bar by 1
Cost: Can Vary*
Description: Nerve is used within the game for doing Crimes . Your nervebar can increase by 5 on its own whenever you have gained enough crime exp (called a ‘natural’ nerve bar), up to 45, but this can be lost again by failing crimes. Increasing your nervebar does not increase your skill at crimes- it purely means that you can do more at a time.
If you log in very often, and your nerve never refills to the top, you do not need to use merits on this. If you don’t log in too often however, and your nerve bar is often full, then the extra crimes can gain you a lot more money and exp in the long run.
Rating: 8/10

Increase casino tokens gained each day +5
Cost: Can Vary*
Description: Casino tokens are used within the Casino to play all the games (apart from poker). All casino games are based on luck. Using a merit gives you 5 extra goes on a game. For comparison, one day in the lowest Casino Job rank gives you 25 casino points (at level 10), while one day in the highest Casino job rank (at level 25) would give you an extra 275 casino tokens. Quite useless.
Rating: 0/10

Increase critical hit rate +1%
Cost: Can Vary*
Description: This upgrade applies to your fighting skills. Critical hits have a certain % chance of happening when you attack someone, and if it happens, you deal a devastating blow to your opponent (2-3 times your usual damage). We believe the default chance of getting a critical hit is somewhere below or at 10%. Critical hits strike your opponent no matter what their dexterity is. If you fight often, especially against opponents that are difficult, this can be a worthwhile upgrade.
Rating: 6/10

Increase awareness
Cost: Can Vary*
Description: Every hour you have a chance of finding something in the city, when you click on the ‘City’ link in your sidebar, and then go through a link from there. Chances of finding something is slim, and the chances of finding something rare even slimmer. You can however find things such as the famous RPG… Please be aware that no matter how many merits you spend on this, it still comes down to luck- you still might never find anything. This just increases your chances. Here is a list of items you can find in the City.
Rating: 4/10

Masterful looting
Cost: Can Vary*
Description: Increases the amount of money you get from people when you mug them. The amount that you mug people for without merits is 1-10%, which is completely random. We’re unsure how much % this upgrade adds, but we speculate that it’s around 1%. Only usefull if you mug people for cash, and preferably know people with large amounts of money on them.
Rating: 3/10

Improve stealth
Cost: Can Vary*
Description: Makes it less likely for people to see you when you attack them. When you attack people, there is a chance that it wont tell them who attacked them- you’ll just come up as ‘someone’. Obviously is only useful if you don’t want people to know it’s you attacking them. We’re unsure how much it improves your chances of stealthing someone.
Rating: 2/10

Increase interest
Cost: Can Vary*
Description: The bank is a great way of making money, and the easiest. Extra interest earned can mean a lot of money in the long run.Each upgrade gives you an increase of: 0.1% interest a week, 0.23% for 2 weeks, 0.5% a month, 1.1% for 2 months, and 1.6% for 3 months.
You can check Here for the full interest rate table and calculator.
rating: 8/10

Hospitalize for +10 minutes
Cost: Can Vary*
Description: Increases the amount of time you put people into hospital by 10 minutes when you hospitalize them. Can be good for annoyance value. If you’re chaining a faction you don’t want them to be in hospital for long, so that you can attack them again, and a full 55 merits spent on this can be countered with a single morphine.
Rating: 1/10

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Non-Incremental Upgrades

The non-incremental upgrades can be bought as many times as you wish/can.
All ‘x level’ upgrades should only be considered after minimum level 20.

Increase your life by 50 x level
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Very useful, helps a lot in battles. The only other ways to gain life is through leveling and the Medical Job. For comparison a level 25 will have 12,500 life (500 life per level), and would gain an extra 1,250 life using this upgrade. In the top medical rank they will be earning about 11.25 life daily.
Rating: 7/10

Increase crime success rate
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Increases your chance at succeeding crimes. Has only ever had negative feedback, and has little or no effect in our experience. Widely considered wasted merit.
Rating: 1/10

Strength bonus +10 x level
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Boosts your strength stat. At level 25 you would gain 250 strength.
Can be useful if you need to boost low stats, due to low stats being very hard to train.
Rating: 4/10

Defence bonus +10 x level
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Boosts your defence stat. At level 25 you would gain 250 defence.
Can be useful if you need to boost low stats, due to low stats being very hard to train. Is relatively often used on defence, since defence trains slower than other stats (Formula ).
Rating: 5/10

Speed bonus +10 x level
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Boosts your speed stat. At level 25 you would gain 250 speed.
Can be useful if you need to boost low stats, due to low stats being very hard to train.
Rating: 4/10

Dexterity bonus +10 x level
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Boosts your dexterity stat. At level 25 you would gain 250 dexterity.
Can be useful if you need to boost low stats, due to low stats being very hard to train.
Rating: 4/10

Money bonus +25,000 x level
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Merit has been discontinued: Presumably to decrease inflation within TC.

Respect bonus +10 on current faction
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Merit has been discontinued: Presumably because of multi abuse.

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Buyable Items

These items can be bought as many times as you wish/can.
We don’t recommend using merits on any of these, as they can all be bought from other players.
All of these items can also be found in the City .

Yasukuni Sword
Cost: 10 Merits
Description: The best melee weapon in the game, apart from the Dual weapons gained in the level 35 mission.

Xbox 360
Cost: 2 Merits
Description: Regenerates 15 – 20 Happy (randomly) for the cost of 5 Energy.

Rusty Sword
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: The worst melee weapon in the game.

Coat hanger
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: Allows you to attempt the GTA crimes.

Firewalk Virus
Cost: 1 Merit
Description: This virus is vital for the completion of the Level 25+ Mission, Operation Firewalk: Alternatively, can be programmed using the Personal Computer

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*There is a limit to how many merits you can purchase: 2 x level – recieved Merits/ Awards


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The increase crime success rate thing doesn’t even work, I used 9 with no effect.

Aerozol: We tested it in BETA with the same result… Not a good one to use merits on, thanks for the reminder

rah , February 27, 2007
Description: Causes you to be more likely to find an item by visiting the city. So how do I do that visiting the city?

Aerozol: Any time you click on the City link, then visit another area in the city, it gives you a random chance of finding something. This only happens once an hour though, and you can be jailed for refreshing the city too often

Capoo , March 06, 2007
I used a merit on 10 x level speed but after a level upgrade I did not get my speed increased by 10… is it normal?

TCB: It gives you a one off boost of speed (10x your level), and not 10 speed every time you level…

patrokle , April 07, 2007
what do u suggest i use my merits on? im a level 2 (with 2 merits) jut started 2 days ago and want to know what would benefit me the most at this point.

TCb: We recommend you save merits until you know what to do with them. When you are a higher level and really want them for something, you’ll be glad you saved them.

leeaphorn [481645] , July 02, 2007
From what all I’ve seen, people recommend that you save your merits until level 15 or 20, then spend them on either stats or hit points. I spent most on stats, and a few on nerve. But if you are very active, spending on nerve doesn’t do much, since it only max’s out your cap.
CrazyDiamond , July 27, 2007
i would save up for the sowrd its a very good mele weapon as i found out after blowing a few merits on crime success rate.
dansrokin , August 07, 2007
dont spend your merits on the sword. let someone else do that and buy it on the market. you can allways get more cash.
MadKiller , August 10, 2007
i was wondering if one could buy merits?? if so how??
destruction90 , August 22, 2007
yes. you can buy merits in the points market for 500 points, whihc i know is not worth it, but if you want everything fully upgraded, that’s really the only way.
pr3mium , August 26, 2007
Is it possible to send merits to other players?

TCB: No, it is possible to sell the ‘Respect bonus 10 on current faction’ to factions, but the merits themselves can’t be traded.

feelingorangey , August 27, 2007
does anyone know why they took out the $25,000 x lvl. my brother use to use it all the time, but they took it out.

TCB: Probably to lower inflation

pr3mium , August 27, 2007
Anyone think the “increase awareness” is worth the merit? I have had 3 finds altogether in about 90 days playing, two in the first week i think-butterfly knife and bolt cutters. Today i had the third one, after so long and then when I look in my events, to my dismay, it was an M-9…:(
Nola , August 29, 2007
Is it worth using my merits on “Increase Interest Rate” or not?
Makiasd , September 22, 2007
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