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  • You get one Merit per Award or Honour you earn. To find out how to get these, see our Awards page.
  • You can also exchange 250 points for a merit in City > Points Building 1.
  • You can’t sell merits.
  • You can reset merits for 500 points. This cost rises each time 2.

You can upgrade each incremental merit 10 times- each time you upgrade, the next upgrade will cost you one more merit. It will cost 55 merits to upgrade just one incremental upgrade to its maximum.

Stat Upgrades

Description: These increase your stat effects by a certain percent (about + 3.3% per upgrade). This increase is not shown on your stats page, but takes effect when fighting.
Brawn Gives a Passive Bonus to strength
Sharpness Gives a Passive Bonus to speed
Evasion Gives a Passive Bonus to dexterity
Protection Gives a Passive Bonus to defence

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Misc Upgrades

Nerve Bar Increases maximum nerve bar by 1 point
Description: Although this raises your NB (Nerve Bar), it does not increase your crime ability, or Crime experience. It may however allow you to commit more crimes if you log in after your NB has filled to its maximum.
Critical hit Rate Increases critical hit rate by +1%
Description: Critical hits have a random chance of happening with each attack turn taken (attacks and defends), also influenced by your weapon. When you get a critical hit, you deal 2 – 3 times more damage, and always hit, regardless of your speed/ their dexterity. Default Critical hit rate is about 5%.
Life Points Constantly modifies life by +5%
Description: Modifies your hit points, to allow you to take more damage in battle. We have a table that lets you know exactly how much you gain at different levels, Here.
Crime Points Increases crime success ability by +3%
Description: Makes you more likely to succeed crimes. Useful if attempting difficult crimes, especially if heavily upgraded (eg + 30% success rate, at any crime).
Education Length Decreases education course length by 2%
Description: For impatient players.
Awareness Increases ability to find items
Description: Can be very lucrative for players who are very active within the City. Is however based on luck, so does not guarantee valuable item finds. For more information on finding items in the city, please visit the page: Items > City
Awareness also helps you find rarer items in the City Dump.
Bank Interest Increases bank interest by a small amount
Description: Gives following upgrades to bank interest:
1 Week: +0.1% | 2 Weeks: +0.23% | 1 Month: +0.5% | 2 Months: +1.1% | 3 Months: +1.6%
Bank interest rates fluctuate. Please see the Bank page for more information.
Masterful Looting Increases money gained from mugging
Description: Increases amount mugged by approximately 1%. Default amount, without upgrades, is approximately 0 – 10%.
Stealth Increases ability to stealth attack
Description: Makes it less likely for people to see who’s attacked them (displays as ‘someone’).
Hospitalizing Increases time when Hospitalizing people by +10 minutes
Description: Please note that this upgrade has negative effects when in a chaining faction, when you want opponents out of hospital as soon as possible. This upgrade, fully upgraded with 55 merits, is countered by a single morphine. Not recommended.
Casino Tokens Increases daily token gain by 10 (removed 02.03.12)
Description: Please note that one day in the lowest Casino Job position, at level 10, gives you +25 tokens per day, while the highest position would give you +275. Not recommended.

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Weapon Upgrades

Description: These give an unknown increase to damage and accuracy of their class.
Heavy Artillery Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of heavy artillery weapons
Weapons Influenced: Anti Tank, Egg Propelled Launcher, Fireworks, Flamethrower, Minigun, Neutrilux 2000, RPG Launcher, Snow Cannon
Machine Gun Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of machine gun weapons
Weapons Influenced: M249 Para LMG
Rifle Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of rifle weapons
Weapons Influenced: AK-47, Armalite M-15A4 Rifle, Einfield SA-80, Gold Plated AK-47, Heckler & Koch SL8, M16 A2 Rifle, M4A1 Colt Carbine, Sig 550, Sks Carbine, Steyr AUG, Swiss Army SG 550, Vektor cr 21, XM8 Rifle
SMG Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of sub machine gun weapons
Weapons Influenced: 9mm Uzi, AK74u, BT MP9, Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 21s, Dual MP5s, MP 40, MP5k, MP5-Navy, P90, Pink Mac-10, Skorpian, Thompson
Shotgun Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of shotgun weapons
Weapons Influenced: Benelli M1 Tactical, Benelli M4 Super, Ithaca 37, Jackhammer, MAG 7, Sawed-Off Shotgun
Pistol Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of pistol weapons
Weapons Influenced: Beretta 92FS, Blunderbuss, Cobra Deringer, Desert Eagle, Dual 96G Berettas, Fiveseven, Flare Gun, Glock 18, Lorcin380, Luger, M-9, Magnum, Raven MP25, Ruger 22/44, S&W M29, S&W Revolver, Springfield 1911-A1, Taurus, USP, Qsz-92
Club Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of club weapons
Weapons Influenced: Axe, Baseball Bat, Bo Staff, Cricket Bat, Crow Bar, Dual Axes, Dual Hammers, Fruitcake, Frying Pan, Hammer, Handbag, Ivory Walking Cane, Knuckle Dusters, Lead Pipe, Mace, Nunchakas, Pillow, Slim Crowbar, Slingshot, Wooden Nunchucks, Wushu Double Axes
Piercing Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of piercing weapons
Weapons Influenced: Blood Spattered Sickle, Blowgun, Crossbow, Dagger, Fine Chisel, Ice Pick, Kitchen Knife, Macana, Ninja claws, Pair of high Heels, Pen Knife, Sai, Screwdriver, Spear, Swiss Army knife, Twin Tiger Hooks, Wand of Destruction
Slashing Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of slashing weapons
Weapons Influenced: Dual Samurai Swords, Dual Scimitars, Chain Whip, Claymore Sword, Cut-Throat Razor, Guandao, Kama, Katana, Kodachi Swords, Leather Bull Whip, Rusty sword, Samurai Sword, Scimitar, Yasakuni Sword
Mechanical Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of mechanical devices
Weapons Influenced: Chainsaw, Taser
Temporary Mastery Increases damage and accuracy of temporary weapons
Weapons Influenced: Brick, Claymore Mine, Flash Grenade, Grenade, HEG, Ninja Stars, Pepper Spray, Smoke Grenade, Stick Grenade, Tear Gas, Throwing Knife, Epinephrine, Melatonin, Serotonin
Not Influenced by Any: Kicks, Fists
Unknown/ Untested: Book, Screwdriver, Slim Crowbar, Cut-Throat Razor, Fruitcake , Dual Uzis, Dual P90s, Dual Bushmasters, Dual TMPs

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1 There is a limit to how many merits you can purchase:

Half your level (eg level 33 can buy 16 merits total, level 8 can buy 4, etc)
2 x Player Level – Number of Merits already received (changed 02.03.12)

2 The cost to reset your merits rises with each use:

Merits Reset Previously Cost
0 500 Points
1 750 Points
? 5,000 merits (max)

For the old merit system in Torn City, click here.