mIRC Bot

mIRC Bot


Have you ever wanted to code your own bot?

To do so, simply follow these simple steps:



  • Download mIRC  by clicking






In a new tab you should see a screen similar to the one above.



  • Click the green “Download mIRC” Button.


Then you should be redirected to a page that looks like this.













When you have finished downloading mIRC you should then load it up.


  • Then you should see something like this
















Click “Continue” Don’t worry it will say you have a 30 day trial but your trial never runs out and you never have to pay for it.


  • Click Servers

















  • Click Add
















Then you should see the screen like the above.

Description: Something about Torn so that you know. For example, TornCity Server

IRC Server: irc.torn.com  Please do not change it otherwise you won’t connect.

Port: Should already be 6667

Then click “Add”

Double click the server you added then you should come to a screen like this















When you see this click “Connect” then this screen should pop up.
















Once this screen is loaded up, press “alt & r” to load up the scripts editor.














Copy scripts and paste them your remotes. To open up a new remote, do the following.











Then you have  set up mIRC. You can find scripts on or    

Or go to , there are good simple scripts on there good if your new to scripting.


If you need further help, scripts etc mail GFX [325574] – 




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