mIRC Chain Bot

mIRC Chain Bot

Cappucino’s Chainbot

Since there may be some new factions that starts to chain now I made a free for all chain bot that should help you get started.

Big thanks to Atr [838114] and #scripting for their help to get this started, and to JimmyJames [581165], Jnr [706317] and Plornt [1445055] for their contributions and versions.

with improved timers, slightly different commands.

Timers mentioned above are for drugs, boosters and travel. All versions have chain timers.

1: Start  Click to download if you don’t have it.
2: Connect to  Click for mIRC tutorial if needed.
3: Hit Alt+R
4: Paste the script version you chose…
5: Save

If you use the bot on your own irc account it will not trigger for you. Make a different irc account for the bot.
You must use mIRC for the bot, this will not work on torn irc or any other clients as far as I know.
If the IDs doesn’t work you need to make the ids.txt file. To do this type /write ids.txt

join the channel you want to use for chaining and you are set.

For info on how the different versions work, type !help in the channel they are in.

Screen shot of the chain commands:
Capbot 3132342

YiD made a little guide on how to set up mIRC running two accounts. One for yourself and one for your bot. Could be useful for some of you.

By YiD [423015]
Step 1:
Install a copy of MiRC in the default location (C:/Program Files/MiRC)
Register your nick – /ns register PASSWORD EMAIL
Confirm your registration – go to email, copy registration code and do as said in email
Then identify – /ns identify PASSWORD
To make it auto identify do – Tools Options Connect (Options) Perform…
Then add: /ns identify PASSWORD
And tick ‘Perform on connect’

Step 2:
Now, install a second copy of MiRC in a different location. (maybe make a folder on desktop and call it ‘botMIRC’), you do this by clicking ‘Browse’ when you install the 2nd copy of MiRC.
Then choose your bots nick, and do as stated above. (Register, confirm, identify and auto-identify).

Now both you and your bot should be in a channel, each on their own MiRC (so you’re running 2 copies of MiRC at the same time) and both are identified.

Then on your bots MiRC, do ALT +R , make sure you are in the ‘Remote’ tab and paste the code into there. Then click File Save.

Then you’re done!


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