Less serious side effects of sildenafil can sometimes include: . You ought not breast-feed while using the this medicine Ask a physician or pharmacist before using any other cough or cold medicine .

  • You can find all missions available to you by going: City > Red-Light District > Missions.
  • These are only guidelines for the missions. Wait for the instructions you get during a mission, before taking the next step. You have to activate missions before being able to start/complete them.
  • If you get the message ‘You were shot in the back’ while fighting an NPC, it means somebody else attacked the NPC and killed him while you were fighting him. You will get hospital time if this happens.
  • You can repeatedly gain ‘mission items’, by getting them during a mission, and quitting the mission before completing it (in City > Red-Light District > Missions).

Can’t beat a mission enemy? For the (people that you encounter during mission, Non Player Characters) NPC stats and info, go to our NPC section.

Operation Deduce (lvl 5+)
  • Decipher the hackers password
Notes: If you give up, Here is a password list. The password is random (not the same for everyone). You can put as many words as you want into each mail to Anonymous [9]. Restarting the mission resets your password.
Reward: $25,000
Operation Congenial (lvl 5+)
  • Attack and defeat Congenial [100] 1
Reward: $10,000
Operation Prospect (lvl 7+)
  • Win a game of Russian Roullete with Anonymous [9] (50k bet)
Notes: Winning is complete luck. The weapon you win can be used to challenge others to games of Russian Roullette. You can still accept challenges from other players if you never completed this mission.
Reward: $50,000, S&W Revolver
Operation Little Tyke (lvl 8+)
  • Go to City > East Side: Apartment Complex
  • Go to the First Floor
  • Go to the Back Alley
  • Go to the Third Floor, and try to Bust Down the Door
  • Go to the Second floor and Steal the Keys
  • Go back to the First Floor, select ‘Try The Office Door’, and enter 1234 as the padlock combination
  • Go to the Third Floor, and save the child
Reward: Memory Locket
Operation Nitty Gritty (lvl 10+)
  • Go to City > Apartment 19
  • Attack and defeat Photographer
  • Send the photos to Anonymous [9]
  • Attack and defeat George [177342] 1
  • Send the Article to Anonymous [9]
  • Attack and Defeat Jefferson [177348] 1
Notes: You can get the Boltcutters item required from El Cascado for 25$. As it has no other use, it is also easily found in the market, or Trading Post forum.
Reward: $500,000
Operation Neato (lvl 10+)
  • Defeat Neato [101] 1
Reward: $200,000
Operation Delusive (lvl 12+)
  • Defeat Delusive [987129] 1 2
Reward: $150,000
Operation Demolition (lvl 13+)
  • Get the C4 from City > Docks
  • Mail Anonymous [9] to ‘let him know’ (the mail doesn’t have to include anything specific)
  • Go to the Skyler Building on the South Side
  • Get past the guard, taking the Stairs
  • Plant the bomb
Notes: If you have more than one C4 when you do this mission it will take all of them, instead of just one.
Reward: $350,000
Operation Prime (lvl 15+)
  • Defeat Prime [102] 1
Reward: $800,000

Operation Chimeric (lvl 17+)
  • Defeat Chimeric [987130] 1 2
Reward: $300,000
Operation Ancient (lvl 15+) (Age 1,000+)
  • Go to City > Nursing Home
  • Ask the Receptionist where the Meeting Room is
  • Travel to South Africa
  • Select Hunt Elephant, until you’ve gotten the Raw Ivory
  • Travel back to Torn City
  • Mail Anonymous [9] saying that you have the Ivory (Don’t send him the item)
  • Take the Ivory Crafting Course (Education Unlocked)
  • Wait until the course is finished
  • Mail Anonymous [9] saying that you have completed the Education
  • Go to City > Item Market > Market Salesman
  • Attack and defeat Samuel [578156], or pay him $ 5,000,000 (You can’t complete the mission with a chisel you’ve bought from the market/ another player. It has to be one recieved personally through the Salesman/ Samuel in this step)
  • Go to the Nursing Home
  • Craft an Ivory Walking Cane
Notes: Feel free to try saying other things to the receptionist, but don’t get too cheeky: (In Hospital for 12 minutes- Flirted with the wrong woman/man) Hunting the elephant/ finding Raw Ivory is random. It costs 10 energy per try. Hunting Exp has no effect on results.
Reward:  Ivory Walking Cane

Operation Superior (lvl 20+)
  • Defeat Superior [103] 1
Reward: $2,500,00

Operation Callous (lvl 23+)
  • Defeat Callous [987131] 1 2
Reward: $1,500,000
Operation Firewalk (lvl 25+)
  • Press [Use] on your Firewalk Virus item
Notes: If you have more than one Firewalk Virus when you do this mission it will take ALL of them, instead of just one. Firewalk Virus’ can be gained through the Item Market/ Auction House/ Forums, or can be coded on the Personal Computer item.
Reward: $100,000
Operation Arduous (lvl 27+)
  • Defeat Arduous [987135] 1 2
Reward:  $3,000,000
Operation Rounder (lvl 30+)
  • Create a new Poker Table with no password, and a buy in of $ 1,000,000+
  • Start the Tournament when 8 Players have joined
  • Win the Tournament
Notes: You can start a poker table with 8 of your friends, and have them let you win.
Reward: $2,000,000, 4 Xanax
Ninja Legacy (lvl 35+)
  • Go to City > Pagoda
  • Walk up to the man
  • Pick up the Scroll
  • Go to City > Library
  • Choose: Where are your dictionaries?
  • Choose: Japanese Dictionary
  • Click [Use] on your Japanese Dictionary item
  • Send Anonymous [9] a mail with the words ‘Master Keneshi’
  • Unequip everything (including Armour) except for a Samurai Sword
  • Go to City > Docks
  • Talk to the Man in the Straw Hat
  • Attack and defeat Keneshi [315060] 1
Notes: This mission is sometimes bugged. Remember to wait for instructions/ mails. If they don’t come, try moving to the next step in the mission. As a last resort, if it’s not working, restart the mission.
Reward: Unlocks ‘CBT3124‘ Education Course


Operation Futile (lvl 40+)
  •  Defeat Futile [987136 ]1 2
Reward: $10,000,000

1 You do not have to hospitalize the NPC, you can leave them for exp. 2 Can be attacked in groups, and by people who haven’t activated the mission. You don’t have to land the finishing blow to complete the mission, as long as the NPC is defeated while you are fighting.

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help me with this mission. lvl 13 there’s no more ‘Operation Demolition’ ): Good work. Now, for the next step. A certain reporter known as George from Torn City Times is writing a piece on the crime in Torn City and specifically names a few of my associates and myself. Eliminate him and retrieve the article. That is all.
bongok , April 24, 2007
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You need to finish the level 10 mission first, and by the looks of it, you haven’t.
Blindside , April 27, 2007
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i did the level 15 mission but i havent been paid for it.. in the missions link it says its done, but i havent been paid!!
chaosvsomega , May 25, 2007
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misson level 13. if u have two C4 this misson will use all.
FaD , June 03, 2007
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The most helpful thing that could be added to this mission info is the required stats to beat the fight missions. Whether that’s successful players posting their stats (without their TC id, of course) or spying, it helps to know how much to train before attempting. Thanks. TCB: “For the NPC (people that you encounter during mission, Non Player Characters) stats and info, go to our NPC info section.”
Passing Dream , June 05, 2007
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this is sad i got in fed cuz my bro made multis
ronaldo_7 , June 07, 2007
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You wrote: The weapon you win can be used to challenge others to games of Russian Roullette. Can you lose this weapon, just like anonymous lose it??? TCB: You don’t lost the weapon when you lose a game of Russian Roulette. It can be traded like any other item though.
gosh , June 11, 2007
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tnx got it…
gosh , June 13, 2007
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