How to make money

How to make money

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Written by General_Storm [193057] Thanks to mamasgun[273627] for editing and expanding the descriptions TCB staff: Extensively expanded/ updated/ detailed. See related information on the Torn City Basic sidebar or follow the links for more detailed information on subjects.



  • Earn Points / Voting You can vote for Torn City on TWG 3 times, and once on APEX to get 4 points a week. You can vote for Torn City on various game sites, whenever possible. When you go to your Home it will show you at the top of the page what sites you can vote on, and what rewards you get, including points. Points sell for large amounts in the point market! Note: Some sites have been removed from voting.
  • Crimes You should do your crimes. Later on it can be an extremely good income, dependent on what crimes you are doing. Check the crime section for the money you can get for each crime.
  • Bank At Level 5 you can begin using the bank (City/ Bank). Investments are for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months. There is a investment limit of 2 Billion. These are the bank interest rates; 1 week 1.4 %, 2 weeks 3.6%, 1month 8.7%, 2 months 22.7%, and 3 months 37.1%. These rates can be increased by spending merits.
  • Jobs A job is a good thing to have, it increases your work stats, earns you some cash and lets you steal things, improve your stats or gives you other bonuses with job points. The only reason for having no job would be if you’re in a company or have just bought a new house/ lost your happy. Not having a job makkes your happy go up faster.
    • Army: Master SergeantHire a spy: -10,000 army points, -$5,000. (People can pay you to spy for them) Major – Steal a weapon: -25000 army points.
    • Grocer: Cashier – Steal Cash: -100 grocer points. (10 – 70$)
    • Casino: Dealer – +25 casino tokens:- 1,000 casino points . (Good cash and exp source if you use the casino often) Revenue ManagerSteal cash: -100 casino points (40- 80$)
    • Medical (Best money earning job): Houseman – Steal Small med kit: 2000 points Senior Houseman – Steal First aid kit: 4000 points General Practice – Steal Morphine: 7500 points Brain surgeonRevive Someone -75 energy
    • Education: Use this job to get intelligence so you can go up ranks in Medical, in order to steal better stuff.
    • Law: Use this job if you need endurance to rank up in another job.
  • Companies You can be the director of a company at level 10, and an employee at level 3. You can either be in a company or be employed in a job. Companies cost between 500,000 and 10.5 billion to start. You can check out our Companies Tutorial or Company Info page for more help.
    • Companies make money daily, based on your company type, employees, popularity, stock and efficiency. You can make millions daily if you have a good company, or virtually nothing if it’s going badly.
    • Most companies will pay you a daily wage to work for them. This will usually be more or less depending on how good you working stats are. Get better working stats by working a regular job.
    • Companies have Company Specials. These vary per company, but quite a few present the opportunity to gain cash. Check the Company info page to see all of the specials, and what companies have which ones: – Money trade ($1000 per job point) – Nerve trade  (1 Nerve per job point)   This allows you to do more crimes, earning more money. – Virus coding time decrease  (10% x Rating decrease)   Faster virus programming – Crime Experience trade (Extra crime Experience per job point)   Allows you to do more difficult crimes, earning more money. – Driving skill increase (Improved skill on car racing)   Can help make money through Racing
  • Organised Crimes If you have a faction, this is a large source of income. If you are looking to join a faction, look for one that has payouts to the members after each OC.
  • Selling Donator Packs If you have some spare dollars in your life this is the fastest way to earn good money- check the auction house for prices. It costs $5 US to buy a donator pack.
  • Missions Great one time influx of big cash.
  • Casino
    • High-n-low: Can make the most money, if you have the time.
    • Slots: You can make small cash here ($0-$10K) daily. Fairly safe.
    • Roulette: Some end up in the negative on any given day. Some earn lots. Bet the max amount for higher payouts. The odds are 50:38.
    • Lottery: It costs $10,000 per ticket, and you can buy as many as you want as long as you have enough casino tokens (costs one per ticket). The winner is drawn on new day Sunday and wins it all! The winner is announced in the newspaper.
    • Poker: You can earn (and lose) a lot of money in this game, with high and low risk tables available for play! Check out our Poker Tutorials for more information.

For more info and the rest of the games see the ‘gambling’ tutorial.

  • Graphic making A large potential money earner if you’re good at graphics/ design. You can earn money by making forum and profile signatures, user bars, faction signatures and profiles, and other custom images, using programs such as or . Or take it a step further and make animated images using . (Click the links for free trial downloads. Gimp is a free program)
  • Viruses You can program computer viruses if you own a computer and have at least basic programming skill (education). Viruses can be sold on the market or in TC Cyberforce shop (also gives good networth).
  • Mugging (by attacking) When you mug someone, you gain a small % of their cash (1-10%) and the victim goes to hospital for a short time. Try to find rich players or it isn’t worth it. Remember that muggin gives less exp then leaving someone. Finding people bidding large sums in the auction house, and mugging them can be a good way to find people with a lot of cash on them.
  • Collecting Bounties If you visit the Newspaper, you can see their Bounties section, where you can bounty people, or collect bounties for money. Make sure you can take whoever you’re attacking, and act fast, or someone will beat you to it. Read our Attacking Tutorial for more help with picking a target, and being able to defeat them.
  • Selling job items Morphine. First aid kits. Small first aid kits.
  • Hunting You can hunt in South Africa. With max hunting skill you can gain over 1million a day. Is quite honestly not worth it as you cannot train and people with high crime exp can earn that much from crimes. Is an option if you’re desperate for cash. You gain virtually no money if you have a low hunting skill. It takes months to max it.
  • Russian roullete At level 7 you can defeat Anonymous at RR to win the S&W Revolver, allowing you to challenge other players to RR. The chances are 50/50 to double your money, or lose it all to the other player! You can accept challenges even if you haven’t acquired the gun or done the mission, as long as you’re above level 7.
  • Faction extortion Stronger Factions can declare war on smaller factions and demand money (or items etc) to stop. Carefull! If they have a friend in a bigger faction, you may be the person who ends up paying… A lot of the richest high level players in TC made their fortune this way.
  • Stock market You need to purchase entry into the stock market with 20 points (see City/ Points Building), and buy 10 stock tickets for 1 point. Can make money if you check on it often, can lose it if you don’t catch falling stocks quick enough. Don’t go to bed without checking your stocks first.
  • Travel agency When you reach level 15 and can travel, you may try doing weapon/drug runs from other countries. There are always people who will pay you extra for importing weaponry, plushies and other items. Compare what people are bidding in the Auction House and the overseas prices in our items list.
  • Protection Lower level users may be willing to pay to be protected by you. You will then however be required to actually protect them!
  • Faction protection Lower level factions may be willing to pay you cash to receive protection so they do not get extorted or lose respect to stronger factions. You will then however be required to actually protect them!
  • Racing You can enter into either Drag Races or Circuit Races. In Circuit Races you pay 10k to race against 4 other players, for a prize of 70k, and a race win for your car. In Drag Races you race against another player for any amount you choose, and winner takes all. Be careful! People with fast and upgraded cars and a lot of wins will almost always win against a beginner! It is very hard to get wins if you’re only just starting.
  • Jail busts Some people pay for busts from jail. Check #bust on IRC or search down the jail listings for username strings like “1K4b”.
  • Betting on fights IRC channel #fights
  • Reviving and Spying Some people will pay to be revived from the hospital (Medical job) or for a talented spy (Army). Mailing online people with high hospital times offering to revive them for a fee, will usually result in success.
  • Sharing houses You may offer someone in TC to share a house, also sharing the buying cost. And the spouse does not need a second house. A real cash saver. Renting out your house for a monthly/ weekly fee to people who can’t afford it long term can also earn money, if you have a more expensive house (eg Private island).
  • Auction house / Item Market Browse around looking for low priced goods, as they do appear from time to time. Buy low, and if you are lucky, you can resell it later with some profit.
  • Points market Buy points at a low price, sell them for higher a price later. Works well with continued inflation within TC. The cap on how much you can sell points for is currently at $50,000
  • Finding items in city and selling mission items Sometimes you find stuff in the city. Also, you may sell items you get from missions.
  • Loans The loan shark and city bank can give you loans. He charges 1% daily, so it’s 28-31% per month. If you can’t pay him back, you will go into negative cash.
  • Renting items If you have a good item, such as the coat hanger, gas can, anti tank (and other good weapons/ armour), or xbox’s/ playstation you can rent them out for a price. Asking for collateral in case of theft can be a good idea.
  • Help on Organised Crime If you have a high nerve bar (30+ would probably be considered reasonably high) you can help other Factions with their OC outcome. Join the Faction, join the OC, leave the Faction. You stay on the OC list even if you are not with the Faction anymore. You have to stay in the Faction until the OC is complete.
  • Rare stuff dealer This is harder, but once you have enough cash you can go hunting for some rarities for a low price. It is slow but profitable process. Items that are limited, or hard to get, will almost always rise in value over time. You can see more information on individual items in our Items pages.
  • Cash for joining a Faction Some factions will offer you money or items for joining up.
  • Other faction options Some Factions pay for levelling up or make contests as well. Some also pay for increasing your stats. If you are being recruited, ask what kind of benefits the faction is offering.
  • Working as a hitman Getting cash for hosping people – This is similar to the Bounty system, but you can offer your services at cheaper rates than the newspaper, offer to only hospitalise online players, as well as saving clients the effort of re-listing their targets in the Bountysection of the paper.
  • Official TC contests There are official TC contests from time to time. There are special event dates (eg Christmas etc) contests, that range from special locations you can explore for items, or NPC’s that you can attack for prizes. Other contests range from designing graphics and banners, to just submitting an image of yourself for prizes etc.
  • Auction House mugging In the Auction House, check out goods like defence / primary / secondary / drugs & cars – anything expensive – then look at who’s bid how much on what. If someone has bid a large amount of money, check their profile, and if you can take them, mug them! You can make a bit of money this way, but be aware that this is a well-known tactic in Torn City, and most players will stash their money, expecting to be mugged repeatedly as long as their bid is up.
  • Inactive players list selling A service offered by a few TC players – make a list of inactive players, including their battle stats, weapons, mugging possibilities (and amounts taken). Sell this list to other players. Possibility of good cash- at first. It’s hard to stop this information from being re-circulated for free.
  • Dog Fighting/ Betting Pets have been Removed. If you train a dog and put it in a fight, the winning dog owner gets 10% of all cash bet, which is usually a nice sum. Betting on dogs is also a good way of making money, and also losing money, if you’re unlucky. As a general rule, dogs with more wins are stronger, as well as pedigrees. Watch out for the below method though. This is a crime game, so rigging fights is fine. You can train some dogs with a friend, make them fight each other so that a dog with not much training has a lot of wins. Train a dog with no wins a lot, and then when you make them fight each other, bet on the dog with no wins. A lot of people are going to place bets on the other dog, so you should make a lot of money. Remember to place a couple of bets or more on your dog so it looks like people could make a lot of money by betting on the other one. If you know about the dogs fighting or how often their owners fight/ feed them, you should be able to earn a bit of money. Also not training or keeping your dog healthy and placing it in fights against dogs that you think are stronger, then betting against yourself can make money too. Dogs takes away energy that could be spent on training or busting though, so only use one if you can afford it.
  • Exchanging merits for cash This option has been removed 1 merits == $25,000 X your level.
  • Dogs: Pets have been removed.
    • Dog breeding. Dog breeding is a long and consuming process, though it pays well for pedigree unlocked dogs.
    • Dog fights Get yourself a dog, train it, make it fight. If you’re lucky, cash is yours.
    • Dog nanny People need other people to take care of their doggies while they are gone.

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Gravatar Idffbb613259512110da613e6ce733d32fampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3382336
There is no money merit anymore. Not sure why (but have a good idea: cut down on inflation). Please update all relavent pages when time permits.
sbf , June 28, 2007
Gravatar Id635db0580b2f04cc555e137c58a1b4c5ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 1193707
were do u find a loan shark coz i need a loan urgently
naomi , July 23, 2007
Gravatar Idad31e2359bfa6897d0cb5e1cbc79c00aampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 1784595
ive bet on dog dog had win the fight..but i dont get the money..y? TCB: Dogs are in limbo at the moment, dog bets are glitched. If you don’t want to be in danger of losing your money, don’t bet on fights.
daud , August 16, 2007
Gravatar Id6039292e65c766f2c023084c9af8a07fampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9558721
Correction: You need to be level 3 to be an employee in a company, I expect this is to stop people making multi-accounts just to employ them.
Bloodbather , September 01, 2007
Gravatar Id5b2a61471b20e1a68da9163759bc5ed8ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 8670506
Theres an extra company specials that isn’t included which exists in furniture companies Each job point can be traded for 3 energy.
dth , September 13, 2007
Gravatar Id7dfc412b070565081ec19b2037ff949eampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 8853483
you have to be level 10 to race, i don’t think you mentioned that.
tom-rockz , September 23, 2007
Gravatar Id261b2609405b30b847e90b9d533661c9ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 7313389

There is no maximum investment.

there is a maximum investment. i belive its around 1.2 billions

kimboo , September 23, 2007
Gravatar Idaaebbf01c2847cb5c0673fa1d964baf1ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5967771
i read that u can get 4 points a week………can u explain the process on how to do it plz? TCB: Every week, when it tells you to vote for TC on TWG, you can vote three times, for three points.
omar_!5 , September 29, 2007
Gravatar Idaaebbf01c2847cb5c0673fa1d964baf1ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 5967771
so do u mean clik on the link 3 times?…..or something else cuz ive been tryin and all i ge is 2 points per week.
omar_!5 , September 30, 2007
Gravatar Idfcf38ec73c574fb1d0c6a872033eb6fbampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2142619
i have had an xbox 360 on the market for $130000, is that too much or too cheap? TCB: Prices constantly change: Check other xbox 360 prices to see how much they are currently going for.
G-Man-92 , October 09, 2007
Gravatar Ida1193578bdc1b63849236673161fac3aampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3977942
i only hav 3mil and am saving for a palace, but how do i earn that amount of money, its basically impossible for me
cosmo465 , October 31, 2007
Gravatar Id640c64debec2f6e516d3406ea89dc2daampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 9549928
Im getting mad everyhting is costing mroe and ways to make money are going away! Its getting kinda lame
Killmo , January 19, 2008
Gravatar Ida48822d231fdae40a5c43c3ef80125d2ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 4530157
QUEENSLAND , February 11, 2008
Gravatar Id279d9667201fbd8d0666a751bf71a031ampdefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 7729259
I notice that in the Casino part of that tut, there’s not part about Craps. You can make around 2-4K (if you’re under level 5) and around 6-15K (if you’re level 6-10, and lucky). At level 15 , you can easily make 20K , without the chance for loss that’s part of roulette/slots. How to: Simple. Click on “roll the dice”. You roll two white dice. If you get 7 or 11, you win, so there’s not much to say about it. If you get any other number, roll the dice once again (you roll two blue dice). If you didn’t get 7 (which is the losing results), and didn’t get the winning number, stop, go back, and repeat.
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