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The maximum amount of money you can put into your bank account is 2 Billion dollars.
A Special Thanks To…

These people all mailed us, contributed information, or advice: – PAID FOR OUR .COM DOMAIN AND HOSTING! and put in the search function! <3 Also Programmed the Bank investment calculator, keeps the site running, TC radio flash applet… and more… Our original/retired Staff: Aerozol JCgamo Cutie59 Ieatpenguins Donfardz Current Staff: Anonymouse – Mechanic course info. – Wrote a huge part of the begginers tut, crime info, Xanax info. – RPG launcher info. – Information on ‘Operation Kenishi’ including what stat for what weapon, Brutus Keychain, and the Hamster Plushie. And the Profile Music tutorial. New Company Specials info, Christmas ’07 item list help. – ‘How to make money’ tutorial – Crime info – Crime info, Pets Tutorial – Crime info – Education info – Torn City Calculator, training formulas – Parachute info – Tycoon award, Item info – Offer of hosting, training idea – Weapon multipliers – Awards – For the correct Copyright(©) code! – Clearing up the marriage tutorial – Bail formula – Allegiant Faction Member award, and more – Informed us about Paws and The_Hamster – Pseudo, Imposter, Imitation and the Simulation fraud crime awards – Counterfeiting crime results – Crime results – Wrote the Report Tutorial – Claymore Multiplier, Bomb Factory, Hacking info – Chaining and mugging information, Attacking tutorial, free Chain Bot code, Flexible Body Armour multiplier, and lots more! – Thanks, Torn City Talk – Faction upgrades – Profile flash tutorial – Showroom info, lots of crime info, crime type info – GTA award info – lots of various Award, Faction, OC and Drug information – Chaining Tutorial! – LSD or Ecstasy, Magic Mushrooms, and PCP or Ecstasy research and information – Networth info – Crime info – Speed after effects – Chain Bot images – Pet info – Hunting info etc – Crime fails – OC, Merit info, lots of various scoops, quite a few Tips’n’Tricks, Crime Guide Tutorial – Complete Toy Store info – Car Dealership, Company info – Firefox Player and ID Search Plugins – MSN Plus! Plugin – Informed us about person selling our chainbot – Level 60 award, Level 71 Rank Trigger – TC Greasemonkey Tool – Poker Tutorial, Med item tip – Poker Tutorial – Rank #20 trigger – Adult Novelties company info – Jail busting info – DP tip – high Heels – Blackjack Tutorial – Company info, Crime fail results, Training Calculator – Company info – Race Tutorial – Race Tutorial, Upgrade Guide – Tips n Tricks – Company info, Specials, and more – Hunting help and Tutorial – GP tutorial – Wep/ Armour Table – OC information pages! – Job Calculator fix – SuperPack Greasemonkey Script – TC CSS Tutorial – Operation Keneshi Update – Nerve Bar Tutorial – Compound Bank Interest Tool Harri95 Thanks also to these TCB members, who have been helpful through TCB mail, comments or forums: TheThirdMark – Lots of info and help Spadge Cloud – Bombing Crime info Swift ptiger – Lots of crime info Hogfather – Lots of crime info, prelim Drag Racing FAQ, Default OC requirements Amned92 Spillblood Maloney Ceasar – Grocery steal cash info, Companies Warsteed – Drag Racing tutorial, Company info don_giughe – Gents strip club info L_Knight – Company info Sehveka – Grocery Company info Razed Exidar – Furniture Company info Colossal – Company info Hardrada – Lots of great Crime info Jake Cofield – Clothing Company info Royal Marine CurianNeo Gasparo Zeeko Masr T.P. Bowlindude8 Roflawlolmao Wilbur Captain Sassyfrass Colossal – Nightclub info Sehveka – grocery Store info Alima – Halloween item info Horanos – Loads of Rank 5 Company Specials Society – Lots of hunting and crime help Cariad – ‘Hard Yakka’ special

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