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1: To catch ’em all…

2: Less than there should be, judging by how large the bag is. You’re getting ripped off…     (fo.o)f
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written by jimm, September 17, 2007
i was about to dl it on my friends comp but all the choices are stupid. It ip marks you and makes you check all the boxes
written by Rozee, November 02, 2008
There is an error in the greasemonkey script. I just added it and it works fine. As in all the links work. BUT when I click on FORUM to read my faction forum it takes me to someone else’s faction forum. NOT great for them.. any way of fixing that?
written by Chuckcaptaincarlos, December 01, 2008
I would love for someone to add an express Revive Also to add a link to edit my profile page so i dont have to go through the preferences link every time. Thanks and great extension!
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Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 September 2007 )
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