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OC events
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This is a list of all OC fail/pass descriptions (still under construction) For other OC information such as $/respect gain, and recommended nerve etc, visit the Factions/ OC’s page Here.
 Blackmail  Abduction  Bomb Threat  Planned Robbery
 Rob a Money Train  Take over a cruise liner  Hijack a plane  Political Assassination

Crime: Blackmail Pass Outcomes: 1. PersonA and PersonB devise a cunning plan. 2. PersonA dresses up in a revealing broadway outfit and mails The_Legend with a webcam proposal. 3. Lured by crazed lust, The_Legend agrees and pays to see the show. 4. Soon after, PersonB emails The_Legend. “We want $x or we expose you to your public!” 5. The_Legend shamefully agrees to the terms, and the $x is paid. or 1. PersonA and PersonB are kicking their heels on a street corner looking for something to do. 2. PersonA notices Clansdancer walking down a dark alley towards the Stallions Club. 3. While PersonB waits outside, PersonA follows Clansdancer in to the club and sits behind her. 4. As Clansdancer leans over to slip $10 into the dancers thong, PersonB takes a photograph and runs out of the club. 5. Back at the faction office, PersonA emails Clansdancer the picture, threatening to send it to LeukyBear unless $x is transfered into the faction bank account. 6. Clansdancer transfers $x to the faction, and the picture is deleted. Fail Outcomes: 1. PersonA secretly reveals tapes of _hustlers_3 to PersonB. 2. Together they decide to blackmail the faction, in exchange for not broadcasting the tape. 3. PersonB joins the factions IRC channel. “One of your members gave me this! Pay or I will upload it to youtube!” 4. The tape plays, showing the leader and co-leader dancing naked to techno music. 5. The faction members roar with laughter and tell PersonA and PersonB that they are actually a nudist faction. 6. PersonA and PersonB wake up in hospital sometime later. – PersonA Hospitalised – PersonB Hospitalised or 1. PersonA and PersonB meet with w1ld_h0rs3s at The Wolfs tavern at the Torn City Docks. 2. w1ld_h0rs3s slips PersonA a brown envelope with a photograph of is0lati0n. 3. The team follow is0lati0n to the outskirts of town in the faction van keeping a safe distance. 4. PersonA watches is0lati0n go into a dingy apartment, and close the door behind him. PersonA then sneaks up with a camera while PersonB waits in the van. 5. PersonA looks in the window and sees a midget filling her bath full of cheetos while is0lati0n relaxes in a chair. 6. Suddenly, is0lati0n notices a shadow at the window but PersonA is too interested in the cheeto loving midget. 7. is0lati0n slams PersonA into the wall, before dragging him off to his basement. – PersonA Hospitalized Back to Top

Crime: Abduction Pass Outcomes: 1. After staking out the Mayor every day for some time, the team know today is the day he lunches alone. 2. PersonA and PersonB sit patiently, watching and waiting outside of the court house. 3. The Mayor finally makes an appearance, as he wanders towards the local deli. 4. PersonA waits for the Mayor to get closer, before he makes his move. 5. PersonB pulls the vehicle along side, engine idling softly. 6. PersonA jumps out and forces the Mayor into the back of the van. 7. Making their escape, the team realise that they have hit the jackpot this time! or 1. About this time of day Tim the loan shark is known to be moving around town. 2. PersonA and PersonB decide this could be a quick way to make some cash. 3. Loading up, they discuss how much cash he might have on him. 4. Hitting the streets on the lookout for Tim, the only thing better then finding him would be finding him alone. 5. PersonB spots him, and he’s alone! PersonA speeds up to get closer. 6. PersonB jumps out of the car, while PersonB opens the trunk. 7. Forcing Tim into the trunk the pair speed away from the city. Fail Outcomes: 1. After scouting the city for likely targets, PersonA and PersonB find themselves outside the Admin Offices. 2. After entering and finding the place relatively deserted, PersonA checks the ground floor while PersonB takes the stairs. 3. PersonA enters the guard station and disables the buildings security cameras. 4. PersonB scouts the 2nd floor and heads towards Chedburns office, where he is joined by PersonA. 5. Storming into the office, they stop, stunned to find themselves surrounded by angry staff. 6. PersonA and PersonB try to make a break for the door. 7. Staff must of been tipped off PersonA thinks to himself, as he feels the bullets slam into his back. or 1. PersonA and PersonB cruise through the Red Light District on the lookout for any potential marks. 2. PersonB spots a punter passed out in front of the Casino. 3. PersonA drives in for a closer look as PersonB gets ready to pounce. 4. Just as PersonB is almost ready to make a move, two large men step out from the Casino. 5. PersonA and PersonB are beaten at their own game! No Jailings Or Hospitalizations Back to Top
Crime: Bomb Threat Pass Outcomes: 1. PersonA and PersonB pack a bag full of Playdough. It looks like explosives! 2. PersonC buys a ticket online to Beijing, pretending to go see the fortune teller. 3. The team drive to the airport and head to the check in desk, where PersonB hands over the bag. 4. PersonC places a call to airline security from a payphone, demanding $x be paid. 5. The airport quickly arrange payment to the drop off point, to avoid the disaster. 6. PersonC runs to pick up the bag of cash, and heads to the faction van waiting in the car park. 7. As the team drive away, they see the bomb disposal team scratching their heads as they try to safely defuse the device. or 1. The team drive to the Torn City Docks, and pull up outside the car compound. 2. PersonA approaches the site manager and starts chatting to him to divert his attention. 3. Meanwhile, PersonB and PersonC start dropping small explosive devices next to random cars. 4. Once the bags are in place, they give a nod to PersonA and they all head back to the van. 5. PersonA calls the site manager and tells him that unless he pays a ransom, they are going to destroy the site! 5. The manager runs to the fence and throws a large bag of cash towards the van. 5. PersonA smirks and mutters “What the hell…” as he flicks the switch, and destroys the car compound. Fail Outcomes: 1. Having read the “How to” manual, PersonA acquires the items needed to make a home made explosive device. 2. PersonB and PersonC watch nervously from a distance as PersonA starts to put the device together. 3. Once the device is finished, the team decide where to plant the bomb to achieve the maximum effect. 4. Choosing the Hospital, the team carefully load the bomb into the faction van and call the authorities. 5. As the team plants the device and begin to speed away, all hell breaks loose. Sparks start to spray from the bomb as it explodes, taking the team with it. – PersonA Hospitalised – PersonB Hospitalised – PersonC Hospitalised Back to Top
Crime: Planned Robbery Pass Outcomes: 1. PersonA and PersonB meet their contact from Torn City Investment Banking in a derelict car park. 2. PersonB hands over cash for the blueprints, and they head back to the faction hideout. 3. PersonC studies the blueprints with PersonD in detail, and come up with a plan to rob the bank! 4. The team head to the bank, and wait outside in the faction van for the right moment. 5. PersonA waits outside the door, as PersonB and PersonE charge in to the bank and shout “This is a robbery!” 6. PersonB points his shotgun at the teller and tells her to fill a bag with cash. As soon as the bag is filled, they grab it and run out the bank. 7. The team jump in to the van and make a clean getaway. or 1. Desperate for some easy money, PersonA and PersonB decide the quickest way would be to rob the jewellery store. 2. PersonC drives the team to the East Side, and pulls up outside Bling Blings. 3. The team run inside, while PersonB stands on the street and keeps a lookout at the front door. 4. PersonD sees the manager bagging the daily takings and draws a gun. He screams out demanding the cash. 5. After refusing to give the cash, PersonE pistol whips the manager and takes it. 6. The team jump in the van, and drive back to the faction hideout to count the cash. Fail Outcomes: 1. The team sit around the table looking for a way to make some quick cash… and revenge! 2. After a tip off they target Notorious MiG. PersonA calls an informant they have there. 3. PersonB and PersonC load their weapons and explosives into the faction van. 4. PersonD drives them to the drop off point and waits out of sight. 5. PersonE meets with the contact to disable the security system, while PersonB and PersonC head to the vault. 6. As they get close they are surrounded by the factions members, whos leaders are not pleased. 7. PersonB and PersonC realise too late that they’ve been setup, and fall to the ground in a hail of bullets. PersonB Hospitalized PersonC Hospitalized PersonE Hospitalized Back to Top
Crime: Rob a money train Pass Outcomes: 1. Soon after a successful vicodin deal, the team sip lattes at Toronto Airport. PersonA notices an advertisement for the Rocky Mountain train tour and they begin discussing it. 2. PersonA, PersonB and PersonC devise a plan to rob the train, knowing banks often transfer money in civilian transports. 3. PersonA and PersonB gather the equipment needed and head into the mountains, as PersonD, PersonE and PersonF board the train. 4. The train sets off and the team enjoy the scenery for a while, before making their way to the cash in the baggage cars. 5. BOOM! A huge explosion ahead of the train causes a massive landslide, and the train screeches to a halt! 6. In the panic, the team on the train take out the security guards and open the carriage doors. 7. PersonC pulls up along side the train in a van as the bombers join the rest of the team and unload the cash. Smiling, the team drive off towards the border. or 1. A government money train disturbs the local wildlife as it storms through the mountain ranges. 2. On entering a tunnel, the driver notices rail works up ahead. PersonA and PersonB hold up stop signs as the rest of the team pretend to be working. 3. As the train comes to a standstill, PersonC calmly walks up to the front and informs the driver the train needs a maintenance check. 4. PersonD, PersonE and PersonF move alongside the train and board the second carriage. 5. PersonC drops his tools, and takes out a semi-automatic. “Hands up where I can see them!” 6. With the train under control, the team fill backpacks with as much cash as they can and throw them off the train. 7. Once all the backpacks are full, PersonA signals the team to make their way towards the parallel escape shaft. 8. Once out of the shaft, the team climb into their vehicles and drive off with $x! Fail Outcomes: 1. After having made several successful small robberies, PersonA tells the team it is time to take on the big boys. 2. PersonB and PersonC mug the local train spotter and steal his train timetable records. 3. PersonD and PersonE pick up some explosives from the faction armoury and put it in the van, before heading to the train station.. 4. As the train slows, PersonB jumps on the train and places the explosives on the carriage. 5. Not having considered the consequences, the crew nervously await the detonation. 6. As the blast rips the doors open, the entire train is derailed. The team never knew what hit them! PersonA has been hospitalized PersonB has been hospitalized PersonC has been hospitalized PersonD has been hospitalized PersonE has been hospitalized Back to Top
Crime: Take over a cruise liner Pass Outcomes: 1. The S.S. Barbie sails magestically across the horizon. It is a true technological feat. 2. Two high powered boats pull up along side the cruise liner. PersonA and PersonB steady each boat in the turbulent waters. 3. PersonC fires a grappling gun. CLANK! the rope takes firm hold. PersonD repeats the process from the other boat. The remaining team members scramble on board. 4. PersonE keeps watch while PersonF distributes clothes and weapons from a backpack. Everyone quickly changes into civilizan outfits. 5. Casually the team walk inside the reception area. Reading a map, PersonG leads the way to their target destination… the onboard casino! 6. Upon arrival, the team instantly spring into action. “Freeze, this is a robbery, stay calm and put all your possessions on the ground!” 7. With rehearsed precision, the squad quickly relieve the gamblers of their possessions. PersonH is satisfied and signals for the team to evacuate. 8. Making their escape, the squad speeds off under the cover of the gathering fog with $1,000,000 worth of loot! or 1. After many successful hiests the team decide to take their venture to the high seas. 2. The good ship Lollipop and her cargo of riches are due to dock at PersonA. PersonB, PersonC and PersonD assemble the team. 3. After boarding the ship, PersonE, PersonF & PersonG head towards the engine room, planting explosives along the way. 4. Charging the bridge the remaining team members hold the Captain and crew at gun point. 5. “We now control the ship. There are explosives placed aboard and will be detonated if you do not follow all instructions.” PersonH informs the Captain. 6. PersonI points a gun at the crew, and gives them a new course heading. 7. Violently grabbing the Captain FinkAngel makes their demands; “The contents of your safe or we scuttle the ship!!” 8. Without any other choice, the Captain reluctantly retrieves the contents. The team gather the $1,000,000 and quietly disembark to a nearby island. Fail Outcomes: 1. After watching Speed 2 the movie, the team decide they could do better themselves! 2. PersonA visits the local travel agent and buys the team tickets for a cruise along the eastern coastline in Argentina. 3. The team board the good ship Oscoo, while PersonB jumps into a speedboat to follow close behind. 4. PersonC and PersonD head up to the bridge, picking up a fire axe each on the way, while PersonE and PersonF head to the engine room. 5. The bridge team smash down the door and take control of the ship, while the others sneak into the engine room, ready to sabotage. 6. PersonG logs on at the internet cafe on board, and sends a message to Horizon Travels demanding a huge ransom or the ship will be destroyed! 7. The FBI intercept the ransom message, the coastguard and a team of agents swoop on to the ship! 8. PersonC, PersonD and PersonH are shot down as the rest of the team are taken into custody. Meanwhile, PersonG sips a latte in the bar as if nothing has happened! PersonD has been hospitalized PersonC has been hospitalized PersonH has been hospitalized PersonI has been jailed PersonE has been jailed PersonJ has been jailed PersonK has been jailed PersonL has been jailed PersonF has been jailed PersonM has been jailed PersonN has been jailed PersonG has been jailed Back to Top
Crime: Hijack a plane Pass Outcomes: ? Fail Outcomes: ? Back to Top
Crime: Political Assassination Pass Outcomes: ? Fail Outcomes: 1. PersonA gathers the crew together and lays out the plan to assasinate a foreign diplomat. 2. Under the cover of night, the crew head into the city. They stake out a nearby restaurant. 3. PersonB and PersonC take their positions on top of the admin offices. 4. PersonD approaches the target and reaches for their weapon. 5. Moments later, a single shot rings out. PersonD falls to the ground in a pool of blood. 6. Standing over the body, the diplomat mumbles something about diplomatic immunity. 7. The diplomat runs quickly to his limousine, and races off into the night. Back to Top PersonD has been hospitalized
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