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Player Services/ Requests: Spies. Please use this page to offer or request services involving spying other peoples stats and/or money, or other covert operations. Just click ‘Comment’ at the bottom of the related page, listed below, and then enter the following: (When you display your services in one you must post it in this format, or it will not be displayed) TC Name: Yourname[yourID] Flat Rate: x$, or x item/s Service/ Request: What you offer/ want and further information/ specifics. Please keep it short and simple. You must be a registered user to comment.  YOU MUST MAIL EACH OTHER WITHIN TC, CONFIRMING THE CONDITIONS OF THE TRADE/ SERVICE Otherwise there is no evidence of the trade within TC, and you may lose your money/ service.
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Comments (3)
written by Jack, November 03, 2007
TC Name: Condor [264557] Flat Rate: $1,500 Per Stat Service: Spying on peoples battle stats for 1.5k each stat 🙂
written by Replay, November 06, 2007
TC Name: Replay [543025] Flat Rate: Resonable Service/ Request: Mail me and we’ll work out a fee.
written by Hogfather, December 20, 2007
TC Name: Hogfather [330973] Rate: Minimum of 15k, but may alter depending on level/ability. Service: I will spy on people for you.
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