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They highest winner on each casino game daily will get a 10k bonus after new day!
Support TCB

You can support TCB by doing the following;

Bookmark: Bookmark our site so it’s easily accessable. To bookmark us, either press ctrl+D or Click Here! (Only works in Internet Explorer Browser )

Banners: Add one of or all of these banners to your profile, faction announcement, signature or website! Copy the text in the box below the image you want and paste it into your profile or wherever else you want to display the image.

We’re happy to edit any of these banners for you, for instance putting in your name and ID, just mail us and ask.



Flash Banners:

Click Here to see all of our Flash Banners! 

[flash=150×400][/flash] (315kbs)
 [flash=100×495][/FLASH] (290kbs)
[flash=150×495][/flash] (292kbs)
Note: More banners, buttons and signatures will come when we have time to make them. If you would like to make any of your own that advertises/relates to TCB, we’ll gladly put them up here to share with everyone.

Spread the Word: 1. Tell everyone you know about Torn City Basic 2. Tell them to tell their friends 3. Refer anyone that has any questions about TC to Torn City Basic 5. Put a link to us in your faction announcement

Donate: Contact us for donation possibilities.

Within Torn City: Mail us with feedback or anything else. You can find our user id’s in the contact us page

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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 February 2007 )
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