The Museum is unlocked by completing all of the History Education Courses (HIS3210).
After it has been unlocked it can be found at: City > South Side > Museum

By finding rare artifacts in the city, or collecting certain sets of artifacts, they can be exchanged here for points. Other sets of collectibles can also be exchanged here.

Plushie Set (5 Points) Exotic flower set (10 Points) Medieval coin set (100 Points)
1 x Jaguar Plushie 1 x Dahlia 1 x Leopard Coin
1 x Lion Plushie 1 x Orchid 1 x Florin Coin
1 x Panda Plushie 1 x African Violet 1 x Gold Noble Coin
1 x Monkey Plushie 1 x Cherry Blossom
1 x Chamois Plushie 1 x Peony
1 x Wolverine Plushie 1 x Ceibo Flower
1 x Nessie Plushie 1 x Edelweiss
1 x Red Fox Plushie 1 x Crocus
1 x Camel Plushie 1 x Heather
1 x Kitten Plushie 1 x Tribulus Omanense
1 x Teddy Bear Plushie 1 x Banana Orchid
1 x Sheep Plushie
Vairocana Buddha (100 Points) Ganesha Sculpture (250 Points) Shabti Sculpture (500 Points)
1 x Vairocana Buddha 1 x Ganesha Sculpture 1 x Shabti Sculpture
Scripts from the Quran (1000 Points) Senet game set (2000 Points) Egyptian Amulet (10,000 Points)
1 x Script from the Quran: Ibn Masud 1 x Senet board 1 x Egyptian Amulet
1 x Script from the Quran: Ubay Ibn Ka’b 5 x White Senet pawn
1 x Script from the Quran: Ali 5 x Black Senet pawn

* To find Artifacts in the city (random), first complete the relevant History Course (See Education).

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Gravatar Iddb615a01fb614101a05d6f178a2e93aadefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 3156276
can you sell flowers and plusies like times 100 or just once and does it?

TCB: You can only sell each flower/ plushie once, but you can keep selling them if you have more.

vacano26 , December 26, 2010
Gravatar Id1144945adf8a09812b49e34d0b4fa328defaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 1146644
Can you sell multiple items at once for the points or do you have to sell one at a time?
Llamalord , February 09, 2011
Gravatar Ideb1a55ae63b592a57cbe900f1405900ddefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 2408314
do you need all those things to get 1 thousand points or do you only need one of those things to get 1000.
Josh Terry , May 28, 2011
Gravatar Idecb974746e56689472d8cf57b61ec85edefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 4191482
do we have do display all three Scripts from the Quran or just one of them for 1000 points???
Ahmed 123 , May 29, 2011
Gravatar Ide384d50e5b3ce36f6939c3e6812643a7defaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 1712014
Need all of them to complete a set.
Slow_Burn , June 13, 2011
Gravatar Ide77ab95ae3712bdf582a8d3d55d2561edefaulthttp3a2f2ftcbasic.com2fcomponents2fcom Jomcomment2fsmilies2fguest 8521818
Do I need to sell all the flowers or can i just sell the crocus for 10 points?
Wdrsap , December 05, 2011
You need to turn in the entire set to get the points. A single flower has no points value though you can sell them to other players obviously.
TheThirdMark , June 04, 2012

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