Nerve Bar Guide

Thanks to  -Knights- [237692] for this excellent tutorial!
Last reviewed 2018/1/11


Being as active as you can be makes this tutorial move so much faster. If you are on for a large portion of the day you can do this quite quick. If you only log in once or twice a day it can still take you forever.

The goal here is to increase your Natural Nerve Bar or “NNB”. Your NNB can be augmented by faction specials.

This will require a drivers license and a gas can so start the drivers license class as your 3rd class at the least and either scour the points market getting cheap points, buy 2 DPs for points or have a friend lend you a gas can when the time comes.

“At least” in this guide means… For everyone 1 you fail add 5 more. If I say do “at least” 50 of something and you fail one, do 55 of them. The 50 plus the 5 more because you failed one. Or the 60 for the 50 and the 2 you failed. You get the idea. Fail means red. A brown does not count as a pass or a fail. Also giving money to be let go in any crime is a fail. If you have to pay to be let go, you have to do 5 more.

Bust at least 3 people per day, with success, not 3 fails, 3 busted. Aim for people in that are your level or lower and in for the time of a failed bust, 1 hour 40 minutes, or less.


(Crime total 0 – Welcome to a world of crime)
2 Nerve crimes.
Do 50 2 nerve crimes.

(Crime total 50 – Now for something with a little risk)
3 Nerve crimes.
Do 50 3 nerve crimes, you can stick to just Rock CDs, thats fine.

(Crime total 100 – Now it is time for your first visit to jail. Did you remember your soap on a rope.)
4 Nerve crimes.
Note: You will most likely visit the jail for the first time while doing these. Don’t worry, it is not the end of the world, we are all criminals here. You can also train in jail and try to bust yourself out if your nerve fills up, so being in jail is not the worst thing in the world.
Steal at least 20 Chocolates.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 Bon Bons.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 Extra Strong Mints.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 Music CDs.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 CD Players.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 DVD Players.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 Blank CDs.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 Hard Drives.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 Tank tops.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 Trainers.
Move up a level.
Steal at least 20 Jackets.
Time to move up a level again as you will NOT be visiting the jewelry shop. To hard right now.

(Crimes total 320 – Now to mug some people that really don’t need their money anyway.)
5 Nerve crimes.
Mug the bum 30 times.
Move up a level.
Mug the kid 50 times.
Move up a level.
Mug the old lady 50 times.
Move up a level.
Mug the business man 150 times.
Move up a level.
We are skipping the lawyer because he is our defense lawyer and you do not mug the guy that defends you.
Mug Tim the loan shark at least 500 times because Tim is a criminal too.

(Crime total 1100 – You are a pro now. Get a gun and lets get moving.)
7 Nerve crimes.
Note: We skipped the 6 nerve ones but don’t worry you are ready for armed robberies as long as you have a gun.
Rob the Swift Sweetshop at least 200 times.
Move up a level.
Rob the Thorough Sweetshop at least 1300 times. Yes, 1300 times. This is your bread & butter when it comes to nerve.

Note: When you are done with that you should have at the very worst a 30 nerve bar and if you have been doing some nice busts maybe even a 35. Either way, your 30 will be close to 35.

Note: The next crime we will be skipping again. With that in mind… NEVER do the 8 nerve crime unless you are going back for them to get the easy merits. I lost my 40 nerve bar dozens of times when I went back to get the merits. 8 Nerve crimes are a killer for nerve.

(Crime total 2600 – Now you have that newly minted 2500 thefts merit to go with your gun so get a stealth virus and have some fun.)
Note: From here on we are no longer playing by numbers we are playing by a feel. Your next crime on the way up is going to be stealth virus and your crime after that is going to be warehouse arson so if you do not have your gas can and drivers license already make sure you get it while doing your stealth virus crimes so you are ready when the time comes.
9 Nerve crimes.
Stealth virus is all that matters and should be the only one you are doing. It has no red at all but plenty of browns. Now we are playing by feel here and no longer by numbers. If you are not getting green on at least 3 out of 4 stealths go back to thorough robberies for another 250 then try again. When you are getting them at a rate of at least 9 out of 10 with success for 2 days it is time to try the next move. (I went until I had 500 stealth. I had also tried 1 of each of the others, but that is not needed.)

Note: If you are not passing stealth and want to skip it and try the next move give it a shot. So far a few people have told me that they were capable of skipping the stealth based on good busts.

(Crime total 3100 – Lets burn some shit down, its fun.)
Note: We are skipping again, this time assassinations get the pass, they are good, but not needed if you have done everything right.
Get a nice stash of morphines and make sure you always have them on you. This baby puts you in the hospital not jail so no one is going to bust you out, you have to morph your own way out.
11 Nerve crimes.
Go right for the warehouse, that baby burns great. If you are failing anything more then 1 per 15 go back to thorough robberies for another 250 or stealth virus for 250. Once you have your grove on you should be doing them at a clip of 1 fail per 30 greens at worst.

Welcome to the world of the 40 nerve bar. I got mine after 500 arsons. 531 to be exact.

Crime Stats:

Here are my crime stats when I was working my way up to that, you should have a quicker time as I played around some while doing it to make money and test out other crimes. My playing helped me formulate this patten that will get you there quick. More then a few friends started and went by it and had their 40s faster then I did.

Selling illegal products 58
Theft 3779
Auto theft 371
Drug deals 8
Computer crimes 639
Murder 383
Fraud crimes 531
Other 496
Total 6265

People busted: 566

If done to the best it can be done, this will get you your 40 nerve is as little as 88 days. That is based on perfect math. Not failing anything and adding more busts can lower that number but in reality knowing that you will fail sometimes you can figure about double that time to be on the safe side. 176 days should be reasonable. I got mine in a little over 200, but you can see I played with other crimes as well so getting it in under 200 or even under 150 is very reasonable.

Note: Why do you want the 40 nerve bar you might ask? Well I can do all the crimes no problem with mine. With that in mind, I can make over 1M per day with my 40 and over 3M if I get lucky and have a good day. Isn’t it worth the effort to get to that point?