Networth is the (hidden) amount of money you’ve made from certain things in Torn City.

Networth is NOT the amount of money you have, or the value of the possesions you own.
When you earn money by doing certain things it adds to your networth. Once your networth reaches certain amounts, you gain awards.
There is no way to see your current networth.

 Things that don’t contribute to Networth:        Things that do contribute to Networth:
Your Money/ Assets   Money gained from crimes:
Selling items in the Item Market  
Selling items in the Auction House  
RR bet wins  
Money received from other players  
Money gained from the Casino    
Money received from Missions   Money gained from selling items from your
Buying/ Selling/ Trading/ Renting Houses
Money made while Hunting  
Money made by Mugging other players  
Bank Interest  
Trading on the Point market  
Selling Ammunition   or to shops:
Lottery wins  
Company Earnings  
Faction Organised Crimes  
Selling Pets    
Dog fighting bet wins   Donator Packs sold in the Pawn Shop:
Selling points in the Pawn Shop  
Making money in the Stockmarket    
Job Pay    

note: You can raise your networth quickly, for a price, by buying and selling items from shops. For instance, if you buy a Full Body Armor, and then sell it to the shop again, you will gain $60,000 networth. You can do this as often, and with whatever items you wish, but remember that you have to pay the difference in buying and selling price.


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how about our job?
anonymos , March 08, 2007
Question: If I unequipped my weapon and just clicked the sell button would that count toward my networth?

TCB: Yes

Liquid-Sin , March 11, 2007
Says you gain networth from money gained from selling items to shops.. Do you think this would only be true if they were items you stole? If that weren’t the case, then one could have a wealthy friend give them lots of money, buy items, and just sell them off to shops in order to increase their networth and get a merit, no?

I ponder…

Aerozol: Yeah, that works fine. Also buying and selling items that have little variation in buy/ sell price repeatedly. It’s not really exploitation though, as it takes money out of the economy, which I’m sure the coders are happy with…

pogo , March 16, 2007
Feel dumb for asking this but – if I sold a gun to the shop, an then bought something, would I lose the net worth I gained from selling my gun?

Aerozol: Once networth has been gained it can’t be lost
so you can buy and sell things at will

Unknown54 , March 20, 2007
Ok so i found the best way to make ur net worth go up and all u need is 300k

1. buy 30 riot gears from the gun shop
2. sell them all
3. repeat until u cant buy anymore

any amount of money would work but i realized that with buy doing that with just 300k u make ur net worth go up to 800k so if ur going for the rank triger this is a very easy way if u have the money.

mizzu , July 10, 2007
If networth is also based on money earned from crimes, why havent i gotten any? I’ve earned wayy more than 2k and 50k on crimes alone….
Cookehmonster , August 17, 2007
bit dum i no but yano lol

how do u find out how networth you have got???

TCB: You can’t, it’s hidden, like your levelling exp.

england123 , September 05, 2007
@ All the people saying “I only just started and haven’t gotten any net-worth awards yet:”

The first award based solely on net-worth is The Apprentice Award which requires $1,000,000, the 2K, 50K etc. awards are rank triggers, meaning that every time you pass one, you will receive a rank increase, (like #1 Beginner, #2 Beginner, #3 Inexperienced etc.) meaning you still receive a Merit, but not in the Net-Worth category.

P.S: Don’t be surprised if you don’t receive your merit 3 and 1/2 seconds after selling the items, it can take hours, even days for Merits to register, so don’t complain about that here, I know for a fact that it is extremely irritating for Moderators, and don’t do it on TC either, for the same reason. Hopefully, this should prevent a few more monotonous posts on this tutorial.

Bloodbather , September 30, 2007
okay i did an extensive test on networth well kind of extensive, but anyways….
as far as i know the money gained from crimes does not contribute to networth
if it did, i would have gotten to the 1 mil networth in a fraction of the time it took me
i’ve been keeping track of the things i’ve sold to the shops since the beginning and everytime i came up with the next rank trigger or award, that was when i ranked up (or got the award)
i literally watched my rank change to eight ten seconds after i sold a stealth virus taking me over 1 million

i could be wrong though :]

Aly , November 10, 2007
i believe you are wrong when you say it doesn’t include money you got from the points market because this morning i was awarded my first net worth award the only thing i did this morning was sell 10 points on the points market and them wholar i had and award the apprenticeship award.

has anyone else experienced this or am i just special

FReakyboy , November 17, 2007

Maybe you simply did something hours or even days earlyer that earned you the reward, only to receive it when you sold the points. Simply coincidence, I would think.

agoole , December 03, 2007
I’m certain money earned from your job counts towards networth too 🙂
Kentish77 , December 22, 2007
I sold points and go the beginner 2 award right after not just a conicdenece i think
schickles , December 27, 2007
If you ask Darwin, however, it states that earnings in the Casino do count for the Networth tally…
(“For example winning in the casino, selling items from your item page or selling them back to the stores or docks”)
Is it outdated?

TCB: That information comes from TC staff. Of course, we can’t 100% confirm the information, regrettably.

paulomt01 , January 14, 2008
what about rehab?counts as networth?


bah , January 27, 2008
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