New Player Guide

Thanks to MbA0069 [235143] for this great tutorial!

Alright, so you finally log into Torn City for the first time, arrive at your Home, and begin looking around.. at this point, you’re probably stunned at what this city has to look around at all the different links, and wonder, okay, what next?

Get a job!
So, one of the most important things to do when you start, is get a basic starter job. To do this, go to Newspaper>. Basically, the only jobs that will accept you right away is Grocer, Army, and Casino. Out of these, Casino will pay you the best when first starting off. Also, as one of the job benefits, you can get more casino tokens, which can allow you to play in the casino more, thus, hopefully earning you more money. Try This tutorial to get to Medical GP rank as quick as possible.

Train in the gym!
So, you have 100 Energy, but dont know what to do with it. Get up, and go work out!..To do this, you need to sign up to a gym. Just like getting a Job, click Newspaper>. When you first start out, you will find yourself in the lower tier of gyms, starting off in Premier Fitness. Here your gains will be a lot less than what they eventually will be, but like everything, that will take time. Then, on the left, click Gym. You now see, Speed, Strength, Defence, and Dexterity. Click our Training/Stat guide on the left to find out more about the gym and how to go about using your energy.

Do some crimes!
Alright, so you see you also have a Nerve Bar. This is what you use to commit crimes, Nerve. When you first start, you should stick to Search for cash. You cannot be jailed for this, so feel free to experiment. Searching under the old bridge will probably give you the most cash, but either way, this crime doesnt give much cash, but, you have to start somewhere. After a few days, and succeeding (always getting green result) at this crime, Try moving up to selling illegal CD’ out you dont jump up a crime too quickly, cause you can find yourself in the big house. If you are getting jailed or failing a certain crime(brown or red result), try hopping down a crime.

Join a faction!
Well, at this point, most factions probably wouldnt accept you, since you are still figuring out the game, and you have very low stats. But look around, apply to a few, check the classifieds in the newspaper, you might be surprised with a faction who will accept you!..Factions are a great way of making friends, and also, if the Faction gives you a payday, its an easy way of making cash besides work and crimes! Be careful though, some factions are in heavy wars and you will spend a lot of time in hospital if your faction is at war.

Try your luck in the Casino!
To make some spare money, you can test your luck in the casino..beware, as some are easier than others, and some you can lose big, or win big..try the different ones out, see what you’re good at..oh just a tip: if you’re good with math probability, try High-Low..could earn you some big bucks!

When it comes to your energy, dont waste it. At this point in the game, you should be training all your energy in the gym, dont worry about attacking just yet, at least until you have to (faction war, ect)..basically it just gives you exp, but its more beneficial if you train. Think of it this way, once you’re done attacking, the energy is gone, at least when you train, the energy is gone, but your battle stats will thank you :), its great if you train hard, and a higher level user attacks you and stalemates, or maybe even loses.

Also, with the new missions available, these will guide you along your way. You also get 10 complimentary refills. These vanish after you complete the missions.

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