The newspaper is a good place for advertising, bounties, personals and links to places such as the HoF and the Estate Agent.
If you have some spare time, it also contains entertainment such as horoscopes, chronicles, comics, and of course the news.

To read past news items, click > Continues on Page x… after an Article.
There are a number of different categories, such as Gossip, Hard Facts, and News.

TCB maintains a Archive of past articles, and categories. You can read all of them Here.
We also maintain an Archive of past Cartoons. View them Here.
There’s a tutorial on how to write your own comics Here.

To reach other features, select one of the links at the top of the paper.
You can find a overview of what each feature does below:

Front Page Hall of Fame Job Listings Local Gyms
Property Listings Freebies Classified Ads Personals
Bounties Comics Horoscopes Chronicles


Front Page

The front page lists the three newest news articles, the last lottery winner, and current newspaper advertisements.
It also shows the highest current bounty, and the newest add in personals, and all of the above links.
The T.C.S.E. 30 Share Prices graph will give you an overview of the share prices in the last 24 hours.

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Hall of Fame

The hall of fame (page 76…) lets you see the top Factions and players in TC, ranked according to level, wealth, crimes, casino and more.
These are the different categories, and a short description of each:

> Top Factions > Level > Rank > Casino
The factions with the most respect.* The highest Level players in Torn City. The highest Ranked players in Torn City. All of the Casino/ Gambling games, and their highest wins. Unlike ‘Streak’, this is never reset.
> Faction Chains > Streak > Busts > Most Wanted
The Factions with the biggest Chains.* Todays biggest Gambling streak. Roulette, slots, Keno, Craps and High-Low count towards your streak. The players with the most Busts in TC. The players with the most Crimes in TC. Almost everyone on this page will have done mainly 2 nerve crimes.

* Not including Peaceful Factions

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Job Listings

This page is where you can sign up for a Starter Job, or find a Company to sign up to (ordered by rank). It also lists company details, prices, and employee ranks.
For more information, view our Job page, Company page, or Company Tutorial .

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Local Gyms

This is where you can sign up for a Gym to train your stats in.
Woody’s Work Out Club
This gym is for levels 1-9 and costs $100 for a pass. You don’t need to buy this, because you automatically have a pass to this gym when you first start playing (You can buy it to can switch between the two gyms once you are level 10 or over).
Average Joe’s
This gym is for levels 10 and over, it costs $25,000 to get a pass. It is very worthwhile going to this gym. Instead of costing 5 energy to train, it will cost 10, but it costs half the amount of happy and you get more of a boost for each unit you train.

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Property Listings

This page shows you all of the houses you can buy, and also gives you links to the player Selling Market and Rental Market, which you should definitely look at before you consider buying a house. Houses cannot be sold back to the system, only other players.
We list all House prices/ information on This page.

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This contains some Torn City themed wallpapers for your computer, and who submitted them.

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Classified Ads

Here you can place an advertisement in the newspaper for $250,000.
Only the latest 7 are shown on the front page of the paper, but clicking this link will take you to the latest 40.

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Here you can put up a personal ad for $10,000. The advertisement stays up for 7 days, and the newest is shown on the front page.
The different categories are: Man seeking Woman, Woman seeking Man, Man seeking Man, and Woman seeking Woman.
You can insert your likes, dislikes, general information, and your age. Your profile picture will be displayed in the ad.

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Here you can view all of the Bounties placed on people.
To Claim a bounty, click [claim] on the bounty page. It will ask you if you want to hospitalize the player and claim the reward now, click > Claim the reward.
If you win the fight, and hosp them, you will then be given the reward. If you hospitalize the player, without clicking [claim] first, you will not be rewarded.

To place a bounty on someone, click > Put a bounty on someone, at the bottom of the Bounties page.
The minimum bounty is $10,000 x their Level. You can put the price up as much as you want, in order to increase chances of people taking the bounty, and you can place as many as you want (You still have to pay for each).
You will also be given the option to put your name as the person who placed the bounty, or anonymously (The name will be displayed as ‘someone’).
A player can only have 10 bounties on them at once.

If people pay 3x the bounty, it can be removed. To do this, click [Buy off] next ot their name on the Bounty page. Nobody receives their money back if you use this option.

Beware! Some players, especially level holders, will add themselves to the bounty page so people attack them and lose. Checking age, rank and crimes can be a good indicator of if you can defeat them or not.
You don’t gain exp when people attack you and lose when trying to claim bounties, so there’s no practical reason for them to do this, but it still happens.

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Here you can view all of the comics, submitted and accepted.
If you submit a comic, and it is accepted, you will earn 50 points. The comic must be Torn City related, exactly 650x 200 pixels, look professional, and be your own work.

Your comic doesn’t have to be very good to be accepted, so have a go!
Currently comics made using free templates are being accepted (You can find them on google).
You can check out our Comics archive Here.
There’s a tutorial on how to write your own comics Here.

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The Horoscopes are just that, Horoscopes based on your star sign, with a ‘TC twist’.
These are updated weekly.

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The Chronicles are fictional pieces of history regarding locations, aspects, or events in TC.
These are currently:

The Founding… Crime… Financial Economy… Faction Warfare… Dirty Bombs…
Big Al’s Gun Shop… Blackout ’07… The Docks…

When submissions are open, you can submit your own chronicles and earn 300 points. A lot of people submit their chronicles, so it has to be well written, and adhere to all the guidelines.

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