Ninja weapons in Torn City


 Torn City is a free to play, browser-based online game. It has been in production for over 8 years and reached over eight million accounts created. At the beginning of 2012 torn had an overhaul including artwork updates and a new battle engine which changed the fighting system from turn-based to real-time fighting. Ninja weapons were added along with these updates since they are ninja weapons in real life too!

In the Torn city, ninja weapons can be obtained through two methods:

  1. Buying directly from the black market store or other players ;

2. Battling at The Swamps map where you can find random drops while going on rounds.

Ninja weapons have no defined price list, but while buying from other players you might want to note the following:

  1. Ninja weapons are not regular items and do not sell for regular prices. Usually, they’re sold in bundles of 10 or more.

2. Ninja weapons would generally go for expensive prices ranging from 100k-500k, but they can drop dramatically when competing with other players.

3. The most common bundle prices range from 500k to 1m. It’s better to buy in higher quantities if you plan on using them as battle fodder since their damage output decreases over time and becomes useless.

4. If you plan on buying a ninja weapon set for personal reasons (not just battle), then it is recommended that you look out for lower quantities of each item since they come cheaper and give you a better chance for a good deal.

Ninja weapons can also be obtained from battling at The Swamp map. While going on rounds, you have the opportunity to receive random drops from ninja weapon bundles, gold, or even battle points!

1. It is a good idea to bring a fusion device even if you’re aiming only for the gold since there’s a high drop rate percentage of ninja weapons in higher levels.

2. It is best that you aim for the highest level bundle possible because these tend to give out better rewards. Since your chances are lower with low levels, it would take more rounds before getting anything other than gold which is not worth the time and effort.

3. If you’re aiming for ninja weapons or gold, it is best to bring a pair of super rares along since their drop rate percentage is higher than lower-level items.

Ninja weapons can be equipped by anyone regardless of the job description (unless they lack the weapons’ requirement). It has great damage capability and better than average health points.

  1. It is recommended that you use ninja weapons on ranged attackers such as; gunners, snipers, etc.

2. If you intend on using them in melee attackers (close range), then equip one sword and one weapon like crowbar/kitchen knife, two swords like sword/katana, or two weapons like brass knuckles/crowbar.

3. Ninja weapons in melee attackers are good when considering how many health points they have. Since swords deal low damage with high health points (like the broadsword), it would take more rounds before killing your target which isn’t really worth it in most cases unless you’re planning for something big like competition rankings.

As of January 5, 2012, ninja weapons are no longer available to get from battling at The Swamps. This is due to the Ninja Weapons Bundle change on January 4, 2012, making them extremely expensive and hard to get since there are only a few bundles available per week.

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