Hawaii Chat

Hawaii Chat

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When you travel to Hawaii, as well as being able to buy the usual items, you also have a list of other people currently in hawaii, and you can perform a number of actions with them.

Here’s a screenshot of all of the actions possible in Hawaii:

None of these actions carry any consequences, and are just there for fun, and in most cases to get intoxicated, as Ieatpenguins has demonstrated.
Why the bears in hawaii are cold is unknown

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Lolz its obvious why the beers are served cold.
Ever tried a warm beer?
Mark , June 27, 2007
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lol “Why the bears in hawaii are cold is still unknown”
i wanna go to hawaii but im olny lvl 5 🙁
k4m1l , September 04, 2007
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w00t just turned lvl 15 im going to hawaii!!!
wazzup636 , May 03, 2008
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A warm bear is as bad as a warm beer. Plus with all that fur, I think the bear would appreciate being served cold. 🙂
Arcslayer0 , June 27, 2008
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only irish poeple drink warm beer and there not to well in the head the lot of them
groganbuttstink , August 08, 2008
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it was not cool for him to say that about irish people or to say anything about anyone but was it really appropriate to say it that way and what you did by saying he must be a gypsy is the same as he did to you
nicolemorgan , January 13, 2009
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lol why would any1 wanna drink a cold bear i wouldnt mind a cold beer but definatly not a cold bear

NOTE: tcb should change it

btw im OG_RK47 [941044]

Rian , February 04, 2009
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heya irish do drink warm beer’s im irish and i think that mans got a point he just dint have to bring us up about it he could keep it to himself
jobodude , March 06, 2009
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i wanna go 2 hawaii bt i can’t cuz i’m a lvl 6 why can’t tc make this rule……
1)a lvl 15 nd higher can buy a ticket 4 a friend nd d friend can travel wit d level 15 nd d friend will b below lvl 15 now isn’t that fun!?
ay , April 23, 2009
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hahahaha! i got till 17 before i knew about it!
docteur , October 31, 2009
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I would eat that Bear Cold, *cough* after cooking it *cough*
ForgottenSecret , January 28, 2010

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