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Networth is the (hidden) amount of money you’ve made from certain things in Torn City. Networth is NOT the amount of money you have, or the value of the possesions you own. When you earn money by doing certain things it adds to your networth. Once your networth reaches certain amounts, you gain awards. There is no way to see your current networth.

 Things that don’t contribute to Networth:   Things that do contribute to Networth:
Your Money/ Assets   Money gained from crimes:
Selling items in the Item Market  
Selling items in the Auction House  
RR bet wins  
Money received from other players  
Money gained from the Casino    
Money received from Missions   Money gained from selling items from your inventory:
Buying/ Selling/ Trading/ Renting Houses
Money made while Hunting  
Money made by Mugging other players  
Bank Interest  
Trading on the Point market  
Selling Ammunition   or to shops:
Lottery wins  
Company Earnings  
Faction Organised Crimes  
Selling Pets    
Dog fighting bet wins   Donator Packs sold in the Pawn Shop:
Selling points in the Pawn Shop  
Job Pay    

note: You can raise your networth quickly, for a price, by buying and selling items from shops. For instance, if you buy a Full Body Armor, and then sell it to the shop again, you will gain $60,000 networth. You can do this as often, and with whatever items you wish, but remember that you have to pay the difference in buying and selling price.

Comments (108)
written by anonymos, March 07, 2007
how about our job?
written by Liquid-Sin, March 10, 2007
Question: If I unequipped my weapon and just clicked the sell button would that count toward my networth? TCB: Yes
written by pogo, March 16, 2007
Says you gain networth from money gained from selling items to shops.. Do you think this would only be true if they were items you stole? If that weren’t the case, then one could have a wealthy friend give them lots of money, buy items, and just sell them off to shops in order to increase their networth and get a merit, no? I ponder… Aerozol: Yeah, that works fine. Also buying and selling items that have little variation in buy/ sell price repeatedly. It’s not really exploitation though, as it takes money out of the economy, which I’m sure the coders are happy with…
written by Unknown54, March 20, 2007
Feel dumb for asking this but – if I sold a gun to the shop, an then bought something, would I lose the net worth I gained from selling my gun? Aerozol: Once networth has been gained it can’t be lost so you can buy and sell things at will
written by mizzu, July 09, 2007
Ok so i found the best way to make ur net worth go up and all u need is 300k 1. buy 30 riot gears from the gun shop 2. sell them all 3. repeat until u cant buy anymore any amount of money would work but i realized that with buy doing that with just 300k u make ur net worth go up to 800k so if ur going for the rank triger this is a very easy way if u have the money.
written by Cookehmonster, August 17, 2007
If networth is also based on money earned from crimes, why havent i gotten any? I’ve earned wayy more than 2k and 50k on crimes alone….
written by england123, September 05, 2007
bit dum i no but yano lol how do u find out how networth you have got??? TCB: You can’t, it’s hidden, like your levelling exp.
written by Bloodbather, September 30, 2007
@ All the people saying “I only just started and haven’t gotten any net-worth awards yet:” The first award based solely on net-worth is The Apprentice Award which requires $1,000,000, the 2K, 50K etc. awards are rank triggers, meaning that every time you pass one, you will receive a rank increase, (like #1 Beginner, #2 Beginner, #3 Inexperienced etc.) meaning you still receive a Merit, but not in the Net-Worth category. P.S: Don’t be surprised if you don’t receive your merit 3 and 1/2 seconds after selling the items, it can take hours, even days for Merits to register, so don’t complain about that here, I know for a fact that it is extremely irritating for Moderators, and don’t do it on TC either, for the same reason. Hopefully, this should prevent a few more monotonous posts on this tutorial.
written by Aly, November 10, 2007
okay i did an extensive test on networth well kind of extensive, but anyways…. as far as i know the money gained from crimes does not contribute to networth if it did, i would have gotten to the 1 mil networth in a fraction of the time it took me i’ve been keeping track of the things i’ve sold to the shops since the beginning and everytime i came up with the next rank trigger or award, that was when i ranked up (or got the award) i literally watched my rank change to eight ten seconds after i sold a stealth virus taking me over 1 million i could be wrong though :]
written by FReakyboy, November 16, 2007
i believe you are wrong when you say it doesn’t include money you got from the points market because this morning i was awarded my first net worth award the only thing i did this morning was sell 10 points on the points market and them wholar i had and award the apprenticeship award. has anyone else experienced this or am i just special
written by agoole, December 03, 2007
@FReakyboy Maybe you simply did something hours or even days earlyer that earned you the reward, only to receive it when you sold the points. Simply coincidence, I would think.
written by Kentish77, December 22, 2007
I’m certain money earned from your job counts towards networth too 🙂
written by schickles, December 27, 2007
I sold points and go the beginner 2 award right after not just a conicdenece i think
written by paulomt01, January 14, 2008
If you ask Darwin, however, it states that earnings in the Casino do count for the Networth tally… (“For example winning in the casino, selling items from your item page or selling them back to the stores or docks”) Is it outdated? TCB: That information comes from TC staff. Of course, we can’t 100% confirm the information, regrettably.
written by bah, January 27, 2008
what about rehab?counts as networth? TCB: No
written by . . ., February 18, 2008
OC’s count in network??!
written by nxnxnz, February 24, 2008
Ok so i found the best way to make ur net worth go up and all u need is 300k 1. buy 30 riot gears from the gun shop 2. sell them all 3. repeat until u cant buy anymore any amount of money would work but i realized that with buy doing that with just 300k u make ur net worth go up to 800k so if ur going for the rank triger this is a very easy way if u have the money. does this work ? TCB: Yes
written by Distortion, March 09, 2008
If I buy things, does this decrease my networth? Or does it just increase? TCB: Neither.
written by mark, March 21, 2008
i sold a stealth virus to the shop and still aint got any networth
written by mark, March 21, 2008
why havent i got it the first is 50k right? the stealth is 200k
written by mark, March 21, 2008
i still havent recieved it do you know why?
written by jarrad2k8, April 02, 2008
do buying and selling houses up your networth?
written by Riotmaker, April 06, 2008
I think the some of the casino games add to net-worth. I had banked all I had (~$1,007,800) and then about 2-3 days later, I got the apprentice award. I couldn’t have gotten that award from just crimes alone because about $800,000 came from the casino. The casino game I played was Craps. Profile for id: 665096.
written by Buzzar123, April 08, 2008
so, if i buy item X from the market for £3,000,000 and then sold it in the shop for £1,500,000 would that increase my networth by £1,500,000 or decrease it by £1,500,000 ?? TCB: It increases by 1,500,000
written by Superglen, May 10, 2008
I read the comments, but i have a question about mizzu’s comment. I bought the armour, but i could not sell it a big al’s. I can only sell it in my items. If i do this, will it still count towards my net worth? Thanks in advance TCB: Yes, it will.
written by theshadow, May 12, 2008
would stock market earnings contribute to your networth?
written by omzy, May 20, 2008
i dont think selling points contributes to networth i bought a donator pack like 20 days ago and sold all the points for 1mil and still dont have a networth award
written by NEEEEETWOOOORTH, June 06, 2008
Does income from a company count, if so then i could pay my boss a few mil a day which he pays me back in salary and gain networth awards at a pretty fast rate…
written by Crush3r07, June 06, 2008
I been doing some test and by test I mean buying items and selling them back to the store. I came to the conclusion that buying from stores also increases networth. I had a $10million gap to get next trigger/ $20mil mark. I divided 10million by 60,000 because thats how much full body armour sells for. I subtracted an extra 720,000 left over stuff i solde from previous milestone. When you hit rank/trigger your rank changes instantly but award/ merits come hours later. Well I ranked up before even finishing. I still had to sell 53 items. I calculated how much I have spent and it was barely over $10 million. mind you I did this all in the same day because I just made $10mill milestone and I went for $20 million milestone and it ranked me prematurely. Now I’m going to do final test of getting to 50Million milestone. If I get it prematurely again this means buying adds to networth!! Also I started out with 3million dollars and expected money I planned on losing was 2.3million dollars. and I ranked while losing only 1.5mill
written by Crush3r07, June 06, 2008
Calculation error probaly, I got $50million milestone but It was from all selling. Sry :*(
written by Of No Concecuence, June 08, 2008
So, if you invested your cash in the bank for however long, would that money you got from investing go towards the networth and maybe give you a rank trigger? TCB: Read the info on the page please.
written by Boyofmytery, June 10, 2008
Which item do you loose least money by buying/selling (least percentage loss) from Big Al’s Gun Shop?
written by killmo, June 20, 2008
how about you dont be so lazy and figure it out yourself????
written by Lithium, June 21, 2008
Networth doesn’t work: I sold about 1M of items to a shop and dont even have 1 networth award TCB: Hmm, maybe networth is broked…
written by l0c0ninja, June 24, 2008
I know for a fact Poker adds to networth. I was playing and got awards 24/06/08 You have been awarded the Entrepreneur award! 24/06/08 You have been awarded the Highly Distinguished award!
written by DarkDog, June 26, 2008
Any word on whether stocks profits are being added to networth? Or if it will be?
written by Tritium, July 13, 2008
stock profits wont count, probably because it would be a fast way of making your networth spike up. and by that i mean, i person who invests 1 billion (not million) in the stocks, and gets lucky and sees a 2 dollar or so increase in stock, that person would get like 300 mill out of it.
written by HitmanHebdon, July 17, 2008
Does net worth include wages from jobs???
written by EcKoJnR, July 20, 2008
Ok so i found the best way to make ur net worth go up and all u need is 300k 1. buy 30 riot gears from the gun shop 2. sell them all 3. repeat until u cant buy anymore any amount of money would work but i realized that with buy doing that with just 300k u make ur net worth go up to 800k so if ur going for the rank triger this is a very easy way if u have the money. I have tried this method out and i can confim it works very well. altho you lose 300k each time it ranks you up very quickly, i done this for 2 days and now have the 2nd networth award which is the millionaire award….. i ranked up as soon as i hit the trigger but didnt recieve the merits until midnight wen the site closed for its daily update!! I would be doin it all the time if i had the cash!!
written by slimdog, July 21, 2008
quickest way to up the rank is by doing wot EcKoJnR mentioned above.. costly, but it definitely works..
written by reaper95, July 23, 2008
i just bought the mot expensive gun the sold it but i still didn`t go up a rank. What happened? TCB: You have to SELL the item. READ the page.
written by reaper95, July 27, 2008
i did sell it the writing in my other message was spelt wrong
written by Stickyy-465084, July 30, 2008
*sigh* u are soo messing up the english language..and i am here 2 comfirm the roit gear thingy..its
written by Stickyy-465084, July 30, 2008
typo..omg im messing it up now..and is there an faster way to sell riot gears?..
written by Leeroy, August 01, 2008
It is actually most efficient to buy Six Packs of Beer and sell them back to increase your networth because it has a better buy-to-sell-back ratio, the only thing is that they are cheap and you would be clicking the buy button forever…
written by Jan N, August 02, 2008
I cant see this being mentioned, just to get it sorted out once and for all. Does money made from “job” as in grocer, etc. NOT as in companies, count as networth?
written by Hagaren, August 06, 2008
A little note about the riot gear method…The full body armour is a better choice, because it has a slightly better buy/sell price ratio at 0.8 (it’s 0.75 for the riot gear)…Not a very big difference, but if you spend tens of millions on this, it adds up. Plus, it’s also considerably faster, as the full body armour costs 7,5 times more.
written by boondocks, August 10, 2008
are you sure that houses do not contribute to networth? i achieved rank 6 when i was only level 7 right after i bought a chalet for 1,000,000. perhaps you need to hold the house for a week and then it will count towards ur networth. might be something to look into.
written by brad_TheNetworthHelper, August 12, 2008
Hi guys, Here are the numbers you need to get to $50 million using the “buy full body armour until your money runs out, then sell it all back to the shop” method. bank balance #items soldsale amounttransaction loss $12,600,000.00 168 $10,080,000.00 $2,520,000.00 $10,080,000.00 134 $8,040,000.00 $2,010,000.00 $8,070,000.00 107 $6,420,000.00 $1,605,000.00 $6,465,000.00 86 $5,160,000.00 $1,290,000.00 $5,175,000.00 69 $4,140,000.00 $1,035,000.00 $4,140,000.00 55 $3,300,000.00 $825,000.00 $3,315,000.00 44 $2,640,000.00 $660,000.00 $2,655,000.00 35 $2,100,000.00 $525,000.00 $2,130,000.00 28 $1,680,000.00 $420,000.00 $1,710,000.00 22 $1,320,000.00 $330,000.00 $1,380,000.00 18 $1,080,000.00 $270,000.00 $1,110,000.00 14 $840,000.00 $210,000.00 $900,000.00 12 $720,000.00 $180,000.00 $720,000.00 9 $540,000.00 $135,000.00 $585,000.00 7 $420,000.00 $105,000.00 $480,000.00 6 $360,000.00 $90,000.00 $390,000.00 5 $300,000.00 $75,000.00 $315,000.00 4 $240,000.00 $60,000.00 $255,000.00 3 $180,000.00 $45,000.00 $210,000.00 2 $120,000.00 $30,000.00 $180,000.00 2 $120,000.00 $30,000.00 $150,000.00 2 $120,000.00 $30,000.00 $120,000.00 1 $60,000.00 $15,000.00 $105,000.00 1 $60,000.00 $15,000.00 $90,000.00 1 $60,000.00 $15,000.00 $75,000.00 1 $60,000.00 $15,000.00 $60,000.00 0 $- $- Total sold $50,160,000.00
written by hsmanhoijj, August 17, 2008
hi if i baught like a steyre aug from big als gun shop then in my items press sell on it does that count towards networth ???? TCB: Yes.
written by boondocks, August 18, 2008
does anything that has to do woth owning a company like the price of buying it or income from that affect net worth at all?
written by jhjhjh, August 20, 2008
im confussed how people say if you spend 300k on buying riot gear and selling it you get 800k networth, because it costs 10k a pop and you sell it for $7,500 can someone explain
written by Jan N, August 21, 2008
“jhjhjh” Since the riot gear is sellable you can repeat the process uintil you got no money left. So the item with the best buy/sell ratio, will get most out of your money. Seems thats riot gear? Not sure, but its easy math 🙂 By doing this every time you sell something in contributes to networth, and the networth doesn`t decrease if you buy something…
written by FamousAmos, September 28, 2008
Just found a better and more efficient way than riot gear: First I went in excel and pasted the Buy and Sell rates and found the ratios of each item (did not do armor/weapons because they take too long to sell), and found the Six-pack of Beer had the highest ratio (7/8, which means for every $8 you spend, you get $7 back, not too bad, like, if you spent 10,000,000 on these, you get 8,750,000 back), anyway, you must have firefox if you want to do this (I guess you could do it on Internet Explorer, I don’t know if it has a reload all tabs button). Go to the city and click on Bits-N-Bobs under East Side, then click the buy button on the Beer. On the “Are you sure page”, hold down control and click the yes button a lot (opens a new tab), keep doing it until the tabs won’t get any smaller. Then go to the last tab (so you’ll know when they’re all loaded) and just keep right clicking it and selecting reload all tabs. Works like a charm.
written by alig, October 15, 2008
you are right, the 6 pack of beer does have the best sell back percentage out of all objects i have seen, but as its value is so low it would take ages to actually make it worth while i sold 68 of them and got 11 grand so if you are aiming for a 5mill for networth then it is going to take a lot of effort lol
written by alig, October 15, 2008
6 paack of beer method: You sold 239 Items for $41,825 waaaaaay to time consuming lol
written by sirol, October 19, 2008
if i am level 12 and i sell something for 3,000,000 to increase my networth, will i go up to level 26? TCB: No. Networth is unrelated to level.
written by Conman27, October 19, 2008
Does Organized crimes from your faction count as networth?
written by HT-Mehell, October 21, 2008
Will selling things in the Pawn Shop give you a higher networth? What about renting out houses? What about money received from job,as someone asked earlier?What if you own a company.Money earned there;will that count?
written by Anonymouse, October 21, 2008
Page updated to answer questions
written by King_Of_Kings, October 22, 2008
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