Small Updates

Small Updates

This is a list of (some) updates since TCB’s creation!
Only major changes are announced on the front page.

Date Update
01/06/2012 Awards page been totally updated with all honors and sub-categorized, so it’s easier to read.
10/04/2012 Spam removed (;
03/02/2011 Racing, Update, Thanks To…, Ranks, Travel pages overhauled, Airstrip Times/Costs added to Travel page, Drug addiction effects added to Drug page
31/01/2011 Dual MP5 Category
30/01/2011 Overhauled Merits page, Item Efficiency table on Networth page, Properties page overhauled, Unique Properties added
20/01/2011 Perfect Level 5 Password List
06/01/2011 Overhauled Jobs, Missions, NPCs, Networth pages
26/12/2010 Overhauled Awards, Crimes, Bank, Companies, Drugs, Education, Faction pages
24/12/2010 Updated more staff item images, completed item checklist, and corrected RDD Honor
22/12/2010 Xmas Town
21/12/2010 Updated Staff Items page, added pictures, filled in item checklist to 500, renamed Voodoo Doll to Mouser Doll
09/12/2010 New Faction Specials
08/11/2010 Museum Page
23/10/2010 Halloween Town 2010 Page
13/08/2010 World War Results, Endurance Challenge
01/07/2010 New Items, and a few small errors corrected
07/06/2010 Hunting Tutorial updated, Company Efficiency Calc added
06/06/2010 Easter event info, World War event info
30/03/2010 Small Updates and Fixes across the board, TC Times Archive fixed, 404’s fixed
22/01/2010 Fixed incorrect/missing item info, added stat enhancer buy prices
20/10/2009 Fixed a few errors, including drug times, and some company info
05/10/2009 Site Update/ Conversion to new Skin
05/09/2009 New Items
25/06/2009 Dubai Location
24/06/2009 Gold Items, Finance Calc
18/06/2009 Menu Changes and Updates
25/04/2009 New Stock Market Tutorial
24/04/2009 Stock Benefits updated
23/04/2009 Compound Interest Sheet Tool
14/03/2009 New Personal Stat Awards
01/03/2009 Crime Guide, Nerve Bar Guide tutorials
01/02/2009 Old House images
10/12/2008 TC SuperPack GM Script, Change TC CSS page style tutorial
28/10/2008 Futile NPC, New Halloween items/ town
26/10/2008 New Greasemonkey tutorial
25/10/2008 Attack Tutorial, Crime page remake
22/10/2008 Networth page update
18/10/2008 Dark Doll, Empty Box, Parcel, Birthday Present, Present, Christmas Present, Birthday wrapping paper, Generic wrapping paper, Christmas wrapping paper, Small explosive device items added.
23/09/2008 Laptop Info
08/09/2008 New items Box of Grenades, Box of medical supplies, Erotic DVD, Feathery hotel coupon, Lawyer business card, Lottery voucher and Drug pack added
07/09/2008 Job Calculator Fixed
05/09/2008 Award Images, 2008 Crown items
02/09/2008 New OC info, OC results page, Events page additions
16/08/2008 Staff retirement/ replacement, restructuring
09/08/2008 Fast GP page, Weapon/ Armour Sheet list
17/07/2008 Rank #22 Champion [1050]
28/06/2008 Forum Links Fixed
19/06/2008 Item Checklist/ ID’s
13/06/2008 RSS Feed working
08/06/2008 #tcbasic in IRC, Item Find graphs
02/06/2008 Employee Effectiveness FAQ
21/05/2008 New Hunting tutorial, Forum icons (symbols tut)
20/05/2008 New Forum
19/05/2008 Tagging (Donator tut), Newspaper Tutorial
22/03/2008 Upgraded House stats, Stat Colours, Greasemonkey Codes updated
12/03/2008 TC Times Archive
04/03/2008 Neumune Tablet, Dirty Bomb effects
02/03/2008 NPC Samuel’s stats
27/02/2008 New item page layout, Staff items Flea collar, Dunkins donut, Amazon doll, BBQ smoker, Bag of cheetos, Motorbike, Citrus squeezer, Superman shades, Kevlar helmet, Special item Raw ivory, Melee Weapons Fine chisel, Ivory walking cane added
26/02/2008 Ivory Crafting Education, Operation Ancient
24/02/2008 Direct links to two DotLeo Calculators
20/02/2008 Company Summary Tool, Faction Specials, Stat Colour List
13/02/2008 New Tips’n’Tricks
05/02/2008 Gamebasics Network released!
24/01/2008 Company Specials page, Gamebasics Link, link page
23/01/2008 A lot of pages reorganised, Back to Top buttons added
22/01/2008 Operation Rounder, Little Tyke
11/01/2008 Ammo images added to items with images lists
08/01/2008 Hazmat suit item
07/01/2008 Car Upgrade Guide, Race Tutorial additions
21/12/2007 Physics Education
19/11/2007 New Race Tut, TC Light #1
08/11/2007 TC Radio flash applet
07/11/2007 Training Calculator, Explosm and Sexy Losers banners
03/11/2007 Wand of Destruction Comprehensive Info
30/10/2007 Blackjack tutorial
27/10/2007 Merit descriptions
25/10/2007 Pack of Trogins, Pair of High Heels, Thong items added
26/09/2007 Points Market tutorial
23/09/2007 1 month Bank times changed
09/09/2007 Greasemonkey page
01/08/2007 Seductive Stethoscope, Dollar Bill Collectible, Backstage Pass, Chemis Magic Potion items added
17/07/2007 Puzzle piece, Hunny Pot items added
11/07/2007 Updated Chainbot finally
29/06/2007 Updated How to make Money tut
13/06/2007 Found in the City item list
12/06/2007 Supreme award, new networth rank trigger, Crime Type on Crimes page
6/06/2007 ‘URL’ list added
1/06/2007 ‘Recommended Nerve’ Added to OC info, thanks to Hogfather
25/05/2007 Font list added to BBcode page
22/05/2007 Poll menu option to see previous polls.. finally. All (current) Company Specials added to Companies page.
01/05/2007 Dynamite location change
28/04/2007 Cesium-137, Dirty Bomb, sh0rtys surfboard items added
23/04/2007 MSN Plus! scripts in tools
14/04/2007 All profile related items moved into ‘profile stuff’. Menu cleaned up. Drag Racing tutorial researched, rewritten
12/04/2007 Army spy note
07/04/2007 Chainbot stuff, banged head on keyboard
04/04/2007 Firefox Plugins added under Tools, Company info updated daily
27/03/2007 Updated Flexible armour mult, prelim Interceptor mult, New Company info
26/03/2007 New Chainbot version
22/03/2007 Updated some rumors and effects on drugs, also editted some crime results
17/03/2007 Updating needed dexterity for easy busting
14/03/2007 Interceptor, Liquid Body Armour, Flexible Body Armour, Printing Paper, Blank Tokens, Blank Credit Cards, Skateboard, Boxing Gloves, Dumbells, Stick of Dynamite items added
13/03/2007 Company Info
11/03/2007 New profile music Tutorial
11/03/2007 BBcode page easier to navigate
09/03/2007 Steal Cash grocery Job note
08/03/2007 Flexible Body Armour multiplier
07/03/2007 Companies Tut edited and compiled
06/03/2007 Hunting page updated, Lots of new Crime gain info, Crime Fail page updated
13/02/2007 Big overhaul of the Report tutorial
12/02/2007 Apartment Blueprint, Semi-Detached house Blueprint, Detached house Blueprint, Beach house Blueprint, Chalet Blueprint, Villa Blueprint, Penthouse Blueprint, Mansion Blueprint, Ranch Blueprint, Palace Blueprint, Castle Blueprint items
10/02/2007 Items pages optimized, compacted
07/02/2007 Steal cash Casino Job note, Staff Collectable list with Item ID, staff and description, Rehab Center rehab percentages added, Cookie Launcher, Cursed Moon Pendant staff items, Crime Fails page, Modified most of the icons around the place to suit a black background (mainly forum emoticons and commenting images)
05/02/2007 Pets tutorial linked up, Breed list and Breeding table added
01/02/2007 Arivens ‘personal trainer’ linked to from the tools page
31/01/2007 Max Hunting skill results put into the tut
30/01/2007 Bunny Fur and Yasakuni Sword item info added
29/01/2007 Ub3rph34r3d Hacker award, A whole bunch of new awards thanks to a TC Staff Member!, Colour chart added to the BBcode page, Individual Comprehensive Item info page compiled, Lots of minor Education and Crime details corrected
18/01/2007 Hoax award
10/01/2007 mIRC Chain Bot image tut
09/01/2007 Hijack a plane OC respect gains added, leader and co-leader abilities added, Mogul networth award
05/01/2007 Networth note updated/ changed
28/12/2006 Christmas items page created, Kidnap kid crime info updated
25/12/2006 Christmas collectable items added; Red Ornament, Blue Ornament, Green Ornament, Purple Bell, Misteltoe, Mini Sleigh, Snowman, Christmas Gnome, Gingerbread House, Staff collectable items added; Mardi Gras Beads, Devil Plushie, Candy item added, Lollipop
24/12/2006 Simulated award, Level 35 education battle stat requirements for weapons, Recommended stat ratio now in stat tutorial
20/12/2006 Xanax info updated, Drugs page moved into info
19/12/2006 Factions info and tutorial edited, Torn City Wiki added to links
04/12/2006 Imitation award, Gone in 15 seconds award, Allegiant Faction Member award
01/12/2006 Hammer, Crossbow weapon multipliers, New ‘approximate’ weapon multipliers; Level 35 mission duals, Wand of destruction
29/11/2006 Kidnapping and Arson Warehouse fails, 100 member faction upgrade price
28/11/2006 Claymore multiplier (thanks to DonniePrince[130303])
24/11/2006 New shoutbox. IP bans…, Rank #19, Celebrity
23/11/2006 Made the NPC layout easier to use
22/11/2006 Personal Computer item info, as well as viruses and programming info, Updated DrMarks ‘Profile Music’ tut, Updated DrMarks ‘Profile Music’ tut
21/11/2006 Ninja Legacy walkthrough completed
20/11/2006 Dexterity calculator added to Parachute item info
etc/etc/etc Added screenshot and description of the Hawaii chat area
Note about Defence added
Changed speeling and wording on some crimes/ items
Changed bank interest rates/ bank merit gains, bank info
New flash banner
Chocolate Candy Car added to halloween items list
Added dogs to ‘how to make money’
Counterfeit crime values changed ( ? )
Banners changed to ‘.com’
Networth award values changed
Chaining info changed (attacking twice no longer breaks a chain )
Imposter, Pseudo arson awards
added Underground Bunker to faction info
Updated/added a bit more to the jail tutorial
Master Carjacker award, lots of new Commitment awards
‘Clear all fields’ button in weapon multiplier
Quick links in mission/npc’s
Rusty sword item info, multiplier
Corrected Arson Home and Car Lot crime $ gains
Made BBcode tut less… bright
Bail price formula in jail tut
Flaregun, Fists multiplier added 🙂
Fixed Marriage Tut
Booster, Joyrider and Super Booster GTA awards
Egg Launcher multiplier
‘Steal a weapon’ army bonus researched and posted
Outstanding rank, award
New TCB Banner by Cutie
Butterfly Knife, Baseball bat multiplier
Dedicated Faction Member and Double Sapphire Marriage awards
Xbox, Playstation, Xbox 360 and Pixie Sticks item info
Removed Hitpoint from Tools
Tycoon award
Star award, Master award, ranks
Put links into and updated FAQ
Private island Tax and Happy Bar info
Laptop and Parachute item info
Neutrilux, RPG Launcher, hamster Plushie, Brutus Keychain and Test Trophy item info
Fixed some Job and Education stats
New Operation Kenishi info
Rehab info
More High-Low, RR, and Craps info
Put links into ‘How to make money’ tut
07/06/2006 domain registered



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yey im the first to post a comment wahoo
1994bradley , November 07, 2008
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when are you gonna update to give information on hallow town 2011?
shadow-wolf , November 04, 2011

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