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Old Profile Music Tutorial 2272010
Thanks to Drmark [14505] for this great tutorial!

This is the old post on making music profiles, before DrMark edited it. It can be considered an alternative if the other one doesn’t work for you. For the current version, go Here The method I will explain is a method I have used to create my own profile’s player. Of course there are other ways to do it Lets get started. 1) Select the songs you want to add into your profile. You will need to have these songs on your pc in .mp3 format. To do that you can download them with music any music download program. You can also use windows media player to rip an audio cd onto your pc. 2) Go to and create a free account. Once you are there click upload to add your mp3 files. Just press the browse button, find the file on your pc and select it. Select all the files you want to upload and then press the upload button. (this part will take a while depending on the size and amount of the files and your connection type) 3) Go to www.myflashfetish.com. On the left top click on the link that says: MySpace Mp3 Players, select the player from the list you wish to use and click on create. Now you need to add the URLs of the mp3 files you want to upload. To get these you go to your fileden-account and go to My folder. There you see the mp3’s you have uploaded before. Click on the + next to the mp3 you want to add to your player. Then click on Linking code à URL. Copy the URL and add it in the box under My Mp3 URL. (the URL needs to start with https:// and end with .mp3) In the other box you add the name of the song you want to see in the player (artist – track name). Keep adding all the mp3 files you want into your player and then click on add my mp3’s. There will appear a green notification that the mp3’s have been added. Then click preview to check if the player looks the way you want it to look, and then click I’m done To save your playlist and be able to edit it later you need to sign up to myflasfetish.com. If you do not wish to sign up you can skip that part. Now it shows a screen where you can sign up and put the player into your MySpace. Ignore that. Below it shows: Or copy this code (click below and press ctrl + C) What you will copy will look like this: I made this playlist at MyFlashFetish.com.Check out this MySpace MP3 Player! The part you need from there is: “https://www.myflashfetish.com/myPod2.swf?myid=524453″ menu=”false” quality=”best” scale=”noscale” bgcolor=”#ffffff” wmode=”transparent” width=”180″ height=”380″ 4) Add the mp3 player to your profile. In Torncity, go to preferences then profile signature. Now you will add the link into your profile picture. Type: [flash] the link as shown above [/flash] If you have followed this tutorial step by step you should have a mp3-player into your profile signature now. Hope you enjoy it.

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