Personal Computer

The Personal Computer can be gotten through the Larceny crime, in the Apartment, the Detached House and in the Office.
You can also buy them in City > Torn Super Store, and get them for substantially lower through the Item Market, Auction House, and the Trading Post in the forums.

If you select [Turn on] next to your computer in your inventory, you will be given a list of viruses that you can Program, depending on what educations you have completed, and for the Firewalk Virus, your level.
Only one virus can be coded at a time.

Viruses allow you to attempt the ‘Plant a computer virus’ crime, using whatever virus’ you have in your inventory. The better the virus, the better the crime.You don’t need a new virus for every time you attempt a crime, they can be used repeatedly as long as you have them in your inventory.
They can also be sold at the City > Cyber Force, which gets you money and networth.

These are the viruses that you can Program, and their requirements;

Virus Days to complete Requirement Value
Simple Virus 10 Basic Computing Course $ 500
Polymorphic virus 25 Intermediate Programming Course $ 4,500
Tunneling virus 40 Intermediate Programming Course $ 10,000
Armored virus 60 Expert Programming Course $ 75,000
Stealth virus 100 Expert Programming Course $ 200,000
Firewalk Virus 120 Level 20, Expert Programming Course $ 100
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