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Please note that the Pet Shop is no longer available in the city!
Dogs may soon be removed, or the Pet Shop reinstated. Until then, pets are still in circulation, and could still make you money, but their future is uncertain.

At the start when you’ve bought your pet I suggest you explore all the options in the dog menu so you will be able to understand what is contained in this tutorial, don’t be afraid of entering the breed and fight section, because your dog is only one day old and it will inform you that the option is unavailable (until the dog is 30 days old).

A fighter

I suggest if you want to raise a dog to fight you should raise it from day 1 or 2, because if you take it from an older age such as 30 or 40 it is not sure if fighting will be unlocked following this tutorial.

To unlock training:

  • Make sure the water bowl is always full (100%) – Click “refill water bowl” to refill the bowl. If you have more then 1 dog, it will refill all the dogs’ bowls.
  • Feed your dog a dog treat when its hunger is 90% – “feed your pet” then “dog treat”.
  • In the first 20 days Play fetch with it (when its happiness is 80%) and after those 20 days take it for a walk (when its happiness is under 40% not including 40%). Before every walk make sure its hunger and bowl are 100%.

If you raised it right (Following these instructions) when you take it for a walk on the 21st day you will encounter a situation that says ‘your dog saw a cat’ and you will be offered 2 options:

  1. release the dog of its leash – then it will say that the dog ran after the cat and killed it- then the training will be unlocked.
  2. Keep the dog on its leash – nothing will happen, the training won’t be unlocked.

If it doesn’t happen on the 21st day try it on the 22nd and 23rd- if it doesn’t unlock, you may have to try again (new dog). For the players that think it’s random because they feel sorry for themselves: It’s not random! If you followed the guide it should work.

*Note – It is possible to unlock pets earlier than stated in this guide, and much much later. If you’re following this guide though, the results shouldn’t differ too much. If you don’t want to give up on your pet if it doesn’t unlock, people report having unlocked their pets after 50 + days.


After you had unlocked training you will have another section in your dog menu: “Train your pet”. There you will be able to train your pet for a dog fight. You will have 6 baits, 3 toys baits: “a mouse toy”, “a cat toy”, “a dog toy”, and 3 live baits: “a live mouse”, “a live cat”, “a live dog”.
Your dog has a hidden energy bar that will limit your trains.
I can’t specify how many times you will have to do a bait to be able to fight the live dog because it varies with every dog.
Don’t worry, if you try the training on “a live dog” at the start your dog will not die, it will only tell you that your dog didn’t feel like attacking him.
You can only send your dog to fight when he’s 30 days old, but I recommend you to send him to fight after it’s able to kill a live dog, and remember the more live dog’s he’s killed in training the more luck he will have in the arena.

The dog fight

The things that affect the dogs fighting ability: Breed, training, age and the dog status at the time of the fight (happy, dying). The training is the most important, second is age and last is the breed. The status is a critical thing in the fight… a starved doggy can’t fight.
The winner of the fight gets 10% of the total amount raised in the fight, And your dog gets another victim notched onto its ‘wins’.
The player that started the fight (the player that offered the fight) is the one that determines how much the bet will be – 1,000 to 500,000
Beware! A dog that fights in a battle and loses will be deleted (permanently) from your item page (it is dead).

Breed your dog

You can only start breeding your dog when it’s 30 days old.
To breed your dog you need to have a female dog and a male dog.
Feed him a dog treat when its hunger is 90%.
Refill its bowl.
If it’s a fighter dog take it for a walk like always, if it is a regular dog play fetch with it when its happiness is 90%.
It takes from a week to a month to get your puppies.

Breeding dogs works the same as breeding in real life. The following table is a simple representation of how it works:


Here is an example table for if we were breeding a Terrier/Collie Mix and a Poodle/Collie Mix. You can substitute your dogs breeds in to get your possible results:

  Terrier Collie
Poodle Terrier/Poodle Collie/Poodle
Collie Terrier/Collie Pedigree Collie

In this example there is a 25% chance of producing a Pedigree Collie.
Breeding two pedigrees of the same breed will always produce another pedigree. Breeding two pedigrees of different breeds will always get you a mix of the two.

You can get multiple puppies.

A pet dog

If you just want to have a dog as a pet not as a fighter you should give it a dog treat when its hunger is 90%, refill its bowl, and walk with it when its happiness is 39% or less.

Dog Breeds

Labrador Boxer Bulldog Foxhound Malamute
Collie Dalmation Afghan Hound Greyhound Saint Bernard
Sheepdog Bearded Collie Jack Russell Dachshund Husky
Golden Retriever Poodle German Shephard Bloodhound Beagle
Border Terrier Pekinese Great Dane Chow Chow Rottweiler
Chihuahua Terrier Cocker Spaniel Doberman  

+ Possibly more. Some of these breeds are rarer than others.
If you know of other dog breeds or any other info on dogs (eg what breeds are rare), please inform us so we can add it in.


Q. when I only got my dog it says it is unhealthy, how do I make it be “fine”?
A. in the first day your dog will always be “unhealthy”, to make it be “fine” you need to follow the instructions that I wrote for “A pet dog”.

Q. how do I get my dog into a fight?
A. you have a section in your dog menu where you write the name of the dog you want to fight with and the owner of the other dog needs to accept it.

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