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The preferences page gives you a list of things you can change and shows you what your profile signature looks like. Preferences is located under Accounts (the afew links above the signout link).

Click on one of the following links to be taken to a more detailed description of its function: Name Password Forum Information Profile Signature Personal Information Player Management Sex Change Your Image Toggle icons Alerts

Name Your name can have a maximum of 15 characters. You can change your name as many times as you want and is free of charge.

Password You can change your password as many times as you want and is free of charge. NB: Be sure to remember your new password.

Forum Information Your forum profile uses BBcode, check out the Signatures tut for more detailed info The ‘Show Sigs on the Forums option enables(option “yes”) or disables(option “no”) everyones signatures in the TC forums (but not the faction forums).

Profile Signature Check out our Signatures tut for more detailed info on this.

Personal Information This is some optional information you can have in your profile, to let others know more about you and to contact you outside of Torn City. The “Show Profile” option enables(option “yes”) or disables(option “no”) this info in your profile. NB: You do not have to fill out any information you don’t want to. If you do not have any filled out, please ensure that “Show Profile” is set to “No

Player Management Under this function you get to manage any proposals you have made/received (i.e. accept/reject/cancel them) and you get to cancel applications to any factions you have applied to.

Sex Change This costs $10,000 per change. You can change your gender as often as you like.

Your Image Check out our Signatures tut for more detailed info on this.

Toggle Icons Check out our Symbols tut for more detailed info on this.

Alerts The alerts function is a very useful one if you have alot of friends/allies in the game. So far there is only one option, which is the “Friend in Jail” one. If you have this enabled, you get an alert at the top of the page, below the TC banner in red saying that [however many] of your friends are currently in jail. You have to have them in your Friends List for this to work.

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i dont hav the alert function in my preferences =(
sparki , April 15, 2007
where is it ? :S
Danny , May 11, 2007
Alerts? Note how it’s crossed out…
Anonymouse , May 14, 2007
sex change is dumb i mean you could marry a awsome girl and then she or should i say he changes back -.-
warrior11h , August 02, 2008
What is ” Attack Option” in preferences? It says “Do you wish to try and stealth your attacks? ” and options are given to select Yes / No. Want some details on it. Thank you.
thehero , September 04, 2008
Here’s some answers to the questions above… First, I think ( NOT 100% SURE ) that the reson that the ” alerts” is no longer displayed in the preference area is because you get it by becoming a donator.. no really sure ’bout this.. 2- … Ok, that ATTACK OPTIONS that says : “do you wan to stealth you’r attacks ” just explains itself… What it means is that if you have it ON or ENABLED then automattically when you Attack someone it will try to stealth( hide ) your attack so that the one you attack doesn’t know you attacked him. Keep in mind that this ISN’T 100% sure that it will be stealth everytime you attack, it will just TRY to stealth your attacks.. Like it says here, your DEXTERITY helps a lot in this … jeje hope u all undestood and pliss, DON’T BE A NOOB!!, read first, all this questions are answered here.. … XD!!
drapodi , December 06, 2008
what does tagging people mean? it says that i have 1 person tagged? TCB: Check out ‘Temporary Effects’, in the Donator Pack Tutorial.
n00bk1lla , November 15, 2009

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