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Thanks to underoath [130997] for this great tutorial!

First you need to find (or make) a video, sig, music player or a game that you want in your profile signature. Anything will work, as long as it’s in flash format (or it won’t display on TC). You can either just use the link from where you found it, or download it and host it yourself. Acquiring your file How to acquire it through source code: 1.) Right click on the page you found the flash file on… (If it is disabled or not allowed, you click on View->Page Source on your browser). 2.) Click ‘CTRL + F’ and type in .swf, if it highlights the file you think is it, (eg. then copy and paste the file in a notepad document… (Make sure you copy and paste the height and width of it also, this will prove to be relevant later). Another option is to have somebody make you a flash file. Make sure they send you the dimensions of the file as well (eg. width- 400 height- 100). If the source is protected (doesn’t let you see the url or download it), or isn’t flash (eg Youtube videos), use our Flash Video tutorial. Hosting From there you need to find a host, is one, or you could do a quick search in your favorite search engine and find others. Uploading: 1.) Upload the file then copy and paste the code it gives you into a notepad document. Adding flash to your profile Go to edit your profile. Preferences > Profile Signature. You can also put flash into your forum signature, but remember that you are limited to 500 x 150 total size, while your profile signature can be as big as you want. Use the “[flash]” BBCode tags to signal that you are using flash in your code. Make sure you put the dimensions of your image, height then width. Example: [flash=400×100][/flash]

Using the steps above you should be able to put this into your profile, and following exactly the same steps you can put any other flash file into your profile! Have fun!

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