It turns out that you have to change ‘Show Profile Sigs’ to ‘YES’ in order to be able to view them…
And because we at TCB are such keen beans, here’s some pictures to help you along ^ ^

This is what you’re meant to see under somebody’s personal information, when you click on their name:
Pref1 6371950

( To test this, you can go , where you should see the above profile signature)

If you can’t see it, either they don’t have one, or it isn’t turned on.

To turn it on follow these links on your TC:
Pref2 3395822

Pref3 7313217

Pref4 5358477

And voila! Profile sigs!
If you’re wondering how you can customize your profile sig, all of the normal BBcode Applys, including images, flash files, and text, so you can customize yours at will.

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