Race Track

Race Track

Thanks to Altarious [15507] and 2DIE[424413] for most of this great tutorial!
Please mail [344503] if you want help getting a Team together (Not 2DIE)
For a list of cars and their upgrades, you can visit the Info Page.
For a guide on what parts to buy and when visit the Upgrades Guide.
Note: You need to be level 10 in order to access the racing feature in Torn City

Getting Started:

Getting a car: The first thing you will need to do is to get a car. You can either steal one doing the 12 nerve Grand Theft Auto crimes, or by buying one in the item market. (Be careful stealing one, you need a good amount of crime exp in order to steal one). There is a lot of debate on which car to use, but a general rule of thumb is that the more expensive the better. It is possible to get race wins in any car, but you should probably get a GT40. It is kind of expensive, but it is better than the other cars and there is really no point in wasting money on any others. All of the top racers use the GT40.

Getting set up: Once you have obtained your car, it is now time to register it. Click the Register your car to race link on the Torn City Raceway main page. Then, add the car in your inventory that you want to race. You can only have five registered total so make sure you are aware of this. (Note: Once you register your car into the race track it is forever removed from your inventory and there is no way to get it back or sell it.)

Now you need to select the car you want to race with. You can either go to your garage and click the Go here to choose a car to race with link or click the Select car link on the Torn City Raceway main page. Either one goes to the same page.

Congrats! You are now ready to start racing. Before you do, though, I


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What level do you need to be before the “Race Track” link is available?

Aerozol: Level 10. Btw all level requirements are listed in the ‘Level Benifits’ tut, if you need anything else

Devin , March 08, 2007
I dont think this article is 100% accurate… I dont think that formula that determines who wins is based purely on luck (like Russian Roulette as stated by the author). i think there is more to it. i think work stats also play a small role.. along with a few other things..
moejoe , March 08, 2007
I would like to add one more to the circuit race results. There is also: You lose and crash, yet only a small bit of damage has occurred to your car (so you can race again)
Warsteed , March 13, 2007
How can I buy a car for this competition?
Ierdna , March 19, 2007
Ierdna: You can buy a car in the market, basically any car you can steal from the GTA crimes can be “added to your garage”. Just know though, any car you add cannot be put back in your inventory and “sold”
Warsteed , March 20, 2007
What´s the matter with the car race? I singed in for the race and still didn´t race yet – its a few hours ago since I took part of it.

Aerozol: Races can take a long time to start, since there’s a lot of people waiting for races. You just have to be patient sorry…

Zappy , April 09, 2007
can keep winning with only acceleration handling, and extra prevents car damage. Handling means less crashes!
BloodyHell , April 26, 2007
If you crash a car duting a race, do you lose all the upgrades you previously put into auto?
Hightower , May 01, 2007
circuit races are every 10 minutes
moroniccow , May 14, 2007
I hadn’t finished the driver’s licence course, but I’ve been able to enter a race. How is that possible?

TCB: You don’t need a drivers license to race…

W_Shadow , May 29, 2007
do you have race exp like crimes?

TCB: We don’t know…

luke cuber hives , June 13, 2007
Can you add a section on what the different upgrades do. Someone said that handling prevents crashes, can you find out and post what the other three upgrades do?
Idunno , June 14, 2007
Do the mechanical arts and mechanics courses help with car performance?

TCB: We don’t know

strat , July 25, 2007
Racing is different now… When racing first came out it was easy to win, but now there are just a few select people who have there cars suped up as best as posssible, so they cant lose, and enter the race every 10 minutes… My car is a Gt40 with 36 wins, and about 3 million worth of parts.
3lemant , August 13, 2007
… And i still cant win. LOL. Its pretty sad. never enter a race with Agent-Orange in it >.> its a waste of 10k, I think hes on 200 wins now
Elemant , August 25, 2007
Maybe good to add that when you signed up for a race and then get attacked you ALWAYS loose since you are in hospital. The crash then also adds time in hospital.
M_DonOmerta , August 25, 2007
I am level 10, have 37 job points that could be spent to increase driving skill, but I find I can not spend them. Are they automatically tallied and, if so, when I leave the company will I lose that skill?
AlsterV , August 25, 2007
Can I equip Performance Power Pack with Performance Drag Pack? I dont want to make any mistake if i buy wrong parts…
Insane , September 11, 2007
It’s probably worth mentioning that new racers have virtually no chance of winning races, because of the players who have been racing since it came out, their racing exp is so high you’d need a ridiculous number of job points to come anywhere near them.
Bloodbather , September 15, 2007
Ok to clear up a few questions.. this is what I have learned during my racing experience.. It may not be 100% accurate but through my research I have concluded the following to be very likely:

First of all.. I don’t think you can lose your car in a circut race, but you can definitely lose it in a drag race.. you lose all your exp and your car wins and all of your parts.. your racing exp is all tied to your car so choose wisely.. gt40 is your best bet.. don’t waste time with any other car..

On that note one thing that severely impacts drag racing is if you are under the effects of drugs.. I don’t know if it impacts crashing, but it does effect whether or not you win and you will most likely lose

Once in a circle race and you either go to the hospital or jail you automatically crash you car into a wall and it gives you a new set amount of jail time.. In a drag race it just says that you were unable to make the race..

YOU NEED A DRIVER”S LICENSE!!! One thing I see over and over again is this question.. technically you don’t.. you can enter races without one.. but you will crash… without taking the driver’s course in education you are destined to waste 10k and end up in the hospital from crashing into the wall

Another thing.. with the racing exp job special.. it is pretty much bull.. it gives you a small boost in racing performance but not enough to really matter except during the 0-50 wins phase in your career.. it doesn’t matter how many job points you have.. it is a set passive skill.. it does not improve the more job points you have.. when you quit you lose that skill (aka small advantage)

Another thing is that luck plays a really really really small role in racing.. only when you first start racing does it matter.. after that it is all racing exp.. your working stats do matter a great deal, but I am not going to tell you which one impacts it.. don’t message me, I won’t tell you.. do experiments, it is pretty easy to figure out..

Car parts don’t really matter much.. except like luck, only in the beginning… after that it is all exp and the working stat.. so please stop messaging me asking me what car parts I have.. I have done a lot of research on this.. it doesn’t really matter.. there are a ton of unanswerable questions when it comes to what car parts to mix with what and what not to put on a car… just upgrade it as much as possible and race.. I don’t think there really is a right combination.. and if so it still doesn’t matter.. racing exp is all that matters.. I have seen the set up for every one of the top racers and we are all different..

Although what car parts you have does impact how frequently you crash in the beginning.. so if you notice yourself crashing a lot and you haven’t been in jail or the hospital, you are not under the effect of drugs, and you have done the driving course.. you might want to try and tweaking your car parts combination and try out different parts.. some like to use wide body kits on a gt40 but I choose not to.. I kind of think they have a negative impact on the car.. but I have not done any research on this

Any other questions please feel free to message me in-game Altarious (15507)

Altarious , November 02, 2007

The race slots don’t all go off at the same time.. use it to your advantage.. race slot 1 and 3 go off after ten minutes.. then slot 2 moves to one and slot 4 moves to 2.. then the same thing applies.. 1 and 3 get raced 2 moves to 1 and 4 moves to 2.. if you get into race slot 4 you are going to have to wait at least 30 minutes before your race finishes and you can race again.. I think the same rules apply to the following race slot but as I can not see them I am not sure..

Altarious , November 02, 2007
Ok, I need to make a few clarifications.. First of all, having a driver’s license or not does not impact the circuit races at all, but it is possible that it impacts drag racing. I would just be safe and get one if you plan to drag

Also, I didn’t mean to deemphasize car parts. They are extremely important. They will help you win. You want to fully upgrade like I said before. What I meant was that it is the combination of the parts that you shouldn’t worry about.

Another thing, the racing skill special.. It does give a significant boost to your racing ability, but it is only useful when you are first starting out. The reason why I say that is because there is a better job special to get once you get some wins in you, or you are a high level. I lied, I will tell you the working stat.. its endurance.. endurance is key.. once you have some wins or are a high level, go into law and use the endurance special

Altarious , November 15, 2007
Racing should have a beginners class.If you are new to racing you will never win.It’s a waste of money to buy a car to race if you’re new and a waste of 10,000 to race it.
colter , November 24, 2007
Lol there are a 1 or 2 people with more then 1000 wins, I also got GT with all parts i need with around 40 wins, but if you see a familiar name, then it’s sure you lose lol

now just upgrading my endurance for a come back

Wirindre , January 06, 2008
written by colter, November 24, 2007

Racing should have a beginners class.If you are new to racing you will never win.It’s a waste of money to buy a car to race if you’re new and a waste of 10,000 to race it.

I agree 100% i got a top car with a great setup and im still fighting for my 1st win 50 tries..100 tries.. hard to say.. kinda hard to even get started when you have no chance of winning to even update your car.. guys with 1000 wins tend to sit back and jump in the race when all they see are the beginner racers.. it would definatly be nice to see a few classes added to make it more of a level playing field..im sure it would bring more players to race instead of scaring them away..

TCB: If you have four like-minded people, why not wait for an empty slot and all join at once?

tolaidback2care , January 09, 2008
I totally agree on they need to set levels on racing or handicaps for beginner racers. I spent 200k
trying to win a race and haven’t won 1 race yet I think it sux, and I may give up on the whole race thing. Whats really sad is i spent almost 200k on my gt40 and can’t resell it not to mention the money spent on parts and the 200k i spent on races. Over half a million spent and zero return.
Dirty_._Sanchez , January 10, 2008
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