The Torn City Raceway has been released!
Go to the Points Building in the City to get a License (50 points), and unlock it.
You can view our new Info page on Racing Here.

In other news, all Halloween Items have been removed, presumably to make way for the new Halloween Town.

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Love the new race system
but it takes too long to start the race
Hique , September 29, 2010
All items are gone.
Thanks TC staff
Cost me a lot and i had never had the change to play with them
No repay for them just crap!!
Vargass1 , October 17, 2010
I do not like this, it is once again giving people with points more advantages over the common people.

TCB: Upgrade Points are different to normal ‘points’. They can only be earned by racing.

Anyomous , December 02, 2010
I like this, but i have no more points.
i love car so i doing
aungkm03 , January 12, 2011

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