Rank Triggers
When you go up a rank you get a Merit. Currently there are 26 ranks.
These are not related to your Level.

Go Here for a detailed description of networth.
You start at rank 1.

Known Triggers
When you pass these milestones, you will go up a rank.

 Level     Crimes     Networth
2   100   2000
6   5,000   50,000
11   10,000   500,000
26   20,000   3,000,000
31   30,000   10,000,000
50       20,000,000
71       50,000,000

These are the currently reached ranks.

Rank #1 Absolute beginner
Rank #2 Beginner
Rank #3 Inexperienced
Rank #4 Rookie
Rank #5 Novice
Rank #6 Below Average
Rank #7 Average
Rank #8 Reasonable
Rank #9 Above Average
Rank #10 Competent
Rank #11 Highly competent
Rank #12 Veteran
Rank #13 Distinguished
Rank #14 Highly distinguished
Rank #15 Professional
Rank #16 Star
Rank #17 Master
Rank #18 Outstanding
Rank #19 Celebrity
Rank #20 Supreme
Rank #21 Idol
Rank #22 Champion



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I got rank 8 for ages now, when will i get rank 9? Whats the Trigger?

Aerozol: As soon as any of the above criteria is met, you will go up a rank. The triggers don’t give you any specific rank for each trigger, they just add up, and the more you meet the higher your rank gets.

Tony Montana , March 11, 2007
Just go to the tools & calc’s link https://tcbasic.com/tools.html And select the top link from that page. Then go to crimes link on ya TC. Scrol down & click on ya crime record. Now Enter the figures into the link page. U will then know how far off all the triggers U R 🙂
SeaBot , March 17, 2007
does that then mean, that if i sell my bodyguard to the shop for 750k ill get the 500k networth award? =/

Aerozol: If you haven’t got it yet, yup
Check if its worth it though, you always lose a bit of money by selling to the shops

Zer0 , March 31, 2007
its a huge jump from 50 mill up to one bill,are u sure thats right….seems weird
northstar , April 05, 2007
I went up to rank 11, but it doesn’t appear that I hit any of the known triggers… and I didn’t get any other awards at the time of the rank award…
Calliope , April 17, 2007
i believe there is another networth trigger as knights is a level 32 with 18k crimes and is rank 18
connor , April 26, 2007
I’m pretty sure TC has taken 2,000 networh and 50,000 network out of the game because I have yet to recieve either of those merits and have bought and sold guns to the store worth over 50,000.
al , May 05, 2007
Today get rank #15 Professional Award without reach any of this triggers :S only reach 8k total crimes done. .
Colossal_ , May 27, 2007
@ Colossal, maybe you reached a networth trigger? But there are a few triggers that we don’t have on the site… yet.
aerozol , May 30, 2007
are you sure that Sneak Thief award is not a rank trigger? Cause i ranked up immediately after doing 1000 theft crimes. I recieved the 2 merits at the same time.
W_Shadow , June 03, 2007
rank trigger isnt 200m NW is 220m NW 😉
Colossal_ , June 17, 2007
I got the Executive Award 10mil networth 3 days ago (7-20) and I have not gotten a rank upgrade. I am not sure this award is a rank trigger. Does anyone else know?
CapnAmerica , July 23, 2007
i just got rank 4, do u know the trigger for rank 5?
eureka , July 30, 2007
Does rank actually help you in the game? or is it just a symbol of acheivement?

TCB: You get merits for ranking up

Shikamaru , August 02, 2007
there’s a trigger at level 5.
xboxplayer , August 06, 2007
can anyone verify the 2k,50k and 500k networth award? cuzz I should have close to 800k networth and got nothing.. any ideas
lilcaptmorgan11 , August 09, 2007
I don’t see it listed, but I think you may get a rank increase with certain working stats. As soon as I hit 1000 intelligence, I went up in rank and got a merit.

I’ll let you know if I get one on the 1000 for the other two working stats.

dawgs63 , August 10, 2007
also i didn;t get the 3mil nw rank trigger when i bought got the house,a nd i’ve had it for 3 or 4 days.

TCb: Buying houses doesn’t add to networth

pr3mium , August 26, 2007
i have has over 1 mil and i still didn;t get the 2,000 networth, 50,000 networth or 500,000 networth achievments. are they all gone? someone said they think 2,000 and 50,000 are out, but i think 500,000 is out also. i never got it.
pr3mium , August 29, 2007
u dont get an award for the 2,000 50,000 and 500,000 networth it just makes ur rank go up
jdogg0226 , August 30, 2007
I’m level 19 now.My crime is not over 5000 yet.But I’m rank 9 Above Average now.It’s mean My net worth reach to 10,000,000.But I havn’t got The Millionaire award and The Executive award yet.Why?
super , September 02, 2007
no, i figured out it’s all by money earned by crimes and items sold at the item shop. that’s it, not all money you have.
pr3mium , September 03, 2007
i’ve done absolutely nothin today and got a rank up. no crimes, sellin or levelling up, any idea why?

TCB: Sometimes ranks take a while to happen, because of lag in TC.

bowlindude8 , September 09, 2007
Whats the cheapest way to get from 50-200m networth??

TCB: Buying and selling RPG’s to the system is believed to be the easiest/ fastest way: If

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