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Rehab is located in Switzerland. It is used to reduce your drug addiction levels.

The rehab menu:

SwitzerlandHello and welcome to our advanced rehabilitation center based in the most relaxing place in the world; Switzerland! For a small fee of $250,000 we will help to get you less addicted or maybe even completely off of drugs!
Our tests show that you are not addicted to drugs (Example)
> Rehabilitate costing $250,000

The Rehab Center will cure a percentage of your addiction after you’ve paid the money, anything from:

Congratulations! You lost 1% of your drug addiction for $250,000.


Congratulations! You lost 100% of your drug addiction for $250,000.

This is not random, but depends on how addicted you are.Eg. If you are not very addicted at all you will cure very high percentages, maybe all at once (100%), if you are extremely addicted you may only rehab 1% at a time. The percentage will keep going up every time of course.


  • Rehab will get more expensive for you over time, the more you use it.
    This is very slow, but a permanent decay. According to Chedburn, after about 400 rehabs, it will become twice as expensive.
  • Rehabbing once instantly brings your happy to 100% (not possible if you are 100% clean)
  • Rehab was once reported (in an announcement, as a game event) as being burned down by a group of arsonists, all active high level players in TC. Later Carl Truscott, an NPC, admitted to framing them for the act of arson. Rehab was opened again, on 30th August 2006, after a (at the time) massive $ 2,500,000,000 was donated to the project by TC players.
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